Democrats Engage In Problem Solving While Republicans Attack Democracy

Democrats Engage In Problem Solving While Republicans Attack Democracy 1


  1. “When stupidity is considered patriotism, it is unsafe to be intelligent.”
    Isaac Asimov

    1. @Mary Rodger👈wouldn’t know what research is lmao she watches madcow who isn’t fact based,its opinion based and bad opinion at that.get a clue sheep.

    2. @Fool for the City you still believe that Russia crap lmao you really are a fool.TRUMP WON🇺🇸

    3. Bailee alligood, the protests were 93%-97% peaceful, the FBI stated that there were right wing agitators in the crowds and some of the violence was initiated by police blocking disbursal routes from the demonstrations at curfew. In some instances peaceful protesters were hit with tear gas, pepper spray pepper and rubber bullets. In the case of the Capitol insurrection, marching to the Capitol building was was protest, (despite the march permit having been denied) engaging and attacking the barriers and police was riot, breaching the Capitol building and attempting to stop the certification of the election, intending to murder representatives of the people, and overturning the election to install a dictator based on a lie thereby voiding the Constitution was sedition. There is a great deal of difference between protests, riots, and insurrection. Buildings can be rebuilt, property can be replaced, but destroying our Constitution, and the principles it was founded upon are more critical and difficult. To do it based upon a lie, and the narcissism of one man goes beyond the pale.

    4. Bailee Alligood, Maddow’s comments and opinions may use hyperbole and exaggeration, but her stories are based upon facts and research. The facts support her conclusions. You can disagree with her conclusions, but not her facts. Fox and the right wing media present opinion as fact, with no supporting evidence. That’s the difference.

    1. Judge Cynthia Bashant: Rachel Maddow can make as many defamatory statements as she likes, because only morons and lunatics would take her seriously.

    2. Anonymous Coward, well your screen name is accurate. Rachael Maddow may have strong opinions but she backs them with facts, not lies and conspiracy theories. She was sued for libel in the same vein that Bill Maher was sued by Trump for claiming Trump’s father was an orangutan. The story she had reported on was accurate, her commentary was an exaggeration. Fox, OAN, and Newsmax begin with lies and conspiracy theories and expand upon those. You’re just a brain dead Trumpublican who can’t tell the difference.

    3. @Don Clayton you watch this opinion based Richard madcow guy and you call yourself educated lmao.good one lol btw TRUMP WON🇺🇸

  2. Just imagine if they’d put all that energy into making their states better for the people who lived there. You know – fixing roads and bridges, providing better internet, making sure drinking water was safe, stopping corporations poisoning the air, land and water, providing jobs to carry out this work and so on! Wouldn’t that be fun?

    1. @Sam Harris What’s an ‘evil’ impeachment?…and while you are at it what’s a non-evil impeachment? Do they also come in colours and flavours, too? Just asking…

    2. @Gregg finally I got it. The Democrats didn’t appoint Trump. Great. So why blame the Democrats for the fact that Mueller worked on the investigation?

      That is the main point that you, not me, brought up in the frist place.

      having that said, a few notes about Mueller. like I said, you criticize him and his work and that is fine with me. I also have some of my criticism of my own.

      He was extremely clear to not make any accusations that he could not back up. Maybe too careful in mind but better safe than sorry right?

      It is true that it wasn’t his job to exonerate Trump, or to find him guilty for that matter. It is also true that he was hired to investigate Russian collusion. Likewise, he was hired to investigate Russian interference in the election and he found that.

      If you seek further investigations regarding Hillary Clinton related to Russian interference in the election, then by all means. Who knows, that may come up sooner or later.

      And no Mueller did not act based upon his party affiliation, which was exactly the point.

    3. Trump is not stupid he plays all you like a fiddle he is GUILTY you all who support him are the fools wake up it’s all a glorious game of gift to him such incompetent fools

    4. And then flood it all with millions of unvetted illegals and hard drugs, like Joe Biden is doing right now. Yay!

  3. Cancun Cuban Cruz didn’t have the courage to defend his wife, why would he defend this country?

    1. She says nothing & stays w/him. She obviously never spoke to him because never changes. He still let’s drumpf control.

    2. Cruz’ wife to Ted: “You gutless punk… if you weren’t rich… I’d take the kids and leave you.”

      Ted Cruz to wife: “But Honey, if I don’t grovel like a b!tch… I won’t get re-elected and I’ll NEVER be POTUS.”

    3. Biden is defending it by tearing our borders down, so that our communities can be flooded with illegals and cartel drugs?

  4. Matt Gaetz must have misunderstood when he was told people use Venmo to make minor purchases.

    1. Hey Hairy Nosepicker,
      Oh, your feefees got hurt by my post. So sorry for you. Love your channel image; is it by an Impressionist? Is it by Monet, titled ‘White non-college educated male’? Or is it abstract, maybe Pollack’s ‘The Imbecile’? (snickers and sincerity;’,. ) @HotelPapa100

  5. Honestly, while the USA debates, and struggles…other countries have moved on. Good luck catching up.

    1. Other countries, say in Europe, suffered through 2 world wars which killed millions of people. They have made progress but it took a LOT to get to that progress.

    2. Catching up? Fighting fascism is appropriate. Apathy, laziness, digital illiteracy, fear-based, tribal voters put pro-fascists in elected office. Americans who value democracy must be alert, informed, and active as citizens.

    3. no country has moved on from trump. punishment is the order of the decade! traitors to democracy must be punished for their abuses.

    4. @jerry jerry Oh yes they have.. There’s no more clown show b’coz there’s a Real American President in the White House.. President Joe Biden 💙

    1. Yep. Another filthy republican administration along with Ronnie Raygun nuked the US’s mental healthcare system.

      That old senile fool is in the top 5 worst presidents of the US. So far. It’s amazing the amount of damage he caused.

