Derek Chauvin Tells Court He Will Not Testify In Trial, Invokes 5th Amendment Right | MSNBC 1

Derek Chauvin Tells Court He Will Not Testify In Trial, Invokes 5th Amendment Right | MSNBC


Derek Chauvin, the former Minneapolis police officer charged in the death of George Floyd, chose not to testify in his own trial and invoked his 5th Amendment right. After Chauvin spoke to the court, the defense rested their case. Aired on 04/15/2021.
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Derek Chauvin Tells Court He Will Not Testify In Trial, Invokes 5th Amendment Right | MSNBC


    1. The prosecution wanted to bring it up and Chauvin’s past record of excessive use of force but the judge said no. But somehow he ok’d Floyd’s past being brought up. The US KKK injustice system wins again.

  1. Am I the only one who has a really bad feeling about this? He just seems way to comfortable and relaxed, like he hasn’t got anything to worry about.

    1. @Debra Johnson Actually I do know. When you know what to look for, it’s fairly easy to tell. It’s like telling someone that they can’t know that it’s a car horn that they’re hearing….

    2. @Zelorp Yet police come nowhere close to as many black people maiming other black people just in Chicago alone and nothing really happens to them except getting killed and maimed.

    3. I am hoping that whatever the verdict, please GOD we don’t need the destruction of businesses and lives loss.

    1. @David Ashton … in thousands of little ways, but let’s just say a few might be a combative demeanor, a nervous posture, stammering while answering tough questioning for a lengthy period on the stand, a mistake made in one single answer given…
      So many ways an innocent person can appear guilty to a jury – watching his every move and listening to the way he utters his testimony!
      Why would you even consider giving the jury any “ammunition?”

    2. @David Ashton in law when person gets cross contamination the prosecutor can ask certain questions and if the accuser answers yes to those specific questions then that can cause him to incriminate himself if the prosecutor ask the right questions in a manner that must be answered yes or no

  2. This is a strategy, his lawyer told him exactly what to do and say and that they “went back and forth a lot”

    1. I’m sure his lawyer gave him a frank assessment but let’s be honest, it’s pretty clear that Chauvin would be taking a big risk were he to take the stand.

    1. @Gary Mowrer I’m not sitting here giving a murderer High fives. From the start of your very first comment you’ve been very negative and one sided enjoy your day I’m done talking to a brick wall….

    2. @Gary Mowrer when people are filing complaints on the same officer for the same issues I think it’s safe to say that is relevant and that officer is unfit for duty. Not at all complaints stem from arrests either. I’ve filed complaints against officers in the past for unprofessional behavior and agressive behavior. I had the door to my house kicked in a few years ago because the police were too stupid to check the address on the warrant against the address they were attempting to serve it at. They got the street number right but wrong street name. So should those officers still be employed in law enforcement? I don’t think so. If you’re too stupid to double check the address on the warrant with address you’re serving the warrant at than you are too stupid to work in law enforcement. Issues like that should a one and done thing. Any instance of use excessive force or over agressive behavior should result in immediate termination as well. That would solve a lot of issues as would ending qualified immunity and doing away with police unions. Policing never should’ve been unionized to begin with because those unions are the very reason we have so many unqualified, crooked, and worthless officers working in law enforcement now.

  3. Regardless of the outcome of all if this, this is a tragedy non the less. I wish justice is served, and a rightful conclusion is made.

  4. Why is he smiling? Are you having a good time or are you feeling good about how things are going for you?

  5. The lengthy to and fro between him and his lawyer, followed be a similar courtesy by the judge has one purpose only: to humanize the defendant. I hope this is a jury trial.

    1. @Brandy Courvoisier they will probably either keep him in complete isolation for his protection, or put him in a cushy prison.

    2. Why wouldn’t his a whyte man in America accused of killing a black man, he knows the odds of him being found guilty is ten to one, he’s probably thinking too himself, by this time next month he will be chilling in Cancun drinking margaritas. Now if he was the same race as Mohammad noore who killed the whyte Australian woman this case would have been over before it even begin, GUILTY smdh

    3. @jaknap1 No That’s what a pig looks l like when it’s gotten away with intimidation and brutality for too long. SMH

  6. Cant defend the indefensible… but the smile on his face is a window into the soul of a remorseless killer.

    1. @R L T you’re a very sad lonely person huh? You put laugh emojis to hide the crying because your so pathetic. It’s ok I get sweetie. I do. I’ve seen shows of people who are as pathetic and sad just like you and love talking crap on social media because it gives them some sense of the attention they crave. I really feel so bad for you. Must be lonely being so sad all the time.

    2. @Peter Griffin I think we have retired the well-worn expression “snowflake” sweetie. I gave up on Fox hon….I am a Newsmax chick now. Come along with me…will ya? BTW…Fox Entertainment is Disney now sweetie. Not Newscorp anymore. Totally separate. Get with it …doofy.

    3. @R L T Newsmax and Fox Entertainment are the same thing, snowfIake. You can fool yourself as long as you want… that seems to be your thing, snowfIake. Just realize that you are not fooling anyone other than yourself. It’s very adorable that you didn’t realize that tho.

  7. he knows if they put him on the stand, the questions will be so easy to understand and prove that he killed him, it would be an open shut case. but even if he keeps his mouth shut, there going to tear him apart bit by bit. he might think this is a winning tactic but this just makes him look more guilty.

    1. Not true. Defenders, innocent or guilty, rarely testify. There is nothing to be gained and you are exposing to many things that can work against you. NEVER a good idea to testify.

  8. I have the feeling he knows he’s getting to walk out of there. There’s something going on we don’t know. Defense after only one witness rests today ? Odd !

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