Why Rep. Cori Bush Has Been Sleeping On The Steps Of The Capitol

“I said when I ran for office that if there is anything that I could do to prevent other people—especially the people of St. Louis—from going through what I went through, all of those hardships, I would do it,” says Rep. Cori Bush. 
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  1. Good for Cori fighting for the poor and working Americans black and white when alot of other poloticans don’t

  2. End corporate bribes in politics. That’s the real reason even dems won’t fight for struggling Americans.

    1. @Canada Dry ya this getting insane what next they want 10X more hasnt the national debt gone up 3 times sence 2008 ?

    2. @Canada Dry no one said forever 🙄. Do you have 7-9 thousand dollars laying around? Housing is way overpriced. I’ve seen cracker boxes renting for $600 while not worth $175 and that’s pushing it. It all well and good so long as it’s not you.

    3. @BTM Its not the government’s job to stop people from getting evicted that is a violation of power. Maybe if Biden and his democrat homies would stop printing money then prices would not be so high from inflation. And maybe if states like California would not force laws onto people that make them have to be green forcing housing prices up. Then maybe the housing prices would not be so high. Its not our fault people did not pay their bills even though they got thousands of dollars of stimulus checks. Housing is only over priced because of democrat policies. And a lot of it is not actually over priced your just hearing that from the fake news media. If democrats did not tax landlords so much then maybe their prices would not be so high.

    4. @BTM why does that mean squatting in a private property? It’s already gone on too long and if left to the left it will go on forever.

    1. As do I. It’s aweful. The hunger, the violence, the drugs. And it’s almost impossible to get out of it. I remember trying to stay at a mission but got kicked out for smoking a cigarette…. Not in the place, outside.

  3. If only every Democrat in congress had her courage, stamina and integrity.
    I admire her so much.
    God bless you Cori Bush.

    1. U must be a bot ! This was announced June 26 why did she wait until Congress went on a six week vacation they go on this vacation every time at the same year for the last hundred years they knew this was coming and said nothing for a month. This is what happens when you hire children based on their gender and skin color like AOC who want from the bartender to Congress. You get phony’s like this. Ask her if u can sleep on her couch or are they doing a go fund me for renters ? Like they did when they bailed out people from jail who were throwing bricks at cops. Oh wait they got ur vote already, ur not needed just yet. Lol. Democrats started slavery Democrats started the KKK Democrats started the Jim Crow you urge people to tear down Confederate statues even though the democratic party was started by Confederate soldiers. That’s the best thing for us black ppl. If you cared you would’ve left the orange man. Who had black unemployment at its lowest ( ever ) now it’s the worst. ( thank you ) for looking out for us blacks ! All you so called allies cared about trump only. That’s why we don’t see any more white people or BLM rallies. Democrats will do or say anything for a bag of money

    2. @SkyLizardGirl What’s weird is that you live to antagonize. That’s why I made my content private so antagonistic trolls like you don’t leave hate-filled comments.

  4. How much money intended to help people pay for housing is sitting around tied up in red tape in the states? TONS! Why?

    1. They’ve built a gate around it and made it impossible to access.
      I didn’t need help before the pandemic and I can’t produce the litany of documents they demand to even apply for it.
      And how exactly is one supposed to prove an ABSENSE of income?
      It’s dumb. It doesn’t work. The WH needs to WAKE UP. States like Texas HATE their citizens. They won’t allow us to get help. And we can’t just move out or we would!
      Better to escape than be a political scapegoat, slave laborer for the prison system, or target practice for the state troopers. Or all of the above.

    2. @g person I have family and friends in Texas who need to navigate this quagmire as well. They’re too proud or stubborn to ask for help but I’m fairly certain they’re also at similar level of frustration as you. Do you have bank statements that can show no deposits maybe, or did you previously use check cashing services and the like?

  5. THIS is a REAL politician. Working FOR THE PEOPLE. Not for the corporate donors working to destroy America to enrich themselves.

    1. She doesn’t care for the small landlords, if she did, she would allow us to kick the tenants that work and use the moratorium to cheat on rent!

    1. In the words of Bob Marley: “Get up stand up for your RIGHTS don’t give up the fight”. CORI BUSH🔥

  6. God bless u, Congresswoman Bush; and very much appreciate ur diligence and commitment to this cause.

    1. @Todd Lamson Nope. Just another transparent right-wing troll, trying to dampen the spirits of progressives. And failing.

    1. This is all show. They knew weeks ago this was coming and did nothing. They also knew weeks ago they were going on vacation and this is nothing but theater. It’s unconstitutional regardless and they all know it and they think you are stupid. Most on here are proving them right.

  7. Biden dropped the ball on this one, Pelosi too…. Enjoy that buyer’s remorse. I don’t rock with Cori when it comes to her politics but she’s absolutely right and she’s the only one trying to do something about it.

    1. @JasonDrvmz Americans would not be in the situation they are in if Trump wasn’t such an incompetent buffoon. He put us 2 trillion in debt and that was before the pandemic. Then he ignored the pandemic and caused hundreds of thousands of deaths. Biden is not perfect but he’s not an incompetent fascist buffoon and wannabe dictator.

    2. @Friend Biden is an old senile puppet suffering from dementia, he’s not at the wheel. Now he’s causing all the inflation and responsible for millions of Americans that will be homeless over the coming months. It’s obvious what’s going on.

    1. How can this be happening!? Surely the Government needs to step in and do something!!? America needs more Coris’

  8. When millions of voters are about to be evicted, the leaders that maybe you voted for go on vacation. That’s how much value you are to them.

    1. And when the time comes to vote
      They will vote them in again

      Most the ones in office have voted against help for Americans while sending billions over seas to other countries

  9. Truly progressive taxation including corporations would solve this and myriad other problems. Unfettered, loophole-laden, runaway capitalism is the bane of human existence.

    1. So true. Higher taxes won’t change the richest peoples lives, you can only live so high on the hog, yet more help for the poor is life changing.

  10. Don’t talk to Rep. Bush like she’s basic, Chris. She knows exactly what time it is! 🕰⛺️

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