Chauvin Jury Hears From 911 Operator Who Saw Floyd Arrest | The 11th Hour | MSNBC 1

Chauvin Jury Hears From 911 Operator Who Saw Floyd Arrest | The 11th Hour | MSNBC


After opening statements, the jury in the Derek Chavin case heard from the 911 dispatcher who watched the George Floyd arrest on a camera feed and was alarmed at what she saw. MSNBC's Brian Williams speaks to Ali Velshi and Melissa Murray. Aired on 03/30/2021.
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Chauvin Jury Hears From 911 Operator Who Saw Floyd Arrest | The 11th Hour | MSNBC


  1. Defense is going to remind the jury that Floyd was 6’3″ and 230lb and scary, like 10000 times.

    1. @Can’t argue with stupid he had meth in his system cooool, but what does that have to do with him having a knee pressed on his neck while in cuffs ?? I’m confused lol

  2. So she could of sent a field sergeant or divison commander to assist in removing a knee from decedents neck ? Huh . . .

  3. Well let’s ask what offense did Floyd have that made them want to go after him in the first place…..

    1. He used the funny $20 bill I hate to tell you some of those twenties are so good you can’t tell an expert said he may have never even known it was a fake 20

    2. An 18 year old store clerk sold Floyd and two companions a pack of cigarettes , which was purchased with a $20 bill and change given. Then the 18 year old store clerk decided that the bill was counterfeit, and followed the three people to Floyd’s vehicle and told him the bill was counterfeit and that he wanted the cigarettes and change back, or some other form of payment for the cigarettes. Floyd refused. The 18 year old store clerk called the police. One of the responding officers has said through his attorney that he never saw the bill. The officers went to the vehicle, which was still parked across the side street some 20 minutes after the transaction, and banged on the window with an unholstered pistol before they opened the drivers’ side door and yanked Floyd out of the car and cuffed him. No record of them sending the bill to the Treasury Dept. for confirmation of authenticity or not. So basically, he was arrested for buying a pack of cigarettes.

    3. @Constituent A seems a little fishy bc if that was the case why did he resist so much? And why did he have fentanyl in his mouth?

    4. @Zach Drabek They had him sitting on the sidewalk against a building, handcuffed and unattended, for several minutes. If he was “resisting”, he’d have gotten up and run away then. He didn’t have anything in his mouth.

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    1. @Jason Dixon

      You must feel better saying that, don’t you? I bet you’ve never set foot in China. This is just your sick imagination just to make yourself feel better about your own race. It’s ashamed you have to do that.

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  7. Will the Lawyer mention that Chauvin knew George Floyd from working at the bar , they knew each other..

    1. They definitely worked at the same club, though usually on different nights. Don’t know that it has ever been shown that they actually knew one another.

  8. Chauvin had plenty of time to simply put handcuffs on Floyd, stand him up, put him in the car. While other cops stood there!

    1. @Jason Dixon that’s fine and all but unless he was spitting at the officers or something there was no reason for a HANDCUFFED man to be on his stomach with a knee on his neck. He was not a threat at that moment

  9. For the life of me I can’t think why that cop thought it was a good idea to do this for 9 minutes! The man was already subdued!

    1. While I believe it was an overdose. Nawww, the cop should have done it different. And we definitely need to change how we police.

    2. @Jason Dixon exactly, like dude he’s already in cuffs chill tf out lol . Dude act like he was gonna break out of cuffs and hurt one of them. Now look lol

  10. There is no evidence Floyds airflow was restricted? We have images of a knee on his neck. I am unsure what the level of knowledge they have of human anatomy but I’d say that would restrict airflow.

  11. Other contributing factors like if you’re having a “bad day”, you can go out murder people according to the defense lawyer?

  12. The images really paint a picture, the way he’s sitting there with his hands in his pockets while he’s on Floyd’s neck, like it is nothing at all while the guy is there pleading for his life.

    1. you should see the clip of Floyd saying he cant breathe while sitting in the car.. its not in the highlight clip tho you will have to watch the whole thing for it

  13. I’ve done this many times, too many times, following a the “murder” of an African American by the police. And even when there’s empirical evidence to support the accusation of a capital crime there’s no conviction. it’s emotional and exhausting, I hope for the sake of this country that Chauvin goes to prison for a very long time.

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