Democrats Near A Compromise On A Federal Voting Rights Bill

Rep. Terri Sewell joins Jonathan Capehart to break down the latest on the congressional effort to pass federal voting rights legislation.» Subscribe to MSNBC:

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Democrats Near A Compromise On A Federal Voting Rights Bill


  1. There is no compromise. People have the right to vote period. These mean spirited ones that are trying to take the rule of our country like the taliban, need to be voted out. Id like them to be deported to Guantanamo.

    1. Why do you think they’ve voted to strip black people of their basic voting rights? So they can’t get voted out.

    2. @Michael Eco has nothing to do with race has to do with id .
      If u dont have id why should u be able to vote??????

    3. @Jeremy Saunders Cool. You can source proof of significant voter fraud for us all then. Not debunked Fox tantrums, actual evidence. Evidence that the Trumpet definitely had, but decided not to present in any of his lawsuits. The frivolous lawsuits which are now likely to be costing most of his lawyers dearly.

  2. “If every legal person voted, the republicans would never win another election.” – Stable Genius saying the quiet part out loud.

    1. @Jeremy Ramey we can keep talking but until you decide to start thinking logically there’s really no point. I hope you can start to understand you are being controlled based on how others make you feel. You are the sheep. You can’t break away until you understand you are being used.

    2. *From ‘trust the science’ to ‘trust the tyrants’*
      Sept 12, 2021 The WASHINGTON EXAMINER

      *President Joe Biden announced a national vaccine mandate Thursday that will affect approximately 100 million workers. It will require all federal workers and contractors to get vaccinated. It will also necessitate large companies to require their employees either to participate in weekly testing or else be vaccinated.*

      “My job as president is to protect all Americans,” Biden said. “So, tonight, I’m announcing that the Department of Labor is developing an emergency rule to require all employers with 100 or more employees that together employ over 80 million workers to ensure their workforces are fully vaccinated or show a negative test at least once a week.”

      In other words, we’ve gone from “trust the science” to “trust the tyrants.”

      For the duration of the pandemic, most Democrats have used the phrase “trust the science.” So, it is odd that Biden should order a national vaccine mandate when Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Director Dr. Rochelle Walensky said, “There will be no nationwide mandate.”

      Expert opinions on how to mitigate the spread come in behind the opinions of teachers union bosses and power-hungry politicians.

      Biden’s mandate comes just a little over three months after the CDC, allegedly supported by the science, said that vaccinated people did not need to wear masks . So, it is a problem all on its own that “the science” doesn’t last long enough for anyone to make policy.

      And given the states’ sovereignty over matters of health and welfare, Biden’s mandate is of dubious legal authority as well — as close to as ruling by decree as one is likely to see in this country, anyway. Such mandates feel more like the Soviet Union than the United States of America.

      Much like Biden’s eviction moratorium, the Constitution’s limits upon both the national government and the executive branch will likely render moot Biden’s vaccine employer mandate. It’s a bad sign (and something people should be upset about) that a president would so completely lack concern about whether he is obeying the Constitution he swore an oath to uphold.

    3. @Seth Thomas You’re not waking people up. I swear the hypocrisy from you folks is just outstanding. I thought being “woke” was bad?
      Worse you sound just as bad as the people you are trying to wake up.
      Conservative ideology has declined into a bunch of double speak mostly about cultural/religious issues that don’t put bread on the table.
      Democrats are just as bad but at least they don’t come off as completely batsh/t crazy.
      Thank America it’s not all of you Red sheep or Blue sheep that turn the tide in elections. If Independents ever get radicalized like each of you this nation will end.

    4. @Jeremy Ramey sounds logical. Wink Wink:) hope you can figure it out. You might call your dad and ask what he thinks.

    5. @Jeremy Ramey here’s a hint. Its no longer right vs left. You would already know that if you thought logically. It’s not Fox vs CNN. Both are stupid but you knew that right? I keep helping you. How are you helping me? You say the left isn’t crazy? Really? Weird!

  3. Supreme court gutted the voting bill which I thought that judges are supposed to withhold the law but this judge cut out what he wanted gone, just corrupt.

    1. @Mr Smith The word “evident” means there’s evidence. But you haven’t got any evidence. Just pathetic impotent lies.

    2. @Mr Smith Something can not be ‘evident’ with a complete lack of ‘evidence’. I know you folks have trouble with words and what they mean (among other things like basic math, simple science, and coping with reality) but by all means keep mindlessly bleating your idiocy for the world to see while the rest of us move on without you, pointing and laughing the whole time.
      How does it feel to be such an easily duped mark, targeted by grifters, charlatans and some of the dimmest bulbs society has to offer, all for there own personal gain? You do know those people are pointing and laughing even harder at you than anyone else right?

  4. The voting rights bills aimed to protect free and fair access to the *_right_* to vote for all Americans. But Joe Manchin objects to protecting black Americans’ rights. So how much access to their _rights,_ did Democrats “bargain” _away from black people,_ to appease one white, hyper-entitled, man?

    1. U 🤡…..Name 1 American who wasn’t allowed to vote!!! C’mon man, put up r shut up ur radical democrat propaganda.

    2. Joe Manchin is no Democrat he’s a Republican plant and Republicans don’t care about any of the people unless their rich. They are committing genocide on us in Idaho using covid.

  5. MANCHIN will make sure that dark money donors are protected, you can bet on that!! And I’m a Democrat saying that!

    1. MANCHIN is a democratic TRAITOR. SHAME on him. especially since Wv is a poor state. but he and his corporate family isn’t.

  6. Just think. Other countries require that their citizens vote. Here they are discouraged by one major American political party from voting.

    1. What ‘if’ the USA had a personal ‘social score’ that people received credit if they voted and a penalty if they didn’t vote? Embrace communism, resistance is futile.

  7. Now focus on GOP/proud boys and oath keepers having their run of the country while the majority of cops stand back and stand by (looking at you infiltrated groups)

  8. My ID is my social security number theres only one like it and with proud terrorist on the prowl I’ll be voting absent/by mail

  9. This is all great but I do not like mentioning working with Joe Manchin. He is just a Republican in disguise and wants to water down every good Democratic provision

  10. we want HR1 to pass too, Dems, by end of this month, to protect All voter This November, so that no restrictions in GA TX AZ etc

  11. Voter ID is and always has been a solution in search of a problem.

    If there was a need for Voter ID to prove who you were at the ballot box, then it would follow that a lack of Voter ID had unleashed large numbers of voter impersonation cases. The problem is every time the issue is studied, it is nearly impossible to find any cases of voter impersonation. The Washington Post published a study a few years back that found 31 credible allegations of voter impersonation in the elections between 2000 and 2014. That is 31 cases in over 1 billion ballots. But just in case you thought that was simply left wing research how about Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach whose team in 2015 reviewed 84 million votes cast in 22 states and found 14 cases of fraud (and he didn’t convictions in 2 of the 6 cases he brought) which would be a rate of voter impersonation of 0.00000017%.

    Why are the Republicans so invested in requiring voter ID given that all the research shows it is wholly unnecessary? The only possible conclusion is that it is not about voter ID but voter suppression

  12. I find it funny how easy it is to get a gun but extremely hard to vote and how a man that commits a violent assault on a disabled elderly or veteran gets charged with second-degree assault it only gets 5 days in jail the country that I fought for sucks

  13. What is so hard about getting a photo ID? The state can issue a photo ID that is not a driver’s license or a driver’s license can be used.

  14. How about Manchin supports all Democrat bills or the DoJ puts his daughter in prison for life for her crimes?

    Sounds like a fair compromise to me.

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