Fourth Officer Who Responded To Jan. 6 Riot Commits Suicide

Police in Washington have confirmed that a fourth officer who responded to the Capitol insurrection has now died from suicide. Meanwhile, a Trump ally on the Hill is still floating FBI conspiracy theories about January 6. The National Suicide Prevention Hotline is 800-273-8255.
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  1. Smells like a BullSh** story to me. Sounds like these officers knew to much so they were “suicided”…

    1. @whyso curious He said to protest peacefully and patriotically shortly after they cut the end of that speech off funny you leave that out.

    1. @Mr Pickles As a matter a fact I do. Those officers were viciously assaulted by their fellow citizens and then had to endure months of being called liars, pansies and traitors. They were even insulted by the very people whose lives they were fighting to protect. They might even have had loved ones who were so brain washed by right wing media that they didn’t believe their accounts of the day. But you think it’s more logical that they were murdered because they wouldn’t go along with some democratic conspiracy? Does that mean the other 1400 officers present that day were all willing to go along with the ‘lie’ or can we expect another 1400 faked suicides? So much more logical to think there is some covert democrat murder squad – sure. There is a reason that Democrats want an investigation of that day and the Republicans don’t. Everyone in Congress knows who is truly responsible for the attack.

    2. Bingo.
      This what you call a Cover up.
      When someone mentions conspiracy theories or propaganda. Usually is them doing it.

    1. @Mark the sad irony is that you can’t see this as another republican coverup. The evil of a republican knows no limits.

    2. Please….before you endorse a conspiracy, do some research. I’m not saying republicans aren’t capable of it; I’m just saying I’ve seen enough batspit crazy from the right, I don’t want to see it spread. It’s a slippery slope.

    1. @Johnny Tocino It really is. I’m also a former clinician, and this simply doesn’t add up. What happened on Jan 6 was mildly traumatic compared with numerous other incidents, including the BLM riots. People broke some windows. It was disgraceful, but the far bigger disgrace is how the media & certain give officials have tried to turn it into something it patently was not, for political gain.

      Have you ever seen videos from inside the Capitol that day, of grandmothers taking selfies or guards chatting politely with civilians/protestors? It was a LOT more calm & friendly inside than you were led to believe.

      So no, that kind of event does not cause PTSD leading to suicide. But what could cause that is being hounded by higher ups (or even peers) to falsify the story, and being threatened for failing to do so. That said, I severely doubt these men actually killed themselves.

      Never forget Officer Sicknick didn’t die from injuries sustained at the Capitol. They ALL lied to us about that, and media outlets quietly rescinded the story weeks later. The poster child for the so called “violent insurrection” died from an unrelated heart condition. **They lie that way all the time bc they know once enough people believe the lie, the truth gets lost in the emotions.** Don’t take the divisive bait, think for yourself.

    2. @Juan Martell Great points, but consider they DO tell us the conflicting narratives. But they paint them as not only false, but “dangerous” and related to psychotic delusions. So when when people start thinking for themselves & doing their own research, they face intense cognitive dissonance of realizing there’s more validity it the “conspiracy theories” than to the official narratives…”but that can’t be true, bc I’m not a crazy person” (or whatever other undesirable traits we’ve been conditioned to associate with what’s closer to the truth). It’s a very clever psychological operation on all of humankind, and it’s been happening for a long, long time. Make people fear the truth or associate it with all we fear or dislike…and they’ll eat up the lies.

      “When everything the American public believes is false, we will know our disinformation campaign is complete.” -Fmr CIA Director William Colby, 1980s.

      If you’re new here, the rabbit holes go deep, my friend. Trust your inner guidance, especially if you have faith. Let go of the ego to accept we all got played for fools by an apparatus far bigger than we yet know. *The ego will beg you to dismiss your rational deductive reasoning skills & intuitive mind bc it doesn’t want to know how pervasive the lies really are.* I’ve been there. Denial is comforting, temporarily…but truths set us free. When we drop our pride, we see more clearly. 💙🕊

    3. Yes, you are correct. Thousands of police officers go through far more traumatic events than this without killing them selves. Ive seen the video of officers frantically ushering people into the capitol building. I strongly believe this was a staged event and that these “suicides” are “plugging leaks”.

    4. @Juan Martell Ahh, good…you already know. As a fellow clinician, isn’t it fascinating how we’re living in times where the majority of the population could be considered mildly “psychotic” bc they adamantly believe what is objectively false? Shared (fostered) delusions became media driven consensus reality. I left the profession (for direct care) when it dawned on me that a lot of the DSM criteria are actually symptoms of an awakening consciousness (ie, spiritual evolution).

