Derek Chauvin Trial Is About More Than George Floyd's Death | The 11th Hour | MSNBC 1

Derek Chauvin Trial Is About More Than George Floyd’s Death | The 11th Hour | MSNBC


Issues of race, equality, and policing permeate the trial of Derek Chauvin, the fmr. policeman accused of murdering George Floyd. We discuss with Jason Johnson and Tim Miller. Aired on 03/30/2021.
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Derek Chauvin Trial Is About More Than George Floyd's Death | The 11th Hour | MSNBC


  1. Watching the hearing, I noticed that one side tends to provide a complete recount of the events that occurred (along with footage) while the other tends to present selective parts.

    1. @M Rob No. It doesn’t. And let’s also add in the fact he barely had enough fentanyl in his system to OD. And let’s say he was. You think kneeling on his neck was good choice? If he was ODing it just makes the cop look worse. It’s manslaughter either way. Pathetic.

    2. @Eventdash01 well, I think the people making out with 27 million for a criminal are greatly benefiting from division and violence .

    3. @ixsicness buddy get a grip. The autopsy done by the county found no physical harm to Floyd and found copious amount of drugs in his system, which could be implied that they were at least part of the cause. Nice non-answer to my red-herring counter btw. Your tendency to call those whom you disagree with stupid makes me think you’re the one whose projecting here.

    4. @ixsicness that’s how I see it As a Canadian from one of the most conservative provinces, from the outside looking in.

  2. Just started getting wind of Tony Timpa. *Just shows how the media loves to manipulate the public…*

    1. @KryPtoNite if I’m not mistaken, Tony called the cops for help, because he was off his meds. Also the police kneeled on Tony for 14 minutes, while mocking the police mocked Tony the whole time.

    2. @Bandup mar He was a violent criminal who was driving under the influence.

      He should’ve been put down years ago. Why are you losing sleep over a man who contributed to society’s racial issues?

    3. @Hugh Jass wasn’t he crime free after 2007? why do you keep calling him a violent criminal if you can commit a crime within the last 10 years. Do you think if you commit a crime once you’re a criminal for life? Do you think it’s OK for cops to go around killing anyone with a criminal record?

    4. @Bandup mar Seriously though, these idiots making excuses for the cops as if laws don’t exist. Their only justification for the cop is based on feeling and its the same crowd that likes to say facts don’t care about your feelings. Well neither does the law.

  3. Obviously we don’t need a court of law, we can now try every case in the court of public opinion with an angry mob jury.

    1. @Don Johnson BLM and Antifa did a great job at creating a false “attack” on the capital didn’t they.

    2. @CBP Neuwright Which is why you only saw WS groups and cultists being arrested at the capitol right? Funny how antifa managed to slip on by

    3. @Jordan Oezer this will definitely end in war – I just hope you are on the side with all the guns.

    1. @Dawn Swain go look at the video again look at Floyd on the stretcher, no legs lmao u been fooled because you’re a fool who watches tv

    2. @Rose X were they the ones who burned, rioted and looted because of the racist government and then appalled that the racist government got attacked? You animals should all be put down via firing squad

    3. @GaMeStuH The Return Of Toxicity yes we should firing squad all the terrorists who attacked innocent people because the tv box told the CULTIST to do it

  4. A pledge allegiance to the app of social justice Twitter.
    And to the reality for which it assumes
    Any gender, any reason, any outrage
    With cancelation and criticism for all


    1. @Censored User One autopsy said he died because the blood supply to his brain was cut off by the pressure on his neck. The other autopsy said “cardiopulmonary arrest complicating law enforcement subdual, restraint, and neck compression.”

    2. @Zombobo Smith HE ALSO HAD DRUGS IN HIS SYSTEM THAT SLOWED THE BLOOD TO HIS BRAIN! HE HAD A HEART PROBLEM! HE HAD LETHAL AMOUNTS OF FENTAL IN HIS SYSTEM! THAT’S AN OD! You’re proving you wouldn’t go by the evidence! You’re injecting your own opinions into it too! Proving the origional comment is correct!

