Dems Breeze Past President Donald Trump In New 2020 Polling | Morning Joe | MSNBC

Dems Breeze Past President Donald Trump In New 2020 Polling | Morning Joe | MSNBC 1


  1. There is only one poll that means anything: Nov. 3 2020. Turnout needs to be huge so there can be no mistake, even if the fix is in

    1. @NJ Pro Signs – 100% right. The E.C. is the single most damaging thing to our democracy. Imagine if the last 2 Republican president NEVER existed, how much further we would be as a nation. Mind boggling.

    2. ely – agreed, well said. polls like this could backfire… dem voters get too relaxed, and turnout goes down. we cannot afford a repeat of 2016, or the country is doomed

  2. Whats truly amazing is the solid 45% that are unmovable, uninformed, unphased and still support to the death Donald Trump. Scary!

    1. @Arthur Radtke yeah, i came to the same conclusion. when you boil it all down and strip away the facades, you can only explain it in one word, Fox. Their motto should be “The Supreme Court Said We Can Lie”. which would be the only truth about them.

    2. @Mark I am also for 2nd amendment rights but not enough to drink the orange koolaid. Even if it means ditching the GOP for good. Unfortunately almost everyone around me has already quenched their orange lips with their 4th pitcher.

    3. His support among Republicans is in the mid 90’s, sweet huh? Many, many real liberals are voting for Trump. His rallies have a very high percentage of Democrats. Trump ain’t perfect, but he’s ours and he fights for the USA. I’m very informed, unlike you. I would never get my news from a propaganda network like this one. You hear what you want to hear, enjoy your BS lunch.

  3. Doesn’t matter if you dont vote. Everywhere you need turn out. You best believe Trump supporters will vote. They’ll cheat too if they can. So vote.

    1. Alfred Basurto your right, they can win ligitimately cause they are on the wrong side of history and everything else that’s crooked.

    2. …………yeahhhhhhh……and I’ve heard the Republicans have key people from the New England Patriots and Houston Astros to help them cheat this year………

    3. Sorry bubs, conservatives don’t cheat. It’s always leftists caught cheating in elections. I can’t believe in the year 2020 people still watch this MSM swill.

  4. Get this unqualified dude out the Oval Office….long past due with this liar!!!!!🀬🀬🀬🀬

  5. I like presidents that don’t denigrate 17 year old girls who have Asperger’s whose only concern is that his grandchildren have a world worth living in.

    1. @Roald Shakleton Oh, there’s no ‘may’ about it. He’s full on Dunning-Kruger to the core.

    2. @Paranormal News Today Do you even know what Dunning Kruger effect is? I never claimed to be great at anything. You’re the one trying to assert your dominance. You messaged me lol.

  6. “I prefer presidents who don’t sell out America for personal gain.” – 51% of America
    “I’m too dumb to understand why selling out America is a problem.” – the other 49%

    1. @Christina Denham πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ sounds like you already have and have killed brain cells in the process

    2. T E Yeah, but I never claimed to be unfazed by YouTube comments, you did. If anyone is triggered in this comment section, it’s you. How many comments now? 20? To my 2? = TRIGGERED.

  7. Oh Joe, Glass half full thinking tells us that 45% of Americans are still Trump cultists.
    And then there is the electoral college …
    It’s frightening

    1. And don’t forget Russia. They interfered in 2016, they will definitely interfere in 2020, if noone stops them. The corrupt criminal in the WH is more than they could ever hope for, so they will do anything to keep him there. And Moscow Mitch declines every attempt to stop Russia. I wonder why…

    1. @Derick French — So you think, hat: — “Trump didn’t have anything to do with Russians”?.
      Have you heard Cohen’s admission, that he went for Trump, few times, to Moscow, to negotiate a “deal” with Putin, to build “Trump Tower” in Moscow, which the self confessed “King of Debt” wanted to build there, for Russian money. of course, which is the normal way to build something by Trump – always with borrowed money.
      “Sources” say, that Putin asked Cohen, what collateral Trump would give him for the hundreds of millions of dollars covering the land and cost of building the Tower. To which the messenger of the “King of Debt” replied: — “Anything you ask”. Then Putin said: – “Classified information?” To which Cohen, allegedly, replied: — “Let me put it that way — ” Trump wants to build his Tower in Moscow very badly”! (Think about it Derick).

    2. @Derick French Keep America great. πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ Vote for Trump in 2020. You will feel more relaxed and your self esteem will soar.

  8. Robert Reich (maybe it was somebody else) recently pointed out the general fact that Trump has a solid 40% or so. All he needs is 11%. Factor in independents, Russia social media disinformation, gerrymandering and voter purging – well, get out and vote blue no matter who or get ready for Trump term two.

    1. @Jim J.
      Doing a comparison between tRump and Hitler is not hard!
      Hitler pushed German companies to build an affordable car for the German People!
      The VW Beetle, Before going stark raving Loonie!

      Whereas ole tRump has never done a single thing for anyone except himself!
      And he’s been stark raving Loonie since he dragged himself out of a swamp!