      We pathologize people’s growth and chemically prevent them from working through their symptoms. The whole psychiatric system is so very sick and upside down. Still, though, people are waking up and using their minds, breaking through those barriers of fear. Beauty in the thorns.

    1. or someone should tell the fbi, 4 hung themselves in jail cells while guards are browsing the internet would have been more believable

    1. @Ddair Sunset It has never, ever been minorities against whites. It has always been all of us against the elites.
      They want us all dead, but they weren’t as open about it before.
      I don’t disagree with you. We park our cars in the same garage.

    2. They’ve been killing people out in the open for years.
      But half the people believe whatever the media tell them, and they spend a huge amount of time and effort trying to discredit the other half.
      This includes the jan 6 enquiry/pantomime and the people they will suicide to maintain the narrative.

    3. @Heather
      Heather I feel so very sorry for you.
      I truly do.
      You sound as if you’ve no hope for the future. No joy. Just dispare.
      I hope you can gather your spirit and courage and work to make this a better world through peace and kindness to others.
      You’d be surprised at how good that feels when you do that.

    4. @Kathleen Geldart Actually, Kathleen, I’m quite angry about being killed for political points. Not “full of despair”… ANGRY.

  2. If I was a officer who responded that day I would be hiring some body guards. Someone is cleaning house.

    1. Pelosi: “Do you have the body cam footage?”
      Officer: “We’ve got it, ma’am!”
      Pelosi: “Good, that’s one less loose end…”

    2. @gnr forever Yeah, they helped plan it that’s why they went under the microscope as witnesses because it’s a St Louis double turnaround, right?

    1. @Hello There They would have no reason to be traumatized as on this very site you can find a 4 hour supercut of nothing but cops starting fights and escalating fights during the summer riots.

      Everything from aiming rubber bullets directly at people’s faces, (this is not how they’re used, and makes them lethal.) to beating handcuffed people in their custody.

      Even with present journalists and senators.

      Why would they need to be traumatized?

      Meanwhile capital police were literally dragged and beaten with their own weapons by people that “Back the Blue.”

    1. @Heather Yet not one of MAGAts conspiracies have been proven true in over 4 years and you still believe QAnonsense? 🤣. It wasn’t Antifaaaaa or Lying Trump didn’t win, there was no Kraken released. And BTW Biden will still be President next month.🤡

    2. @Jay 4You Who mentioned Q?
      I’m old enough to remember when Hillary Clinton paying for the Russia dossier was a “conspiracy theory”.
      Now undisputed truth.

    1. you mean having to fight american traitors for 7 hours which both physically and mentally breaks you does not make sense?

    2. @therandomchannel also watching half your government, and half the citizens of this your own country, gaslight you by saying it didn’t happen or was just a tourist outing.

    3. Bro just say the aliens are killing them, or space lasers are targeting them. You can also say the earth is flat, we didn’t go to the moon, there are aliens in area51, what did i miss? I dont even know why i bother…People that think the way you do are so far gone that no amount of help can save them.

    4. Sure that’s plausible. But when it’s more than one officer you have to ask questions. Not even MSNBC could do that. If you’re not asking questions about anything government in today’s society then it’s time to wake up.

    1. you people have the same empathy as bacterias. You dont have any idea of how history treats people like you, you will be remembered as villains.

    1. @AND1THEONE Bill Barr is buddies with those three? Then why did our President Trump put him in his position? Is Barr so good that he fooled Trump?? Oh mannnnn

    2. @rev. reality Yes, they gave speeches along with Donald urging them to march on the Capitol and take back the election.

    3. @Randall Flag So you’re saying the Dems killed their own star witnesses? Why would they do that?

  3. So how many officers committed suicide after a year straight of being berated, having projectiles thrown at them, and having their bosses “throw them under the bus” during the BLM riots of the last year? We’re supposed to believe that 4 of them killed themselves over a few hours of riots like this? Something doesn’t add up.

    1. This wasn’t a regular riot. Those cops weren’t being dragged through the mud, like these guys are. Saying they “let everyone in” smh. BLM protestors AND rioters were marching for a good fkn reason. Not because they lost at something, and threw a tantrum. Nice try.

    2. Yep. The border patrol suicide rate has spiked and now tops %30 higher than REAL police, not Mall Cops at the Capital. Democrats created the riots by cheating and they created the border CRISIS. Hypocrats are the root of all death and chaos!

  4. So after talking about the officers that “committed suicide” they talk about the fbi that was aware? Hmmm doesn’t sound like those cops was going to come forward and explain what really happened and they we’re hits 🙄

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