McCarthy Joking ‘It Would Be Hard Not To Hit' Pelosi Meant To Incite Base Says Rep. Ryan 1

McCarthy Joking ‘It Would Be Hard Not To Hit’ Pelosi Meant To Incite Base Says Rep. Ryan

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy joking ‘it would be hard not to hit' Speaker Nancy Pelosi with a gavel is slammed by Rep. Tim Ryan who tells The ReidOut the GOP is, ‘searching for issues to try to incite their base.
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  1. Pathetic whom we have as representatives. I cry for my country that my family fought for in past wars.

    1. @Charles A Smith it was funny Pelosi is corrupt why do people like Voting for the same people over and over again, she’s been in office for over 30 years!!

    2. @smeds pets You’re posting everywhere that it was just a joke. Might I ask why, if it’s no big deal ? What is it to you ?

  2. Such a miserable act to instigate violence against any human been Mr McCarthy that’s a very low way to get to be accepted in your circle of followers Not funny at all Disgusting act

    1. @The True Wisehole you can’t tell the way he said it was a joke. And may not have been a good joke or a super funny joke but it definitely was a joke

    2. @smeds pets Not a joke and not a threat. He is merely saying out loud what his lowlife peers are thinking. He is appealing to the reupliKKKlan thugs. It’s not a threat because he would never do it. He just like to make empty threats against women. Do you get it now?

    1. The person or group harmed by a criminal act has to be willing to do something about it; they are the only ones who have legal standing. Pelosi won’t do anything.

    2. I heard their massing and army of turtles to throw hammers at the Congress building for next insurrection day.

    3. Trump happened. He turned all norms upside down. It’s disgusting the damage he did to our country and it’s even worse to find out how many Americans are despicable enough to agree with him and follow him around blindly.

    1. @Merrilou Neigenfind ….37th. Trump tried to fix that with school choice also. The awful school system is fixed. Horrible teachers can’t be fired and make 3x what private school teachers make. Ha!! The school unions still say they’re not going to return to work this fall because of this Covid nonsense. . America’s been hoodwinked!! A horrible scam.

    2. ​@Danial Hillmann Yeah, keep trying. That story will NEVER fly, no matter how desperate you are to make it so.

    1. Just when you think the repugnikkkan party couldn’t go any lower, Margery Tayler Greene say’s, ‘Hold my beer!’

  3. You know, saying whatever you want to say and then “It’s a joke” afterwards is textbook bullying, and we were taught how to stand up to that.

    1. @David R. Stone If you think your adorable little comment is changing any minds, you’re truly mistaken. You probably should do a lot less Fox watching and a lot more book learning, in a college, where you go to learn instead of receive the 6 times daily washing of the brain that Fox provides.

    2. @ynotttt You know just because you type a lot doesn’t mean anybody’s reading it. We’re certainly not. Nobody cares about the opinion of some nutjob conspiracy theorist who keeps trying to defend his cult leader’s recent attempt to overthrow the government. Literally nobody.

    3. @Elies How about textbook democracy making your party look like a bunch of snobbish crybaby terrorists who can’t sit down and stop crying once they’ve lost? Boo hoo indeed. I’d say the biggest “boo hoo” you could possibly make is the one where you attempt to overthrow the government that doesn’t give you your way.

      Little toddlers didn’t get their sippy cup and now they wanna try to overthrow the government. Enjoy federal prison, trumpets.

    4. @ynotttt I sincerely hope that you decide to seek the medical attention you so clearly need. It might help to stay off social media for a while, too.

  4. Getting his ignorant base of MAGA McVeigh wanna bees an excuse for violence McCarthy is a child in pjs pretending to be an adult politician. If he wasn’t so dangerous he would be funny/sad.

      All the radical leftist democrats at MSLSD (which is all of them) have passed out from Groper Cuomo’s damning special unbiased investigative report announced by NY Attorney General. Stay tuned to this channel—-after the 911 crews redemonize those passed out, we’ll continue our suppression of this story.

    1. @Swagman21 ..Trump has said many, many times that the vaccine he created is safe. It’s Trump’s opposition that said it wasn’t. Kamala Harris said she wouldn’t get inoculated because Trump produced it. She was 1st in line after the election. This is a fake news report AGAIN by CNN. They said the same thing about White Supremacist’s….that Trump didn’t denounce them. He did about 100x but they kept the fake mantra going. You can fit every white Supremacist in this country in a small high school football stadium. Your chance of meeting one is about the same as being eaten by a crocodile. It’s absurd stupidity.

      Trump is the reason a million more Americans aren’t dead. He didn’t just save America his vaccine is inoculating the world. If we didn’t have this fraudulent election he’d still have the Chinese in a chokehold. America has been hoodwinked!!!

      Let’s not forget it was Trump that told us 14 months ago that this virus was created in a lab. Social media went on to censor all posts of that fact. The nefarious media and Dems continued to claim it came from bats in a wet market. Total foolishness that cost millions of lives. They sided with the China Communist Party over Donald Trump. If the left would have supported Donald Trump’s plan we’d have half the deaths and 7 trillion dollars in our pockets. The action taken by Dem leaders was astonishing stupidity.

    2. So everyone not buying your libidiot ideas should be imprisoned? Sounds right from what we’ve heard for the last thirteen years. Good luck, stay safe, wear a mask.

    1. Usa soccer loss to Canada awesome ratings are down for a reason real Americans don’t wanna see the disrespect

    2. @Jerry Beloin That aint our “Real Football”…..but we love our Canadian Neighbors, they can have/deserve it.

      But good for you being anti-american……it shows.

    3. @Jackie Lemon keep laughing at the fact fauci is getting away with lying to buddy and democrats covering for China

  5. A party that thinks a player taking a knee at a game is treasonous yet thinks 1/6 was just a tourist visit. Who’s the real Americans?

  6. OUT OF ORDER is that how he treats his women in the family, one has to ask. No one should threaten verbally or otherwise any woman.

    1. Aye. He never became leader a year previously due to major rumours of infidelity with a gop colleague. They both denied it. However, another gop rep at the time publicly called out not voting for anyone with stuff under the carpet to stand down, he did. No respect for himself either, called out trump, then kissing his backside.

  7. The 3rd grade playground playbook the “elected” officials of a certain party is becoming tiresome and I’m being kind.

  8. I hope Tim Ryan wins his Senate bid. I really like his style and I think he’s a leader America needs in the Senate.

  9. When a man doesn’t concider the consequences of his words, the consequences will come back to haunt him.

    1. Hitting a women?? Big looser. That was not funny. He is a sick. nasty poor excuse for a man.

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