Democrats Get Creative In Effort To Stem Gun Violence | MSNBC 1

Democrats Get Creative In Effort To Stem Gun Violence | MSNBC


Rachel Maddow reports on several innovative initiatives around the U.S. that attempt to work around the legal protections of gun makers to address the uniquely American problem of gun violence. 

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Democrats Get Creative In Effort To Stem Gun Violence | MSNBC


  1. Dispatching the most suitable responders to an emergency: how innovative! In my country, we’ve only been doing this for dozens and dozens of years …

    1. @Jesse Kellum keep sticking your head in the ground about colored violence.
      Keep making excuses for criminals. And criminal behavior.
      And it’s hilarious how you care about colored lives only when it’s a cop involved. But when it’s their own killing hundreds daily you make excuses

    2. The “Censorship is real” account was set up on June 30, just a week ago. How many of this troll’s previous account were banned is anyone’s guess …

  2. Good deterrent : those using guns in a situation where they harm someone the laws should be extended to the strongest jail time for crimes with guns involved.

    1. @mike briganti I only recall Republicans bailing out Murderers.
      Derek Chauvin is a good example.

  3. Oregon is a blue state, they will freak out like a Trumpanzie if that happens here, out gun ownership is not political with the people. Even though it would be a good idea.

    1. So are you going to sue the car manufacturers when your families killed in a auto accident ?
      No you go after the driver not the car. Right ?
      So there’s no difference here. Go after the one using the gun not the maker. Man you people really are that stupid

    2. If a car manufacturers purposely got cars to people who were not licensed and spent billions on propaganda influencing those people to use those cars in nefarious ways then yes we could.

    3. @Louann Melissa oh my gosh. That’s the dumbest argument.
      Man you people truly are idiots

    4. @Louann Melissa Except manufacturers don’t sell guns to the general public, those are called (FFL) gun “dealers”. Also, do tell, exactly who is influencing people to use guns in nefarious ways?

    5. @atheist28403 good point it’s worth looking into who they sell to and what are their responsibilities . And I’m not exactly sure who’s doing all the fear-mongering to initiate the extra sales of guns and increased prices of ammunition. Maybe it’s the people who stand to make money?

  4. incredible how people have no problem understanding the value in firefighters or emts— specialized first responders, yet it’s radical to extend that idea to mental health?
    we don’t send police to put out fires or resuscitate people. armed cops are not the solution to every single problem in society.

    1. Agree with most of what you said, however the police need to be the first responders on scene. Their job is to make sure the scene is safe for EMS and fire to do their jobs. As far as sorting cognitive impairment issues, that can be sorted out at the police stations or jails. These two places are where psychologists should be included, not in the field.

    2. @Nobody_from Nowhere
      That is incorrect. Certainly there are cases where police involvement is needed but they are rare – most fire/EMS calls do not involve police at all. And the issue with mental health is that since police do not have the expertise to deal with these cases, the result is too often physical abuse or death, AND jail or a police station is a VERY bad place to try to deal with an emotionally disturbed person.

    3. @Pat Doyle
      While I worked in the EMS in Orange County, that was our protocol. What you think is a pipe dream, the same procedures are used whether a psychologist is on scene or not. Show me the research that proves your point about improved situational outcomes when a psychologist is used before or after the scene is declared safe.

  5. This isn’t creative/new. This is what was called for a year ago when people misunderstood “defund the police”. I’m super glad it is finally happening but credit goes to the Black Lives Matter people in anguish telling the world the solutions they wanted.

  6. Yes, innovative, useful, intelligent and real work for the people, rather than just to family/friends/donors

  7. This would make me feel safe! Crisis Teams instead of killer cops with short fuses and mental issues of their own!

  8. uhm, been talking about the mental health worker for…ah f it.
    Great idea! who woulda thunk it!
    DO NOT send in a first responder who has power of arrest. Deescalate. If that is insufficient (eg size) bring in people who have power of arrest but won’t use it, won’t decide they must dominate the person.

  9. Nixon’s War On Drugs never happened here. Half of street crime is not related to drugs. When Portugal decriminalized all streets drugs and crime plummeted, we never saw it. Biden never wrote the 100 to 1 crack-cocaine disparity or the 1994 Three Strikes Crime Bill. Black addicts receive the same prison sentences as white addicts. They do not linger in prison, that’s just a rumor. Judges assign drug court, a valuable opportunity to avoid a felony, to black addicts and white addicts equally. Biden’s new $350 billion police slush fund continues his pragmatic humanitarian drug policy. It never happened here. We are not sure what you’re referring to.

  10. 3:15: In other words, looking to the future, we should continue to not trust the police to not murder us. Further proof we need to de-fund the police. Money needs to go to their replacement.

  11. Absolutely illegal, unethical, and counterproductive… Like every gun control program.
    I should know- I used to be a gun control supporter.

  12. How many car manufacturers have been sued by those people driving into crowds? None? Imagine that – Yes, a gun is made for ONE thing but it doesn’t go “bang” unless someone pulls the trigger. You can’t blame the manufacturer for someone misusing their item. If the gun owner has irresponsibly lightened the trigger load, installed a bump stock or binary trigger then the gun’s OWNER should be held liable. The OWNER has taken purposeful steps to create a gun that is no longer legal under civilian laws.

    This is like people suing video game devs for the violence in their games – Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid had a shootout, Dirty Harry films were nothing but guns and bombs. Expendables, Saw, Friday the 13th, Leatherface… every single Tarrantino or Guy Richey movie made are ALL examples of the violence we are WILLING to pay $ to watch. If the public didn’t WANT to see violence on their home/cinema screens then the profit-based game/film studios wouldn’t keep putting them out.

    Suing the manufacturer of a firearm because others modified it outside of the original specs is absofknlutely absurd. How about a 100% integrated database of ALL violent offenders (yes, that includes military, police and federal agents)? Certain medications (and a past history of using them) should cause a flag to pop on it too, as should certain drug-related arrests (meth, coke, heroin). Let’s keep the firearms out of the criminals’ hands in the first place. Sure, chances are they’ll likely still get one (or two or five) but taking away a driver’s license doesn’t stop too many people from driving and restraining orders work oh so well too. Still, the criminal’s actions should not inhibit the law-abiding citizen’s rights.

  13. Not sure this will work. Seems likely that Smith & Wesson, Colt, etc. will just have to put a sticker on the side of their firearms saying “Pointing this at others or yourself may result in injury or death”, “Firing this if modified for full-auto into a crowd may result in fetal injury”, and “Bullets have been shown to cause holes in people”.

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