Underwood Sees Positive Momentum For Maternal Health Legislation

Rep. Lauren Underwood tells Rachel Maddow about the Black Maternal Health Momnibus Act of 2021 and its likely inclusion in American Families Plan, which President Biden is promoting with a national tour.Β 

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Underwood Sees Positive Momentum For Maternal Health Legislation


  1. I thought it was birthing-people.
    Shouldn’t it be birthing-people legislation.
    Let’s eliminate the words maternal and paternal.
    planting-seed people

  2. The plan was to make you so desperate for a return to normal that you’d go get injected with something you know nothing about.

  3. Good as long as maternal health does not include what China is doing with a study like that.

  4. *here is the problem with perverted philosophy…* america… has NEVER been about ONE(1) people… america.. is about One(1) idea… those that don’t share the idea of vision… can get… LOST… soze… quit putting perversion… in front of our faces….

  5. This is amazing! How exciting to hear that congress is finally taking this crisis seriously. To have mom’s die from preventable problems and not make the investment to help would be criminal. It’s an awful thing to lose your πŸ‘©πŸΎmother. Thank you!

  6. Here’s a crazy idea: If you don’t have the monetary resources to care for yourself while pregnant, DON’T GET PREGNANT!!! If you don’t have _those_ resources, you *certainly* don’t have the resources to support a child!

    1. There’s no problem if the father of every child is responsible. Paternal failure should be punished with sterilization.

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