Democrats threaten to freeze arms sales to Saudi Arabia | USA TODAY


    1. He’s also on camera bragging about getting the Ukrainian prosecutor who was investigating Hunter’s ties to Burisma fired in exchange for federal aid money.

  1. Quieen Margo was replaced at 12years old in area of Central Asia,  her daughter Hurrem sultan- her Mihrimah was replaced at 12- she became Aisha bibi,  the founder of belly dance,  she lost Maternity chain and first changed her baby on 5th month of pregnancy. She was the cursed White Mother after Cleopatra,  Angels couldn’t forgive her chain… Jacqueline Kennedy then Monica Bellucci or Patriciya Redjani and Maya… it seems to be like this…

  2. India should rally behind USA on this matter and bring the dynamic power shift to consumers not oil middle easterner cartels. India needs cheap oil too.

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