DeSantis Challenger Fried: Florida Gov. Has Handcuffed Authorities In COVID Fight 1

DeSantis Challenger Fried: Florida Gov. Has Handcuffed Authorities In COVID Fight

As New York's governor urges businesses to turn away unvaccinated customers, Florida’s governor is barring schools from mandating that children wear masks. This comes as the Sunshine State is grappling with a surge in cases and hospitalized COVID patients. Nikki Fried, Florida's Commissioner of Agriculture and Consumer Services, and who is running against incumbent Ron DeSantis for governor, joins The ReidOut to discuss.
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  1. “DeSantis Challenger Fried” – At first glance I thought he went Putin on her and literally fried a political opponent.

    1. @Melanie Linkous ?? … Are you serious or just playing dumb? That’s a flat out lie, not even close

  2. I have all the proof that I need after the last year and a half, that his motto should be, “If you are against covid, you are against me.”

    1. One side is burning books, imprisoning political dissidents, and now demanding you show them your papers. They call themselves the good guys.

    2. @Lee Smith Wait,who wants to stop teaching actual true accurate history ? Who hides the fact they are ALL vaccinated to their followers/viewers .Who says they believe the VARES numbers that require ZERO proof and have ZERO fact checking but insist the covid deaths are made up or exaggerated .You know who actually does “require” you to show papers ,,”FOX” .I could go on but I Fear it would be too much for you to handle in one sitting.

    3. @Lee Smith are you some freedom fighter, are you Nelson Mandela ?
      Yours ignorance costing lives while yours delusions are beyond ridiculous.
      You watched too many “fight for freedom” and spy movies, oh sorry I forgot you people hate Hollywood.
      Against everything and for nothing, enjoy in yours full of hate and anger life and by the way yes Joe Biden did win free and fair election so go on hide yourself behind lies as a true coward who can’t admit reality because lies sound better and they are amazing place for hide

  3. Nikki Fried. A joke . She wins the Agriculture Sec position by 7000 votes by getting the stoners off the couch by promising legal weed. And now she thinks she can be Governor. Sure

    1. @Hugh Jass But if he knew anything about that science at ALL he’d know it wasn’t even remotely possible to scale it, so it wasn’t relevant to the discussion because he’s a buffoon

    2. @Linda G Smith I think that’s a real thing…might as well give it a try since the vaxx isn’t working out that well

    3. @david bouy Wow our president wasn’t a science major? Who would’ve thought?
      Good thing we have ol Joe sharp as a tack Biden
      Lol Post Trump Stress Disorder much?

    4. @Studenheim Edwards he’s like I’m just gonna casually float this idea while people are dying, like it’s some logistics issue within a hotel lobby. Hilarious stupidity.


  5. “Is he basing this on some science” Yes, he is! He is basing his actions and recommendations on POLITICAL SCIENCE! He does not care who he kills as long as he keeps power. Next week he will be saying the rising numbers in FL are Biden’s fault.

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