'We Know That These Masks Work': Absent New OSHA Rules, CDC Stresses Masks At Work | Rachel Maddow 1

‘We Know That These Masks Work’: Absent New OSHA Rules, CDC Stresses Masks At Work | Rachel Maddow


CDC Director Dr. Rochelle Walensky, while not able to speak about pending new OSHA standards for Covid mitigation in the workplace, emphasizes that masks are effective and encouraged by the CDC. Aired on 03/30/2021.
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'We Know That These Masks Work': Absent New OSHA Rules, CDC Stresses Masks At Work | Rachel Maddow


    1. @kchilz32 Oh and btw, Sherlock Holmes was a detective, and we ain’t solving a murder here – a better insult would have been “Einstein”

    2. @Rusty Key Late night comedy hosts take real news from demonstrably reliable sources and filter it through a comedic lens. They’re a news supplement, not the main course. Right wing pundits, on the other hand, are by and large fear mongering, propaganda spewing, culture war vultures without an ounce of integrity in their bodies, and they have been since Rush Limbaugh and Rupert Murdoch hit the scene

    3. @Democrats are racist Yeah, the party that brought a black man to the White House is racist, but the party who’s last president ran on the platform of “build a giant wall to keep the Mexicans out”? A bastion of racial tolerance – that’s why he was twice endorsed by David Duke and the KKK

    1. Two bi*ches not wearing masks at work talking about how everyone should be wearing masks at work

    2. @Jeremy Wilsom Or worn during every flu season? That is a dependable measurement of the validity of this garbage – were the measurements being shoved down our throats now used PRIOR to covid and what was the outcome.

    3. @Boo ,

      Face masks are a psychological reminder of the fear propaganda,

      which, without a visual reinforcement to perpetuate it, would fade quickly.

      Without Fear, they have very little control over thinking people.

  1. Try working in a hot humid factory with a mask on for 8+hrs, also with the fans off because that “spreads” the virus. And get back at me.

    1. @Timothy Walsh It shouldn’t, I do my part, I pay my taxes, I don’t commit crimes, I’m a net positive for society overall. You haven’t earned my good side, for everyone else, I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt.

    2. @Bethany We’re allowed to disagree are we not? Ok the big strong man will bend to your soft body, you happy?

    3. @Jose de Jesus Ochoa Fresh masks, changed often, air conditioned rooms, not physical labour, clean rooms, no deep breathing required, etc.
      it’s not the same so stop spreading lies.

    1. @sunburst strat Trump handled it just fine. The minimum number of deaths predicted was 200k, with a maximum in the millions. When he left office, we were still only at ~300k. Trump tried to help democrat states like New York, but in order to avoid swallowing their pride and accepting his help, they went directly against the advice of medical experts and healthcare workers and put Covid-positive patients amongst our most vulnerable in nursing homes, leading to tens of thousands of preventable deaths. If you want to blame someone for bungling their Covid response, blame Cuomo, Whitmer, Wolf, and all the other democrat governors who joined the genocide club.

    2. @Kyle Gross The phenomena you are describing is called Pareidolia. You are looking for examples that verify what you think you already know and so you find them in every small detail no matter how much you have to stretch to come to that conclusion.

      In essence you want this conspiracy to be true so you find what you are looking for in every detail.

    3. @Chris Chris There it it is right there …finally a commentator with some intelligence. These people need to believe this lie other wise all the sordid details of the Trump presidency that made it painfully obvious he was unfit to the rest of us are literally the only thing Trump was good for…and that would mean that they were deceived. To them it is the same existential crisis as learning the Christ was just a myth. It destroys their fragile little egos.

    4. @Jack Mehoff I don’t believe in a conspiracy lmao. What I do believe is that when presented with an unplanned opportunity for such power, they will capitalize on it. It has happened time and time again throughout history. And it’s not just one example, there’s tons of bureaucrats doing it. Ppl aren’t going to take some virus seriously if the “leaders” don’t take it seriously. But it’s good to see more and more ppl leave this nonsense in the past. Virus or no virus ppl are starting to live like normal human beings are meant to.

