GOP Using Legislation To ‘Legalize Corruption,’ Says Voting Rights Activist | The Last Word | MSNBC

LaTosha Brown, co-founder of Black Voters Matter Fund, says the new GOP-backed law in Georgia that essentially allows for unlimited fundraising is “pure corruption.” She tells Lawrence O’Donnell that the law, along with the recently-passed voter suppression legislation, shows how Republicans are legislating based on what will give them an advantage rather than “operating on the goodwill of what is going to strengthen democracy.”
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  1. Question: Who hates America more: the republican party or the people who vote for them?
    Answer: Yes.

    😉 😅😂

    1. @Bill Williams When you’ve experienced the racism people of color face daily, you can declare that your conservative life matters the same as everyone else’s.

    2. @Demetria Karnavas I’m a person of color and I don’t experience racism daily. It rarely occurs. Thanks for speaking for me though. People of color love it when you do this.

    3. @B K Good for you. You can identify with the new oppressed majority of white conservatives.

  2. I believe that most Americans are disgusted with Republican-run states, implementing onerous, restrictive voter suppression laws.

    1. @Bass INC no all you did was regurgitate verifiably FALSE talking points from your daddy in the mainstream media

    2. You would believe wrong. Most republicans are disgusted with things like dems promoting violence and racism. Although we find it entertaining that the dems cities are being destroyed by the dems themselves we feel sorry for the people who did not vote for this stuff and we feel sorry the people who were ignorant enough to not see what the dems really stand for. The lady who is attempting to prove that repubs are trying to legalize corruption thinks that if you do it and don’t get caught like the dems it’s OK. Seems like the dems are scared the repubs might horn in on their scams. These liars don’t tell you that the dems are trying to get a bill passed that will make the feds match all private donation $6 to one. So that would steal $6 of tax payer money for every dollar that is donated. The dems are trying to stop the repubs from competing when it comes to donations because they have some wonderfully crooked ways like zucky bucks and middle eastern routes of getting money into their campaign funds and those are going to be shut down real quick I’d bet.

    3. @Bass INC most pot arrest are not felonies, so that is nonsense- the rest of your comment is childish at best and some lies included

    1. @D Bryan your obstructionist McConnell is working today. How rare he ever shows up to debate. Lol

    2. @HRTsAFyre see, nothing matters to you. Even further proving my point, shill. It’s like conversing with a toddler. You have NOTHING that your TV didn’t spew out to you, and you know it

    3. The same rules apply to everyone. The Democrats want special rules for certain people. NOT EVERYTHING HAS TO DO WITH RACISM. People need to quit pushing a racist Society agenda.

    4. @Demetria Karnavas there is no such thing as systematic racism you clod. I’m a minority and never been denied any rights due to my skin color.

  3. The only way to get Voting Rights legislation passed is to get rid of or reform that filibuster, and we also need to be putting pressure on Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema to move out of the way for it to happen

    1. @D Bryan I think you have touched on the salient issue. Our party leadership now wants to get rid of the filibuster because it is an impediment. We should always be careful what we wish for because we might just get it.

    2. @Archie Mitchell You are promoting a dictatorship. An independent member of a party would have no authority to object or to add amendments. The independent member of the party would have to acquiesce to whatever party leadership agrees to and they must wholeheartedly support this or they would lose their elected position.
      We have seen tyrannical regimes in other countries attempt the same process. I remember watching Saddam Hussein laugh and smoking cigars as some of his political opponents were removed, taken outside and shot. Stolen did likewise as did Mao. Political discussion should be promoted. We should welcome political discourse. Very likely out of this discussion would come a better idea. We should reject any attempt for our political class to be rubber stamps for the leadership.

  4. Georgia knows it’s easier to get things done when they can buy the politicians they want instead of letting the people vote for the ones they want.

    1. @katy bassett “Oh please..multiple official, monitored both parties..” – The same officials who are alleged of committing the fraud in the first place. Utilize your brain. Also, a recount is not a full audit. They do not answer the questions people are asking. All USA citizens should give conservatives whatever audits they want if they ever want these claims about the election to disappear. The more they fight audits, they more suspicious people get.

    2. @Jay Roy Sims “n your deluded right-wing fantasie” – Ok. Prove it. Stop fighting audits. Let’s see how deluded I am and how accurate the election really was. Let’s prove it was the “most secure election” in USA history. The fact they made this claim should raise red flags for all Americans.

    3. @katy bassett “Oh ..get your info correct..never happened..please rethink..” – Well this is blatantly false. You could literally see it happen with your own eyes anytime you want. It’s on camera and supported by sworn affidavit.

    4. @Dave Moline Since when? Democrat scandals: Bill Clinton, Wilbur Mills.
      GOP scandals: Iran-Contra, Watergate, Trump’s 4 years, Harding, Colfax, Teapot Dome, etc., etc.

    1. REPUBLICANS….THE GOP……MAGA SUPPORTING POLITICIANS. Aint no ” THEY” be more specific. The ones you’re speaking on, are the ones I listed.

  5. “People that elect corrupt politicians, imposters, thieves and traitors are not victims… but accomplices.”
    – George Orwell

  6. Article 1 Section 4 of the Constitution ‘Congress may at any time by Law make or alter such regulations (affecting elections for Senators and Representatives) Pass HR 1 For the People’s Act already

  7. In any half-sane country the GOP would have been prosecuted as a criminal syndicate and subsequently disbanded long ago.

  8. What did you expect? The GOP never plays by the rules. Especially when they loose and loose legally.

  9. If you recognize the behavior of someone as “Legalization of corruption”
    How long have they been serving this agenda 🤔

    1. @Mike Currie THEM are the “Dragon gives its power to the Lion (antichrist) headed beast. China / Clinton. Who went to Haiti to cause the WTF we all witnessed. To stop democracy from being applauded. Was his agenda and explains everything that happened 🤔.
      The desire to destroy our desire for democracy (making it corrupt) is because the decision to use a virus to control population problems is something the people in a democracy would never agree to as its (wicked husbandmen) wrong. So they went to war against the immage of democracy.
      THEY are too stupid to understand they can never get a vote of “I don’t want a vote” as it’s paradox.

      From the archangel Ram full Than

      ” I got this “

  10. At the same time they’re weeding out all who don’t kneel before their failed, talk show host president.

  11. Exactly., McConnell got the ball fully rolling with citizens United. That decision alone told me the Supreme Court was compromised.

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