Joe: Rep. Adam Schiff Gave Virtuoso Performance | Morning Joe | MSNBC

Joe: Rep. Adam Schiff Gave Virtuoso Performance | Morning Joe | MSNBC 1


  1. Do never forget that Trump’s best friends are Putin and the Saudi Crown Prince. They laugh about him behinh his back, biut they give him tons of dollars. That is what counts!!!!

    1. @SaintNature You realize the aid was for military operations scheduled for Summer 2020??? It was not for an immediate need. YOU MORON!!!! Trump sent Javallin Missles and 500 million. Obama sent 200 million and blankets when the Russians were murdering them!!! It was a blood bath.. You need to read a book and STOP watching CNN

    2. @SaintNature where do you get this crap from? it definitely has to be a crime!

      The Constitution, Article II, Section 4:
      The President, Vice President and all civil Offerers of the United States, shall be removed from Office on Impeachment for, and Conviction of, Treason, Bribery, or other high Crimes and Misdemeanors.

    3. @Real Deal Lol! Ok Snowflake, he sent it way past the due date and time matters in situations like that. But hey, if you want to keep kissing his behind go right ahead. He will NEVER care about YOU or any of us anyway. Indulge in your ignorance. Have a good night. Oh and by the way I do care about all the people who suffer around the world. I pray for them all the time and when I can I send donations. Unlike the President.

    1. Can somebody please explain why the press and the democrats now are impressed when a politician invokes God’s name? When did that happen?

  2. This finally explained HOW what Trump did was against the US national interest. Thank you Mr Schiff.

    I did not know Ukraine gave up their nuclear weapons in exchange for protection by USA from Russia, and now Trump uses Russia’s war against Ukraine to manipulate Ukraine to help him win his next election, meanwhile Russia kills more Ukrainians and tries to take even more territory than they already annexed from Ukraine.

    What Trump did was worse than I even thought. No one really will take America’s word anymore.

    Trump needs to be removed so that our allies know that if any president tries to do that to them for his own personal benefit, that president will be removed too, so they have faith in America’s word and commitments and trust in the US presidency is restored.

    1. Trump sold the Ukraine weapons when they asked for it to defend against Russia, and when they got it he thanked Trump for finally helping, so what are you talking about you liar

    2. @Richard 303 go look up Obama russian hot mic lol both sides are guilty of what theyve been denying unfortunately

    3. @Printagic Online honestly im totally for witnesses, and i don’t even want to call up hunter or biden lol i want schiff and the whistleblower just to prove how dumb these fools were in creating false statements, its undeniable literally. Schiff did a parody on national television, Vindman stated that what occured was a “demand” when no other witness, not a one, attested or described it as such. The only person to describe it as a “demand” was the whistleblower and if you watch Vindman hearing you probably figured out who it is or who told the whistle blower. Trust dude i dislike trump to but the proccess by which this has been ran makes no sense, schiff had sole power of evidence and witness. Also during that hearing it was odd that Vindman had a lawyer and meanwhile the female witness seemed to not have one present, why was her testimony so different from Vindmans when they were on the same call. Lastly trump defense is right they should have seeked those witnesses on their own time, the courts exist for a reason, would you at least agree that this is a fight concerning the judiciary and executive branch? Who then is the mediator….the courts. Idk man sometimes i feel like people just watch snippets of these hearings and not its entirety. Something fundamental of debate is knowing your opponents position as well as they do or more. I understand some of the lefts concerns and some do make sense while others are competely void because of past actions.

  3. Americans are going to have to march on Washington and our State capitals and Senators offices. 53 R Senator’s are not listening to 70% of the country. They need to hear us and see us!

    1. @Fancy Brooks Actually he did. Or don’t you know about the statute prohibiting an executive from influencing any foreign policy for personal or family gain. Yeah, it’s a real thing.

    2. @Fancy Brooks Its ashame there is no law against channeling power through your crackhead son but there isn’t

    3. @James K. Boyle I have read the Mueller report. I have researched the documents, listened to the testimony….you clearly are not listening to anything but what agrees with your opinion, devoid of facts.

  4. He did a great job .👍👍 The American people needed that concise clear truth about this impeachment . Well done even looks sharp .

    1. Samuel Morales No, but they are fighting our allies and we support our allies. And if Ukraine doesn’t have the aid to fund it’s military and Russia takes over that means, one, we have 60,000 US troops and their families in danger and, tei, wemost probably will have to sent our own troops into fight with Ukraine soldiers…that is why this aid is so very important and not something Trump should be using to extort the Ukranian President for his own personal interest in trying to dig up dirt or start an investigation into his political oppontent.

    1. Daniel Duvalle
      in order for your comments to be taken seriously you must have a brain …. Alex Hamilton 😀

  5. The GOP are a pathetic and shameful excuse as public servants and need to be removed from office. VOTE BLUE for America, red for Russia.

