'Desperate' rescue efforts ongoing as Indonesia quake kills dozens 1

‘Desperate’ rescue efforts ongoing as Indonesia quake kills dozens


At least 67 people have died and hundreds have been injured after a 6.2-magnitude earthquake hit Indonesia's Sulawesi island on June 15, according to the head of the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent societies in Indonesia.

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    1. Imagine if this happened in America right now they’d say sorry hospitals are full of covid patients there is no space. Crazy times we are living in.

    2. Currently there are a pretty huge landslide, earthquake, volcanic eruption, major floodings, airplane crash, and on top of that, pandemic. All in January. Only God knows what will happened next. Getting hit by a stray nuke missile from North Korea perhaps? Or another giant tsunami inudate the coastlines. God knows.

    1. Exactly. I have loved ones there, and seeing this sort of thing happening anywhere is internally devastating.

  1. seems like stone & cement are their worst enemy in this situation. in the past natives used sticks & palm leaves to make their homes. less chance of getting crushed. very sad

  2. This is my thing about any kind of natural disaster on top of a deadly pandemic. Mother Nature showing us once again how insignificant we are.

  3. Sending, Thought’s Prayers and Blessings of love for Indonesia. A pandemic, a plane crash, now this. Heartbreaking

    1. Currently there are 5 major disaster happened in Indonesia. Major floodings in some provinces (the worst flooding in a century), landslides, big earthquake, plane crash, volcanic eruption, and on top of that, pandemic. God knows what will happened next. This disasters on early days of 2021 is like a prelude of the worst that may coming next.

  4. My heart breaks for these people….I know my friends from Palu are working tirelessly to help these folks. My heart is with you all.

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