    2. @My president is a kiddy sniffer 1 <---when the filth like this shows up, don't engage it. Simply click on their fake troll account, report the trash and block them. The name alone should have them dealt with quickly enough.

    3. @SkyGemini why would you report me for expressing my freedom of speech? Why are you so angry…Does the truth upset you?

  6. It’s like Chip Roy said. Its all about obstruction for 18 months. What a side show.

    1. Obstruction is the only thing the GOP wants. What are their policies? Who knows because they never talk about their policies, they only whine and complain.

    2. @Caniblmolstr
      Yes permanent tax cuts for the upper 1% and temporary cuts for the some of the middle/lower class.

  7. So odd that Trump isn’t getting upset that they are taking too long, after months and months ,when he was the one crying when they didn’t complete the election count til the next day.

    1. @New Usurname I don’t know how I would react to things if I only listened to right-wing media, Fox. OANN etc. That is a choice too of course, but I can see how someone would view life very differently from me if they were barraged all the time with conspiracy theories. It doesn’t mean they are stupid or mentally ill – people can be brought up with a very narrow worldview and if they don’t travel around, that restricts their knowledge of events. Doubtless a rightwinger would say I am being condescending but i am just trying to understand how someone does not see through the con-artistry of a Trump.

    2. @Kay Keelan then their keepers need to keep an eye out for them. Ive actively tried to bring the ones who are on the fence over to reality but for these badfons to claim they only need one entertainment source is a spit in the face of all hard working people.
      Im past hurting their feelings . Every time they want to post nonsense i give them a handup and point them to a way to the truth. Fact is they dont want help they want their way.
      Its like the generations of parents that raise their children up with zero boundaries which equals zero respect which is what we are witnessing. Im done playing nice guy. The truth is out there for all to see they have had six months to read a phucking newspaper. Those are nearly 💯 % verified as fact or at least easily proven false. They don’t enjoy printing retractions. So the tend to get it out correctly. Bottom line is they choose this life even if its not reality so ill give as much reality as it takes to clear their vision or at least their ears.
      Got this

    3. @J D oh dear…you need to move on from 3rd grade thinking and grow right up. Trump lost fair and square. You are part of a deluded cult. Get help.

    4. @Kay KeelanGood try. You’re being real… I get it. Good work. It will only take 15-20 years of your/this approach… until these “un-traveled” people finally expire.

    5. @Jeff Tatus Unfortunately, it really does take decades before some people figure out they may not be on the right track. Look at Northern Ireland – George Mitchell did a great job of getting the two sides to talk with one another but it took decades for his work to bear fruit. He gave each side a “language” with which to talk but humans are entrenched in their own ways most of the time. Wisdom comes slowly to many of us.

  8. its like the GOP is intent on pushing away all the independent voters. well, lol, everyone needs to vote 2022 and 2024.

  9. This is amazing! GOP really do not see future in policies based governing! This ends badly for the nation

  10. The republicans are childish, throwing a tantrum because their favorite toy (power) was taken from them.

  11. The Republicans act like they want a civil war they don’t watch the chef they going to get one they’re not going to want it then guarantee it

  12. Merrick Garland: The rule of law, ENFORCED (otherwise it’s just words), is all that separates us from giving birth to a “failed state” (look up the definition)–a failed US Constitution, no longer living, breathing, being adhered to and defended. Its on you, AG Garland. Do it.

    1. STFU! You have no idea what you are talking about!
      You want to stop the NeoFascists, then make yourself available to be the cabbie for as many people that need rides to the polls on November 8th 2022 as you can get there while the polls are open!!

      What’s going on right now can only be dealt with, and still keep our democracy at the ballot box!!

    2. @kevin mcconnell Agreed. I will be paying for Lyft rides if necessary. My children’s (and Country’s) futures are at stake

    3. Like a commie who supports the lawless Biden administration cares about the constitution. Among other things the constitution requires the federal government to protect the states from foreign invasion.

    4. Dem definition of the rule of law = rules that are convenient for us. How about the immigration laws Biden ignores and subverts? The gun and drug laws violated by Hunter? The national security laws violated by Clinton and Obama?

      Garland is a hypocritical seditionist making solemn pronouncements about a constitution he helps Biden violate on a daily basis.

  13. Well, now, to be “honest”, the AZ frauditors said they’d finish their fraudit in May; they just didn’t say WHICH May. May 2021, 2022, or 2023?!

  14. GOP: Let’s make Sham audits to see distrust into elections.

    Do they really not see it’s sewing distrust…. In Republicans? Not our elections. I am MORE CONFIDENT in our election system now.

  15. Democrats are more concern about the people and environment while republicans are more concern about staying in power. People should vote for the party that can help their livelihood instead of catering to a party running on fear-mongering lies and misinformation.

  16. The Republican Party has lost all right to to be recognized as a legitimate political entity in our country.

    1. No mate they are just scammers and they always had been just a scammers.
      They found a new way how to take much more money of their voters and from the states, this is the biggest scam in American history and I can`t see the end of it

    2. The large percentage of the Quepublican party no longer shares the beliefs of Romney nor Cheney. They are a lunatic fringe party if ever there was one and if they get back into power, they will destroy the constitution and rewrite one for themselves to become the autocrats they tried to be for four years. It’s lucky for us, they were so stupid and couldn’t pull off an inside coup.

    1. Democrats are currently flooding the country with millions of unvetted foreigners and hard drugs, when they’re not trying to turn the country into a one-party state by making it easier to commit voter fraud. Oh wait, the immigration crisis is also an attempt to turn America into a one-party state.

      Get a grip?

  17. People actually can’t believe the guy with the lowest approval ratings of most presidents over his entire term lost. They really are living in a different world.

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