Dems poised to approve 2024 primary calendar, demote Iowa | USA TODAY

Democrats approve the 2024 primary calendar, replacing Iowa with South Carolina as the leadoff state.

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Democrats approved a plan to reorder their 2024 presidential primary calendar during a party gathering on Saturday in Pennsylvania.

The national party green-lit a calendar that makes South Carolina the initial contest, elevates Nevada to the second position alongside New Hampshire and welcomes Georgia and Michigan to the early primary window for the first time.

Iowa's caucus, which has traditionally served as the starting-gun for the presidential election, is being displaced.

Democrats are seeking to amplify diverse voices earlier in their presidential selection process. The calendar Democrats approved on Saturday will only apply to 2024. They have vowed to revisit it before the 2028 election.

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    1. Having a primary in Iowa at all was a way to control power as a party. Primaries suck for voters period. Just do ranked choice and send it

    2. If Joe Biden and the Democrats have the house and the Senate and the presidency for two years created a trillion dollars in new debt and the is still down 10% after Donald Trump doubled it in four years. The 8trillion dollars of new debt into Year’s created by the Democrats not only decreased the market 10% we also have record high inflation record high gas prices record-high coronavirus deaths record-high drug overdose.
      What is Joe Biden going to do what he doesn’t have all those extra trillions to spend. If he’s a complete disaster with an extra 8 trillion dollars a year over budget how much worse is he going to do without all that free money to spend

  1. *How much do extras get paid to act as audience members and chant 4 more years?* 🍿🎟️🤔

  2. Hearing the words – Democrats, poised to approve something is like, Jeffery Dahmer telling you he’s a good cook.

    1. @0 it’s called the democratic process as opposed to vote for Nancy or else… Actually think on that a bit.

    2. @W C Neathery Don’t you mean “vote for Kevin or else”? Matt Gaetz looked like he was getting a death threat when the GQP was selecting a House Speaker.

  3. I still feel we should treat the 1st 4 state Caucuses & Primaries (Iowa, New Hampshire, South Carolina, & Nevada) as a mini Super Tuesday by having them all at once. Also, we should cut back on the amount of time the Primaries take to just 4 to 6 months since we don’t need a full year to campaign for President like we did prior to the age of the internet.

    1. Jesse the Democratic party hears you and I’m here to tell you we’re going to do just that because you requested it

    2. Doesn’t matter. The world will soon end and all human governments will be gone. (Psalm 37:10) All the wicked men and women will be cut off from earth 🌎 Only one real leader will soon rule over earth with his 144,000 anointed kings over the earth (Revelation 5:10) 👑 👑 👑 👑

      Any day now, we will hear from the United Nations give a false proclamation of world peace 🌎 ✌🏼️ Biggest lie in human history since Satan deceived Eve in the garden of Eden even be said: you certainly will not die. It’s over! God is not going allow man to continue ruining the earth and killing one another indefinitely. (Revelation 11:18) Are you ready a total government shutdown by June 2023? 🎒🥾🥾

    3. Jesse, that’s a bad idea. The concept behind spreading out the first few caucuses and primaries is to allow lesser candidates who do well in Iowa or NH to have the time to fund raise to get money to be able to afford to continue their campaigns in the following P’s and C’s. But if you put a bunch of the P’s and C’s into a single day, that only favors the candidates that already have a boatload of campaign donations in their coffers.

    1. south carolina is more red than iowa. theyre doing it to make it easier for establishment dems to win in the primaries.

    2. Dave Mustaine hates Republicans and is from Cali. Why don’t you listen to the lyrics? Countdown to extinction? Holy wars? I don’t think you are his target audience mr fascist.

  4. Well I don’t think American citizens will be represented much with that change! Pray the Republicans have their pants on!Hats shields and breastplates!! Someone Godly to Head this nation back to victory!

  5. So Georgia is too wacist for the MLB all-star game ,but not too wacist for the democrat convention ???

  6. Just leave everything alone!!!! Do not mess with the system because the system will mess with you. South Carolina would not serve as the first in the nation primary because that honor goes to New Hampshire and its rich history behind it. If you think South Carolina represents diversity you are wrong. Just vote that’s all.

  7. “I intend to get it done, more done!”
    Well, technically anything would be more than nothing. 😐🥴

  8. I love it when the lady that called him racist onstage introduces him to people screaming for more years and they all sound like little girls

    1. @Richard Woods Joe Biden’s opened border policy has turned the border into a third-world country controlled by the Mexican mafia which gave smuggled more than 800 million doses of deadly fentanyl killing 7+ thousand Americans every month.

  9. He spoke the truth for once yesterday. ‘Half the women in my cabinet are women”. That’s about right. Let’s go Brandon.

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