Democrats Agree To Support North America Trade Deal | All In | MSNBC

House Democrats will support Trump's North America trade deal – but with major concessions. Aired on 12/10/19.
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Democrats Agree To Support North America Trade Deal | All In | MSNBC


  1. Not okay. Literally nothing Trump pushes should be taken seriously. *_EVERYTHING_* he does is to benefit himself or Putin.

    1. @john smith you slept over three years. Manafort sentenced doesn’t relate to Russian collusion, Gen Flynn lied to FBI and Roger Stone lied to Congress. Nothing is related to Russian. Go back to sleep.

    2. Show us where the orange man touched you, on this doll. πŸ˜‚
      You actually expect members of Congress to just twiddle their thumbs? Barring AOC and Nunes, members of Congress are generally not childish. Democrats worked on this NAFTA renegotiation for about a year, why should they walk away from their hard work just to be spiteful towards the president? This is something that benefits the country as a whole.

  2. And the GOP claimed that nothing would be done while impeachment was on.

    That said, this deal is not any better than the one Trump tried to destroy. He’s just going to claim credit for “getting a car some new paint sprayed on” essentially.

    1. @Jeff Harnack Yes, I agree that the do-nothings are the Senate GOP. I am putting my trust in Chief Justice Roberts to ensure a fair impeachment trial. Serving on that trial will do nothing but raise the profile of the Democratic Senators running for president. Exercising constitutional mandates for the benefit of American democracy and the rule of law will ensure a big Democratic win in 2020. May truth and justice prevail.

      p.s. The cap lock key is on the center left of your keyboard. Failure to use it judiciously makes you appear to be a first grader.

    1. Well, most of us at least. Then there are people like Christopher having a meltdown on Twitter. I didn’t even watch this crap video, I accidentally tapped into it while scrolling, and just had to leave a comment soon as I saw what he was talking about because of his Twitter tantrum. πŸ˜‚
      As for the Republicans and alt-leftists who are angry that this wasn’t done 13 months ago (Speaker Ryan was in power 13 months ago, derp derp) or simply not done at all – y’all are trash either deliberately spreading misinformation or so clueless about politics and policy that you should save your breath when the topic comes up. πŸ’―

  3. I do not see where increased access to the Canadian dairy market is a big win. The population of Canada is 1/10 of that of the USA. We are happy on how our dairy production is managed. You can put your products on the shelf, but it doesn’t mean we will buy them.

  4. FISA: “the FBI knew the dossier was fake and unverified & was bought and paid for by Democrats and they never told the FISA judge”

  5. The reason it would raise prices for everyone is because if sold directly to the public big pharma wouldn’t have those customers that are obtaining them from Canada. This is exactly what we need to get away from, Canada is willing to help Americans and afford us the same medications at the same prices as they do thier citizens, but look who steps out Republicans. A move like this one in the event the next president has to make good on what they’re running on they cant just cut big pharma out and get them cheaper from Canada this agreement word make them the middle man and allow them to sell it at a higher price that we get without the US involved. Pelosi is getting in bed with trump’s Puppet Masters, I assume to get them to at least leave him at the bus stop.

  6. The democrats are just showing that they can walk and chew bubble gum at the same time.
    Unlike the disgusting republicans in this administration.

    1. @CShield Do you like Van Halen ..Andrea’s band MSNBCannibalCorpse was playing JUMP the other night in the DuPont Underground and Andrea’s band sucks .. the only music they are good at is GoreCore

  7. The North American trade deal should have already been approved months ago. Dems are just very slow in doing anything useful.

  8. Obviously the great doers of wondrous things, the Democrats have nothing but pity for the do nothing spineless Senate GOP who are sitting on over 250 excellent bills passed by the House

  9. So much for the “do nothing” Democrats as Trump has labeled them. They impeach him and change his trade agreement into the Democrats trade agreement. He’ll have to sign their trade agreement to get his “win”.

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