    1. it appears more like fear monger to increase the likelihood of passing a $3 Trillion tax plan. the more shutdown we are the more desire to approve the tax and new green project stimulus.

    2. I’m sure Rachael Maddow just “loves” the idea of her following the same standards she wants to push on us through OSHA. I’m sure she will “gladly” comply too, just like Pelosi and others.

    3. And as a visible and only ‘evident’ symbol that a problem even exists – because other than that it’s life as normal out there.

  2. I remember when the CDC actually had some weight behind it and it meant something when they spoke.Nowadays they are largely ignored and ridiculed.

    1. It seems like several government agencies are really unreliable…..you can’t really trust any. They are all bought off….just like the fake election….

    2. Yes, BUT it’s important to find authorities you CAN trust, so what I get from this interview is that it’s worth looking further at if OSHA comes into that category

    1. @Jay Taka illegal immigrants are much more important than the inner city kids that dont get any kind of an education. Let’s not try to help the minority neighborhoods. They all got thrown under a bus. And I like the way they dangled th $15 min wage as if they were serious.

    2. @Richgoldman Eng that may be plausible if he hadn’t used Obama alumni to run this administration. Not their 1st rodeo.

    1. No but they probably killed other people they’re too thick in the head to understand you wear masks for other people’s benefit

    2. @Tommie Brown Only 6% actually died from Covid-19 according to the CDC. Do you realize that 10 Million people fell ill from Tuberculosis last year year and 1.4 million died. Where was the shutdown of the country over that?

    3. @robert valli yea, whats your point, thousands of people who have worn a mask every day have died. You’ve go 1 example and maybe a 100 or so of people who are confirmed non mask wearers who died. everyone else was a good little sheep giving up their constitutional rights to satisfy the fear mongers need for control and dominance over the people of not just this country but the entire world.

    1. @Mark Spencer 600000 deaths compared to fewer than 60000 “flu deaths” a year. I’m sure you’re willing to spend 5x longer waiting in an airport because 3k people died in 2001 though.

    2. But OSHA can be sued if they lie & make legislation contrary to the genuine science, hence why they’re not willing to do it

    3. @nafaidni ,

      Yeah, exactly.
      That’s the type of propaganda that I’ve been talking about.
      You’ve been brainwashed by inflated figures.

      Hey … to help you understand it better;
      look at it in the reverse.

      The Biden administration is saying that the “challenge” at the border, is how to deal with a few dozen people.

    4. @Mark Spencer Really freaky how all those excess deaths over time also coincided with periods of high infection rates in pretty much every state. The Democrat hoax committee must have been hard at work timing its murders of people with pre-existing conditons to match epidemiology.

    5. @nafaidni ,
      Have you considered the marked reduction of Flu cases and related deaths during the same period?
      Are you unaware of the trend in hospitals world-wide, to label the Cause of Death as COVID, in a broadened range of deaths, driven in part, by emergency funds “earned” by hospitals for COVID related deaths?
      Have you thought to ask where the corpses were taken, stored, and buried, in cities that reported 10s of thousands of COVID deaths?
      If the COVID death statistics were true, do you realize that ALL of the cemeteries would be filled to capacity? Do you realize that funeral homes did not see the numbers of corpses that would have resulted?
      Do you also realize, that the cemeteries, are NOT full, nor did they experience unusual levels of activity during the peaks of the pandemic?
      I believe that you will be surprised, when investigative reporters get around to compiling the actual numbers, and correlating these with tax returns, and business records, not to mention, lists of actual names and addresses. We do live in a computer age, and the data is rather easy to compile today.
      But of course, you will simply dismiss those future reports, in the same manner as you reject any data that does not support your views today.

  3. she is so eight, make sure you double up on mass. wear it before going into a restaurant especially. once you sit down, you can take it off. The effects of wearing it to be seated will last for the duration of the meal. you dont have to wear it again to leave the restaurant however.

    1. ‘It’s only 15 people, soon it will zero.’ – ‘It’ll be gone by easter’ – ‘inject bleach’ – ‘Hydroxy-chloraquine’
      Yeah, you people are idiots.