    2. @Tom Shehee
      The only Coop in the US is in my backyard and I keep my chickens in it!
      But there is still room for you moronic Trumpanzee’s You all belong in cages/coops

    3. @Terry Tater – yeah i know. those johnson votes hurt hillary, not the teflon don. yet another factor in her surprising loss. hillary was hated by many, bernie’s supporters stayed home, the johnson factor, hillary’s arrogance in taking the midwest swing states for granted with few or no visits, list goes on… i see where you’re coming from. despite all that, she won the popular vote, and with a swing of 75,000 electoral college votes, she sits in the oval office.
      so why worry? trump has been a total disaster. but his base is now a cult, firmly entrenched at 40%. polls in the swing states show current results as very close overall. economy is doing very well, and he is a good campaigner. he plays dirty big time, whatever it takes, capable of anything (eg. start a war with Iran), so dems have to be on guard to almost paranoid levels, get united, get out to vote to get rid of this clown

    4. @Mimsy Borogove It is not even so much Trump as it is the disgust I have for what the Democrat party seems to have become, and I voted mainly Democrat over the years, Trump did not win me over, the Democrats lost me. Democrats now seem to have moved anti American toward what the USA has been for the past 240+ years. Dems have made it clear they intend to change the USA, change to what ? and for what reason ? This attempted coup has been going on for 3 1/2 years, even before Trump took office, not something that just pop up one day. The Dems should not be using their power and tax payers money to settle any personal animosities some of them apparently had with Trump before he even campaigned for office. Dems are disrespecting our vote, our decision as to who we wanted in office. Dems NAFTA and endorsing China into the WTO nearly destroyed the middle class, their Obama care farther hampered the middle class.

  9. The GOP Senate is thinking, “We’ll tolerate these guys for a couple days and then just blow them off.” As a voter, I’m thinking, “I’ll tolerate the Trump Cultists until November and then just blow them off.”

    1. Well Trump will definitely lose in November because of Trump and the complacent Republican party. They can kiss a win goodbye! Every Democrat in the US will be out voting against Trump!

    2. @The Raging he wont win. Because you know Trump is no good. We do know that he is the rot in the office right now!

    3. @Gary Campbell …….WHEWWWW…..Gary, sure glad you didn’t mention our secret Republican cheating dirty tricks like the electoral college, and rigging it so that each state only elect candidates (except POTUS) from their own state…… Republicans plan to cheat little leftist gerbils and weasels in California out of being able to vote for aoc will cause a lot of wailing…..we need to keep this quiet…..

    4. Otis CRIBLECOBLIS : Do you know that 26 states have 10 or fewer votes, and 9 have 5 or fewer ? With those numbers, what are dems complaining about ?

  10. Don’t be complacent and trust everyone else to do your duty — get out and vote, help people to register, give them rides to their polling places.

    1. @dave m Really? There is a book out about corruption. So far it’s mostly leftist corruption. The book is by the same guy that wrote Clinton Cash. Dave, you are so full of shlt.

    1. You’ll probably see that happen in the next midterm election, in 2022. First step is to elect a leftist president like Bernie Sanders and the rest will follow. Once he’s in office, Bernie can do the opposite of what Trump has been doing, and use presidential power to bring enormous pressure upon the Republican party. You’ll see.

    2. @Steven Grotte Yes, I think 23 Senate Republicans are up for re-election this year. Either 23 or 26… I can’t remember exactly.

  11. And in Davos he brazenly told a presser that he wasn’t going to be fired because the White House had been successful in holding back the evidence. Whaaa?

    1. @Bad Lt. He never ha a functioning mind to start with! I could feel sorry for him if he were not pure evil on purpose!

    2. @voodooblue61 blue Remember that when the TRUMPANZZE Congressional members come up for re-election——-BLUE WAVE THEM AT THE BALLOT BOX!!!!!!

    3. Is that true?! Omg, I am so ashamed of POTUS. I have already begun offering rides to polling places. I will be released to see him voted out because I just don’t see the Republicans stepping to the plate.

    1. Are you saying that Mitch’s face is gonna look worse? No way! It’ll completely cave into itself. He’ll look like a brussel sprout with glasses.

  12. Come November VOTE LIKE YOUR LIVES AND THE FUTURE OF OUR COUNTRY DEPEND ON IT!!! Trump is a like a 1930’s mobster

    1. @shkspr78 s But America won’t be great. He is trying to tear up our Constitution and the GOP lawmakers are helping him

  13. Republicans are at that Jonestown, Guyana, Jim Jones moment , they all can drink that Kool Aid the leadership is handing out or escape for their lives on the last airplane out of this jungle quagmire.

    1. I’m afraid they are too stupid, too corrupt, and/or are too deep in their own little bubble to get that fact. Doesn’t change the fact that you are absolutely right.

    1. Because you’re stupid? You love failure? You like $4k fines? You like unemployment and our companies taking their investments overseas? You like prisoners rotting away in prisons forever? You like dog poop, vote for democrats and that is what you’ll get.

    1. @Will Danner Frankly, if a literal πŸ” chickenπŸ” called Jerry Doucheberry was the only thing running against Trump, I could make a case that he can’t do worst than Trump.

      Jerry Doucheberry 2020 πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ pok-pok!

      Edit, I realize now I missread your comment, but I don’t want to erase my campaign speech for Jerry Doucheberry

  14. *”No president can recover from an impeachment hearing. Win or lose, his career is over.”* _~ Donald J. Trump, 2014_

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