    1. Godfrey Daniel It’s called “representation”. Take a civics course. Learn something. Don’t run around making a fool of yourself by telling everyone that Kansas is the same as LA county.

    2. @Sonny Bluff – No donut – just a minute ago you were saying it was “states’ rights” – and no – I never said Kansas was the same as LA county. Why would I ever say that? You are SO stupid that you don’t realize that in the time you’ve been trying to BS me, you could have Googled “Electoral College” and come up with the REAL purpose it (once) served and why it was instituted. And even then, it wouldn’t answer the question of how weighting the votes of some over others’ serves the “will of the people.” We’re done here – dealing with you is like abusing a child – a developmentally impaired child…

    3. @T. Brinks Trump sent the Ukraines over 500 million in aid and Javellin missles to penetrate Russain tanks.. Obama sent blankets.. Is that what you referring to???

  6. Talking about “America giving word” with the kind of characterless ignorant in control. I can foresee Trump’s response to it – I didn’t say I’ll protect Ukraine. Everybody before me did everything wrong. It costs money and I have no (failing)j business in Ukraine, why should I protect them, rant rant rant.
    Just look what he’s doing to Iran; countries are not his bankrupt businesses, for him to play with to make money off of

    1. James K. Boyle There is a difference…withholding aid for national interests is the right thing to do. Trump asked the Ukraine to dig up dirt on his political oppontent and withheld aid unless President Zelensky “publicly” announced the investigation. He sent his “personal lawyer” Guiliani, who is not a government employee and has no security clearance, with his two Russian thugs and Guiliani told Zelensky he was acting as Trump’s personal lawyer..not on behalf of the government…sounds like it was for Trump’s personal interest.
      Ukraine is our “ally’ and is right now in a war with Russia “our adversary” . We are supplying military aid so help Ukraine to fight off Russia for “our national interests” so that Russia doesn’t take over Ukraine…and what country is next? Plus we have 60,000 troops and their families…plus US citizens and businesses that could be in danger or be drawn into a war if Ukraine can’t fight off Russia..

    2. So true when a man thinks of himself before others all he’ll get is nothing in the end Thrump is such a man because Putin will kick him to the curb when he’s got what he wants.What he`all say to Thrump I can’t trust you you turned on the American people so what that tell me you could turn on me maybe for the Chinese

    1. @Francis Howlett 
      sure i can…..schiff continued to lie that trump had colluded with the russians and that the evidence was in plain sight. 

      or how about the lie that he told when he addressed congress about trump’s phone conversation with ukraine.

      and just last week he lied when he told nadler that parnas tried many times to get a meeting between  rudy and Mr. Z (zelensky) when parnas really said zlochevsky.

  7. Too many American’s seem to forget the obvious: If we fail to help those who stand between us and our adversaries, the War will be held over Here, instead of over There. America has not had a War on her home soil since the Eighteen-Sixties, – and that was a Civil War. And American’s have not had to fight off a direct invasion since the Seventeen Hundreds. – In many parts of the World, war is a part of daily life, and we in the West have been spared that horror for so long that we have no appreciation of how lucky we are – due to a simply accident of birth; we’ve been spared so much.

    1. wake up schiff for brains are a stooge …..that bug eyed pedophile schiff deserves death by a thousand cuts

  8. To paraphrase Bogart: when an ally is attacked, you’re supposed to do something about it. Besides, if you don’t, it’s bad for business.


    1. @Tessmage Tessera Have a good night, go hangout with the Cartels… they would give you a good job lol… wonder what that job would be lol?

    2. @Tessmage Tessera So did Biden when he held up AID too… yet we didn’t cry a river.. nor when Obama… couldn’t calls Isis by their real name either, or when he left like 2000 Hummers for Isis… or all the Money he gave Iran… for them to fund Proxy Regimes and make IUD’s… you don’t care though, only when it’s non American lives being lost… Go Research where Black Tar Heroine is made HAG.

    3. @Tessmage Tessera Opening a inquiry is also subjective and can’t be confused with Executive privilege, your brain isn’t clear and yes the constitution is.. next time don’t do shady stuff when being in office… or we will drain the puss out of the cyst… Hunter didn’t deserve that job unless… he helped that company evade corruption audits… your IQ is low.. The truth shall COME OUT.

  10. Regarding the US treatment of Ukraine by, how can any of America’s allies trust them to keep their word when it comes to joint defence agreements?

    1. You can bet that President Bernie Sanders will throw the full weight of the Justice Department at Trump and his goons. Biden, on the other hand, will not. He’ll probably pardon them.

  11. *”No president can recover from an impeachment hearing. Win or lose, his career is over.”* _~ Donald J. Trump, 2014_

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