  4. I’m not wearing a mask anymore unless a business I walk into requests it. Otherwise, it stays in my pocket. I’m tired of wearing a mask

    1. ug! pocket maskers really get to me! At least put it into a ziplock bag please! All your doing is getting covid onto your hands & spreading it everywhere! This is why forcing people to wear them causes so many problems!

    2. @Mr. S Even that isn’t really enforceable, as it is not a law. People just oblige because it’s so a non-issue noone cares, not since the 60’s anyway

    1. @sunburst strat ” Paranoid trumpists” …. As you live your life in complete fear of the virus, because the media told you to.

    2. I think we’re all seeing the numbers and hearing the flip flopping of Fauci. How does Trump play into our thinking? He’s not a doctor and doesn’t work with diseases. Fauci was his main source of info for the longest time.
      The world isn’t round btw. It’s pear shaped if you believe the mainstream narrative with zero photos proving it.

    3. @Mr Pickles As you life your life? Live your life, I’m assuming?û it’s not very different from the average flu season. It attacks people worse who have previous underlying issues.

    4. @jmorrow6406 It did, then they started fudging numbers by increasing the PCR threshold cycles. Now as soon as Xiden got elected they reduced the threshold cycles which is why they’re detecting less cases.

  5. Last week a female employee at my Kroger was sick and tested positive. She got several other employees sick and guess what? Yup, they all had their masks on. Real effective ! We are now down 2 departments because they are all sick and at home on quarantine! They had their masks on so according to these freaking idiots they shouldn’t be sick !

    1. @MrChiangching There is no requirement to wear N95 masks, they want you to cover you face. Because the cloth will magically protect everyone from covid, just like covid magically avoids supermarkets and essential businesses like amazon and walmart. While it infests with reckless abandon a gym.

      And magically it doesn’t affect the majors who skirt their own lockdown policies, or movie studios, or you know big business, they’re immune to the virus, for some reason only we peons get affected. That’s a pretty smart virus, I tell u whut.

    2. yup, sadly typical, especially with the new variants. We’ve got a new outbreak in Australia right now (after previous elimination country wide). A doctor got infected by a patient with covid in a covid ward. He followed all protocols, including full PPE, it did nothing! We’ve now found a nurse in that same ward was also infected with B117 from the same patient, again in full, professional PPE.

      This is just the latest case, we & NZ have had this happen nearly a dozen times now where a professional in a professionally run quarantine facility has been infected & there’s been a desire to blame the victim, to claim they didn’t wear their n95 correctly or similar, but the last few have had full CCTV footage available & they have watched days worth of footage & confirmed NO BREACHES! The n95’s were fit tested, on & not touched the entire shift while the people were on the same floor as the infected people.

      There is no question whatsoever that this virus can go straight through even N95’s! Stop victim blaming & develop strategies that actually work to stop spread!

    3. @Curt D come on, if they do that study it will have NOTHING to do with immune systems! It will have to do with protest attendance!

    4. @MrChiangching Well saying it doesn’t protect you from Covid-19 pretty much says it all. They’re not even saying 1%. Kind of defeats the purpose of you even wearing it. But hey if it makes you feel safer more power to ya.

  6. “We know these masks work” reminds me of my city councilwoman telling me that fluoride ‘is for the teeth’. Yep, and a noose is for the neck.

    1. Fluoride helps with cavities I believe, but imo should only be used at doctors offices, no need for it every day

  7. If a secret camera crew followed this broad around, I bet we’d find her, her friends, all hanging out at a restaurant, without masks or social distancing. But that’s ok, the rules are for the common folk

    1. The rules were always going to change, more and more we see politicians, the rich and powerful , actors all going about life inflicting their will apon the simple minded subjects. When they don’t even fallow their own stupid guidlines..

    2. and that’s why your country’s such a mess! You won’t find that with officials in any country that’s been successful in fighting covid

    1. We know this isn’t real news. Anyone who isn’t gullible knows this is the lady who fake cried about kids in cages. No tears now under Joe Biden though even though more kids are in cages.

    1. @Ryan Smith Yup a sheep that’s alive and well and a 6 figure bank account to relax on if things do go bad, buddy.

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