1. @David If you can’t be bothered cite sources for your own claims you don’t have a valid opinion. “Do your own research” is code for, “I have no idea what I’m talking about and I’m blaming you for not understanding.” Not my fault you never went to college.

    2. @David Yes our lives are different, and your posts show how self centred you are… scurry off to your small rural town with your victimhood intact. I don’t ‘need’ to change you… you’ve self insulated your self, and somehow feel you’re entitled to tell others what to believe.
      Condolences on your choice of being relative to any of the rest of the human race.

    1. @SirFlopoges i don’t mean ALL of one side. But what do you call the white supremacists, neo nazis, racist bigots supporting Trump? Very fine people, too?

    2. @MT before you go around calling republicans all those names you might want to do a lil research on president elect Biden

    3. Agreed so the whole world needs to learn. To pick up our history books and look at the parallels of 1930’s Europe and the rise of Fascism in the people of Hitler, Mussolini, Franco and Oswald Mosley

    1. @Wayne Kerr You’re the only person in the comments you replied to that mentioned anyone other than the guy wearing a nazi shirt. A lot of projection here. Spending your free time defending open neo nazis in the youtube comments seems like something a totally normal person does. I mean imagine trying to lecture the left about dehumanizing political opponents when half your party spread conspiracy theories about how everyone they don’t like is a satanic pedophile. The definition of concern trolling.

    2. @Wayne Kerr i love u. You know that guy in the tshirt was probably just there for the photo and then nancy paid him for his appearance and he went back home. Thats what it looks like to me. Staged to make trump supporters look racist.

  1. “America will never be destroyed from the outside. If we falter and lose our freedoms, it will be because we destroyed ourselves.” – Abraham Lincoln

    1. @Well now, looky what we have here right, you can spot them waving Trump 2020 flags. Man there were a lot of them! Makes sense though, given a Democrat just won the Presidency

    2. @Lauren Daryani
      Ya, except it wasn’t all Trump supporters that did that but all you watch is cnn so that’s all you know. And who do you call if you have a break-in? You live in lala land if you think defunding our police will help anything, just like the useless kneeling at a football game. Why don’t more of those guys put their money where their mouth is and help to get these kids of the streets? If each one of those athletes could invest a little bit of time in the off season to help mentor the fatherless, then and only then will they have earned that right to kneel.

    3. @truth lover lol, you are so funny, just think about all you said. Why would they just come out and tell the world they were behind it all. Trump supporters are the ones FBI are picking up. I have so much to say but it’s a waste of breath, good luck to you.

    1. @MagaLuther King Dont you mean putin ! Your buddy ! subversive! Go invade the capitol then lol! We will see where you end up ! Lol!

  2. Whenever I see WWII films I would think…”thank god we are passed those unbearable times”, but now I think “dear god we are headed towards that again”. What is wrong with some ppl! Soldiers fought with their lives to win that war.
    I hope one day those terrorists experience something that will open their minds for the better.

    1. @Jeremie Jackson it is actually a selfie taken with the son-in-law of Nancy Pelosi and one of the peaceful demonstrators. I saw it the day after the demonstration. I wish I had saved it. I will find it. It had to be on NTD, Newsmax or Sound of Hope. When I find it i will be back to give you location. God bless America.

  3. Wish they were that fast on getting the stimulus money out that mostly went to their friends and allies, while American taxpayers got the crumbs….

    1. Dude if these rebels keep trying to overthrow the government , that money isn’t going to mean much, as there will be civil war all over the country.
      And if Trump wins (LOL) , you’ll have to get new money with Trump’s face printed all over it.

    2. @Garrett Ludlow You mean they’re going to stop TRAITOR TRUMP from trying stealing the election right?

    1. @Thorman No actually where the term came from is pretty important….especially in this case of misinformation lmao. Go look it up real quick it’s literally easy to find. Antifaschistische Aktion

    2. @Thorman then when you actually read up on what ANTIFA actually is and why all of a sudden the Word was weaponized by Trump and the GOP you will understand why you sound stupid. Literally no instances of “ANTIFA” Until Trump made it up. Come on dood. Wake up.

  4. “If you can convince the people to believe in absurdities, you can get them to commit atrocities.” – Voltaire

    1. A Black Lives Matter activist and founder of the group Insurgence USA named John Sullivan was arrested on a variety of charges related to the Jan. 6 Capitol riot. Sullivan claimed he was there to document and report on the event but the video he supplied to the FBI and posted on his YouTube and Twitter account allegedly records him exhorting demonstrators to commit destructive acts.

    2. The government were doing illegal experiments on people during the pandemic as stated Brain & Life by American Academy of neurology health magazine as proof. Nazi experiments. Who is the nazi now? These people are sick. Now they are watching and tracking us. Repent and pray. Jesus is coming. Do not take the covid 19 vaccines and microchip. They are the mark of the beast. Stop these people. I will not be naive anymore. Conspiracies were true…after all. More riots are in Quebec. So please stop watching CNN. Stop the apopcalpse and tell people. Save Lucifer. Have hope. Have faith. Tell people. Tell away. Biden sold out America. We were tricked. Government people are so terrible. They need repentance. I voted Biden and I regret….

    3. All the demoncrats are is absurd so I know what you’re talking about!!!! Proven ANTIFA snd BLM are the atrocious ones Trump never once called for violence absurd if you think he did

    4. @Thyalwaysseek Tell me about it. Not all churches are bad. I am Greek Orthodox. People need to find the right one. St. Paisios the athonite said that if we repent now then we can stop the apopcalpyse. Then Jesus will come and stop this. The Catholics were the ones who destroyed the original church. Orthordoxy is closest as what anyone will get and that is if you find the right one. The truth is coming out. There are still not woke people in Orthodoxy. The bishop and his followers are a menance. At least the ones in the east are the best. They are getting martyered and persecuted right now. Please spread the info. We need to pray and repent. I have to speak the truth. Jesus must come. I think He is comming. I have been really ill. When you suffer, you get close to God.

    1. @Beenthere Donethat BLM and Antifa are Marxist groups calling for killing cops and whites. Pelosi is being very selective about what terrorism she is against.

  5. Five members of my family were of the 6 million. “Punk” is a kind epithet in my book. Ignorant perverted worm is more to my liking.

  6. We need to compel our children to watch an holocaust documentary every school year. Their parents too.

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