DeSantis sends 50 undocumented immigrants to Martha’s Vineyard | USA TODAY


    1. @Frontierland Frank What are you talking about? She sent them to where they could get help. When you get little or no notice poor people are coming you do what you can. Suburban churches have more resources.

  1. The median home price in Martha’s Vineyard is $699,000. They should be able to afford the 50 people that were sent.

  2. So do they get communication when they enter into the border.. People go outside and see these people killing their cattle for food.. You have to carry some of the weight as well.. Everybody has to carry the weight if I’ll country is allowing this to happen

    1. I’ve had my last vacation on MV and probably Nantucket too. It will spread over there. I hate that people are being used this way but they did choose to come here illegally.

  3. That’s great that Martha’sV wants to help carry the burden of issues, from states overwhelmed w/illegal and legal immigrants!

    1. @William Reese Imagine saying DeSantis is bumming around while Florida is one of if not the most prosperous state in the country and has some of the lowest crime rates in its big cities. Look up how safe Miami is compared to oh I dont know just a few liberal run places like… Chicago, Baltimore, Detroit, LA, New York, Seattle, Portland, Las Vegas, New Haven, Providence, Boston.

    2. @William Reese Yeah maybe we should look to a great state like California as our model. Newsome is doing a spectacular job 🤡

  4. I don’t think he is using this as a political stunt, the only time I’ve heard of these flights are when the local officials react to them. Most of these flights were done at night right?

  5. “Maybe if we soften the wording with ‘undocumented immigrants’, we can pretend we’re outraged at Republicans over our own sanctuary policies.” – Liberals

    1. @Ralph Malph
      According to the overwhelming consensus from the residents of those states,..they have explicitly expressed their preference to keep their population where it is at,…citing the lack of overcrowding to be one of the perks of living in the states.

      The wealthy and dense population-loving and migrant loving Democrats of Martha’s Vineyard have expressed a desire to take in the planet’s asylum seeking migrants and all migrants.

      You’re not suggesting they just meant only everyone else are you ?

  6. They do need to be more evenly disbursed, and what better place than a sanctuary city to keep them safe. Texas and Florida have done way more than their share, it’s about time they go to MA

  7. Just 50? They should be sending 100,000 there everyday, to make them so compassionate and understanding.

  8. Awesome well done Martha’s Vineyard. Now it’s Texas and Arizonas turn to give the Vineyard an opportunity to “give back” and “do their fair share” to help with the administrations border crisis.

  9. I’m glad they were met with compassion. Let’s send some more because we need help caring for all these people and these folks at Martha’s Vinyard seem poised to accept more….compassionately 😉

  10. Ron DeSantis is helping to spread diversity to undeserved communities. Martha’s Vineyard is in dire need of diversity.

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