    3. @Censored User They’re not my opinions, you ignorant little man, they are reasons given for his death in each of the two autopsies. Exactly how does that make your point

    4. @Zombobo Smith YEAH! SURE DOES! Asphyxiation! It doesn’t say “cop killed man” You’re the one ignorant here kid! Yiu obviously don’t know the first thing about how drugs effect your system!

    1. So the media is to blame for a policeman killing a man in front of witnesses? That’s what… Nevermind.

    2. @charles swearingen I didn’t say that at all. Not sure where you got that from. I’m talking about the current trial. Their coverage of it will amp up rage whether guilty or not.

    1. No stats? We all watched it happen, the murder is a matter of public record. We thank Steve Jobs for making sure everyone has a video camera in their pocket to capture police murders. A badge doesn’t mean you can strangle people to death as they beg for their lives.

  5. Brian does what the institution tells him to do, what the business model tells him to do. Sweet gig. He has a nice house. It’s located far from where any strife will take place.

    1. @Maria Poulos even if the jury finds officer Chauvan guilty of any charges, whats disturbing is you’re more sympathetic to a convicted felon who had habitual drug issues and could have killed any innocent person that day when he drove highly impaired. there are REAL innocent victims in this world who don’t ask for dramatic situations and violent crime to touch their lives. not this dude. he played with poison and lived dangerously every day. yet he has your compassion. i guess the rest of the human race is garbage to you

    2. @John Templeton First of all, no one should be able to take someone’s life in this manner and get away with it. I’m willing to listen to all the evidence. You are assuming a lot here. SMH.

    1. C J
      At least he or she is a clown. You probably still live in your parent’s basement.
      Left news is biased
      All lives matter
      There are still only two genders

    2. @China_Sickness Don’t reflect your pathetic life on me loser. And yes all lives matter dumass, which supports the statement “black lives matter”, now STFU!

  6. Did these “journalists” watch the video of Floyd getting arrested? He was whining about not being able to breath when he was still in the truck he was driving.

    1. So you are basically saying he would of died at that same time anyway even if dudes knee wasn’t applied to Floyd neck????

    2. @J Morris I can’t put handcuffs on them either. Nor can I stuff them in my car and take them to the police station.

    1. We’re tired of it. Period I’m a white person and I am not a racist but I am sick and tired of being pointed out and treated like an accused of being something I’m not. Do you want me to become a racist? Then keep doing it. Next time pick a better martyr

    1. @Ryan C then I guess Floyd is still alive and this whole thing never happened!!! Covid doesn’t exist!!!!! AND BIDEN ISN’T PRESIDENT!!!!!

    2. @Zombobo Smith have ever broken protocol? They tried to put him in the car, windows down and ac on. He was refusing. They could have just narcaned him and fixed the problem but that’s not protocol. They could have just let him go, but he was a career junky violent criminal

    3. @matts honey do service So he deserved to die for his crime?? A crime he was innocent until proven guilty of …… Does it not concern you that your law enforcement officers have a propensity for ending simple interactions with the public with a dead body

    4. @Zombobo Smith did I ever say he deserved to die? No! But he killed himself with his choice to do drugs. The training should be held accountable!

    5. @matts honey do service That’s just nonsense. If you’re an alcoholic you’re not pre agreeing that if you get arrested and choke on your own vomit in the cells, nobody should blame the custody sergeant for not paying attention, it’s all your fault for being an alcoholic.
      As for, “he killed himself, “, you have a strange idea of suicide. When Chauvin started interacting with Floyd, as a police officer, he assumed responsibility for what happened to him under his care. I certainly think finding out what happened and Chauvin’s role and responsibility in it, is the court’s

    1. @Eric Svoboda no matter the kneeling on the neck was depraved indifference and murder. The officer had no need to kneel on Floyd’s neck. But I see all the angry white boys are out. The police were called for no reason. And on audio Floyd did not sound like he was passing out already and if what you are trying to allude to is ‘correct’ then there would have been no reason to get rough with him in the first place. You can’t even spell so you never read the autopsy report. It’s Percocet, which is doctor prescribed, but you act like he was tripping out on acid or amphetamine. You are just looking for an excuse, so you can stop trying to sound like you know it all and are so smart. You’re not. Don’t try to snap back at me, I’ve been in the pharma and medical field and have also gone through criminal justice courses. I’ve read more cases than you’ve ever thought of in your life.

