Urgency Grows For Evacuation Of Afghan Interpreters | MSNBC 1

Urgency Grows For Evacuation Of Afghan Interpreters | MSNBC


Matt Zeller, co-founder of No One Left Behind, talks with Rachel Maddow about the dire threat Afghan interpreters who helped the United States are under if they are not evacuated to a safe place, and how it would hurt the reputation of the United States if it does not make good on its promise to protect the people who helped in Afghanistan. 

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Urgency Grows For Evacuation Of Afghan Interpreters | MSNBC


  1. The Afghan interpreters need to be brought out of country and to safety. It’s only right for the help they gave us.

  2. The Montagnards from Vietnam are like…
    No one learns from our mistake of helping America.

  3. How can anyone even consider betraying these ESSENTIAL Interpreters and Leaving them Behind to DIE!!?

    This man is a Focused, Grounded, Strong Minded, Direct and well Speaking Individual!! We need MORE Like Him!!!!
    Loads more!

  4. It’s been like we’ve been in a boat for twenty years and we have been bailing frantically, the moment we stop, the ship sinks! Who knew?

    1. A boat that America has been steering for much longer than 20 years, following your initial interventions in Afghanistan in the 1980s to curb then Soviet aggression, followed by decades of direct intervention in the road the Afghans proceeded along, setting them firmly on a course at least very significantly dictated and controlled by successive American presidents and administrations across the political divide.

      Now, however, even as the Taliban are once again gaining strength, you seem to have had enough of following up on your responsibility to a country and people whose path you have chosen, and abandoned them to the consequences of your decisions.

      All that money and dead soldiers, civilians, and even terrorists, and for what?

      A grand reset, weighted to the advantage of resurgent terrorists, who now have alllll the abandoned hardware and assets you just left there?

  5. How is this even an issue?
    These people risked their lives on our side and now we owe them.
    If we leave any of them or their families behind we have NO honor.

    1. What do you expect? Just look at Bagram Air Base retreat. In the end, the Afghans/Kurds are just disposable tools in the US political chess game.

  6. “We’re going to mobilize a trumanadanadadepreshum!” – Joe Biden, Democrat

    1. Congrats you figured out that President Biden has a stutter, and will attempt to compensate to be able to continue his speech.

  7. Why any foreigner would work with the US, willingly, is beyond me. We have shown over and over that our country will simply forget about you ASAP.

  8. If the U.S. fails to save the Afghan interpreters who helped us all these years, the U.S. might as well pack up and leave the planet.

  9. It should go without saying that the Taliban are intent on humiliating the US, as were the North Vietnamese almost 50 years ago now, and like the Viets, they’ll succeed completely. Expect to see video of people scrambling to leave on the last US helicopter out of Kabul.

    Now no one trusts us.

  10. Why these interpreters haven’t been extracted before beginning the withdrawal is a MASSIVE failure. It was known for a while that the US would be withdrawing in the near future so extracting them wouldn’t have raised eyebrows. Now that the US has limited footprint and forces in country and the Taliban already taking so much ground getting them out would be near impossible save those already in the dwindling Gov’t controlled areas… This is a shame and shows that there might not have been any intention to get them out in the first place.

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