Democrats Working Aggressively To Rebalance The Federal Court System

Former acting U.S. solicitor general Neal Katyal and former chief spokesman for the Justice Department Matt Miller discuss how Democrats should take a page out of Trump’s playbook and move quickly to fill federal judgeship vacancies.

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  1. 2 judges in 6 months? is that aggressive? Democrats need to learn a lesson or two about aggression from the rethuglicans or we will NOT have a democracy in 10 years

    1. @AliensAreReal TTSA Democrats are ignorant. The OC proves it. You have to have openings before you can fill the seat. Pretty obvious. What they should be saying is we’re not going to be as stoopid as Odumma and leave dozens of seats vacant when we lose our majority in 2022. Fill them or Mitch McConnell will

  2. Speed and youth, I’m sure the black guy is eminently qualified but he looks like he’s at retirement age already

  3. If we know Republicans don’t care about law
    If we know Republicans wont be stopped by morality
    If we know Republicans want to murder us
    If we don’t end their existence
    Logically, should we just surrender and obey the Republicans?

    1. IQ45 did not appoint any judges … he is far too stupid to do that or know even which judges to look at. It was all done by Moscow Mitch and the ultra conservative Federalist Society. Chump would have appointed Russians and mafia members if he would have made the judicial choices.

  4. State Media… Earlier today they reported that Democrats were working sluggishly. Now it’s aggressively. Such a transparent brainwashing going on.

  5. How is doing practically nothing “working aggressively”. Unless they put 300 judges in in a few months, the Dems are doing nothing, as always.

  6. Misnomer—just two judges in 6 months ain’t being “aggressive.” More like the MSM trying to give Sit-On-His-Hands Biden some “victories.”

  7. We got a long way to go I know it’s only been 2 judges so far but hopefully we can get over 300 more by the end of his 8 year term

  8. Thank you for bringing this subject to light. It is extremely important to have intelligent professionals in judgeship positions.

  9. One judge in 4.5 months at that rate you might get 12. Republicans did 230 under Trump. You need to get moving.

    Sergeant Robert Justin alford green where is my two daughters karee and Jahmela and my 7 grandchildren and what have you done to them.

  11. Moscow Mitch did away with the filibuster on federal judgeships. So why aren’t the Dems using that same rule to do as Mitch did and run thru their judgeships?

  12. Rebalance means load it to the left. Be honest. Lying is degrading. At least try to save your dignity

  13. Need to keep moving forward, agressively and quickly. Look for young, qualified nominees. ⚖️

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