    2. @King Salmon sorry to tell you but it was the fetanyl that killed George Floyd…this is why you stay away from drugs

    3. @Eric Svoboda so then why hold him down by the neck for 9 minutes if he was so dopey – 4 healthy young cops couldn’t control him otherwise- please Chavin was sure he could get away with this. I fear some how he will.

    4. @Cheri Remily I agree with you but you kinda sound like “Percs” aren’t available on the street. Yes you need a prescription for Percocet, but we all know there a doctors who prescribe them too easily & some get sold illegally.

  7. It’s obvious that anything less than dragging him to the town square and executing him immediately after the trial will be met with hysteria and claims of injustice.

    1. That’s not true and you know it. If he gets 25+ life with no chance of parole. That’s justice. Killing isn’t going to solve anything.

    2. @mg19cal your kid won’t deserve a fair trial just like you don’t think the officer does. How’d ya get so stupid.

    3. @Duramax Dad so chanting hang Mike Pence and swinging boards with nails at the end of them at Capitol Police is considered “peaceful” nowadays?

  8. ‘Those hand cuffs are too tight. Better take them off or I am going to sue you”….”I know you told me not to struggle but I want to get away and that is the only way I know how. Wait till my lawyer get you on the stand”. You see where this is leading too, right?

    1. @playablue literally 10 were unarmed and always attacking or running.

      When a cop says stop moving, guess what you stop moving and put your hands in the air

    2. @Cruiser420 T_T no
      That doesnt compute shooting anyone in the back unarmed or sticking their knee in the blowhole of a cuffed perp

      Get help

    3. @playablue Funny how the numbers do not show that….but being racist I guess you have to believe that. Only blacks…SMH

  9. Derek Chauvin Trial Is About More Than George Floyd’s Death…. Yes it’s about dividing the population for the sake of power, we get it pretty well.

    1. “dividing the population”?!?!

      Seriously?!? Are you that sick, that blind,deaf and dumb of a person that the trial of a cop kneeling on the neck of a man for 8 minutes and 46 seconds until he died ON VIDEO no less is considered divisive???

    2. @DaBoogieMonstah Btw the cops literally pressed his torso suffocating Timpa for 13 minutes, why aren’t you as concerned about that case?

    3. @W Bush do you REALLY not know that party platforms switched in the 60’s or is that whole “Democrats started the kkk” thing your way of thumbing your nose at reality? I know right wingers don’t do well with facts and information but it really does make you sound idiotic that you are trotting out that tired point about what the Democratic party used to be when you could Do a quick internet search and learn something.

    4. @Name Here who says I’m not? But the video is about Derek Chauvin killing George Floyd on camera. Why would I bring up something that has no relevance to the video I’m commenting on

    5. @DaBoogieMonstah It has all the relevance and more. Timpa was killed by the police 4 years earlier, they even mocked him as they did it, the city covered up the police cameras from public knowledge, and the worst part is Timpa actually called the police because he was a schizophrenic having an attack and that was the end result 13 minutes later. But I see you don’t care because the media hasn’t made it into a cause. They didn’t deem him valuable enough for the macabre circus they have made this all into now.

    1. @Constituent A Oh, that changes everything! Totally fine to break into people’s homes and commit armed robberies as long as nobody in the house is pregnant.

    2. @Marcus Tullius Cicero Oh, yes, let’s just overlook the fact that you add fictitious details to an offense that took place thirteen years ago to try to enhance disparagement of the murder victim.

    3. @Constituent A Oh, yes, let’s overlook the fact that criminal Floyd had lethal amount of drugs in his system, was saying “I can’t breathe” before anyone touched his neck and proclaim him a murder victim anyway.

  10. Remember the doctor said “if they found this body in his room, they would of assumed he died of overdose”

    1. @Demon 2k I’m not sure what you mean. But yes lots of states counted anyone who tested positive for covid and then died regardless of the actual cause of death as a covid death.

    2. @joe joe A Fire fighter& the Chief of police is testifying on him he getting 20 years plus his lawyer sucks

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