Deutsch: Corporations Can’t Just Make Statements, They Need To Create Change | Deadline | MSNBC 1

Deutsch: Corporations Can’t Just Make Statements, They Need To Create Change | Deadline | MSNBC


Branding expert Donny Deutsch and former RNC chairman Michael Steele analyze how businesses are reacting to several state’s voter suppression bills and predict how companies will adapt to younger, more socially-aware consumers. Aired on 04/13/2021.
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Deutsch: Corporations Can’t Just Make Statements, They Need To Create Change | Deadline | MSNBC


  1. How about Corporations as an entity remove themselves from the political process all together (save as them as individual citizens), campaign donations and all. Then our legislators cannot get elected without the constituents they serve rather than the donations they receive from non-constituents.

    1. @OEF Combatveteran I thought the popular term for democrats was communists, marxists, lazy socialists and things in that direction. Are you somehow implying that democrats are tight knit to corporations? –
      anyways. there has been several suggestions from individuals on the democratic ailse, suggestions to reduce, remove or at least make it even more transparant where donormoney come from. corperate dollars dont belong in the public political scene. And you can have that opinion while you recieve donations from said companies. It wouldnt make sense to handicap yourself in key areas if youre trying to win an election. You cant change things if you dont get elected.
      Sometimes you must accept that you eat with filthy hands

    2. Because Moscow Mitch roped them into politics in the first place during Trump’s dictatorship. You can’t just deny them now when things are not in your favor.

    3. @Byron Mist yup. its thier legal status. – now we just need to hear why individuals cant move a mailbox down to a freetradezone and reap the same benefits as a corporation..

    1. Exactly, liberals shouldn’t get to excited about corporations turning their back on Republicans. They know Republicans are behind the 8 ball. I’m sure they’re looking for a new party to corrupt and there is only one other party in the US right now.

    2. @Polar Opposite So, the Democratic Party is the villain in all this? That doesn’t even pass the laugh test.

    3. @Demetria Karnavas completely not what I said. Corporations know Republicans are losing leverage. They will look to buy their way into the Democrats party to get their way. Hopefully dems can keep them inline, but everyone has their price.

  2. Let’s Boycott Teen Universe Pageant. That will hit at the heart of; Matt Gaetz, Gym Jordan, Tom Reed and the Republicans.. 😆

    1. I am dumber after reading this! So much so that I now know whats it must be like to be a DEMOCRAT……..

    2. @Chantelle IsAfricaBound What are you waiting for. Do you have a go-fund-me page so we can get you there quicker.

    3. @Eric Crapton I left already & pimped America out of a few million so I’m gud on the go fund me but no worries it will be added to y’all precious deficit…

  3. I am truly impressed. So many words to simply say if you going to talk The talk then you need to walk the walk.

  4. They’re stalling. just waiting to see which way the public sentiment is swaying to. The loudest voices often prevail.

    1. @Justin Kase oh really? Then be more specific and tell me what’s bad about the law again? I bet you can’t.

    2. @Jay Mas you seem to have missed the point. So let me repeat, it ain’t just the id folks are complaining about. If you wanna know, look into it.

    3. @Justin Kase I want you to tell me one thing about it that’s bad or racist? If you can’t then you know you are brainwashed or you are just a spreader of the bull crap yourself

    4. @Jay Mas have you even bothered to look at what folks are not happy with? Are you so stupid that you think it’s only about photo ID which Georgia has required for about 20 years.

  5. Donny nailed it. Advancement in civil rights wasn’t accomplished by empty “condemnations” but when folks stopped taking public transportation and eating in establishments that discriminated (money). Companies need to honestly factor in when considering locations, if they want to be stuck in a state that voted for a Donald Trump type figure, or has legislators who exploit the dark side of humanity or has a history of suppressing voting to benefit a party. I can assure you if the answer is yes along with an abysmal record on education, providing healthcare, and high crime rates. Then and only then will states clean up their ACTS-not their attitudes–but that’s okay.

    1. Not one person has explained HOW these laws suppress anyone’s vote. It’s just bs. The last thing Democrats want is voter integrity.

  6. 🤔. These companies, given the recent behaviour of the Republican Party still gave money to the party after their treasonous insurrection. Why? 😡

    1. Corporations have waged a “treasonous insurrection” for more than 4 decades – why would they surrender the power they’ve bought now?

    1. It was a corrupt politician thing for ever but the Dems are really embracing it now and bringing it to a new level!

    2. @THE ANGRY QUAD Are you applauding or condemning the Dems for accepting the fact that some corporations, for whatever reason, are now moving to a more progressive, more pro human stance?

  7. I challenge other NBC watchers to go to wikipedia dot com and put Deutsche Bank in the search box. When you have the article, search for the word Donald. You will learn a lot about Trump and Deutsche Bank that you didn’t know. I wasn’t looking for Trump but was glad anyway.

  8. As there was a huge Zoom “corporate summit” this past weekend on standing behind voter rights, big corporations are ready, willing, and cooperating on a game plan. They know they will lose big time with their customer base if they don’t make a stand. Much better than the GOP- which can’t even seem to understand how backing voter suppression laws will lose a lot of their constituent base.

    1. No one has explained HOW these laws suppress anyone’s vote, especially people of color. Democrats just do not want voter I’d which means election integrity.

  9. Exactly. The repubicans went to the SC asking that they be counted as ppl. So you get what you asked for.

  10. Corporations need to stick to business and stay out of politics , this isn’t for a blackmail party produce something useful or entertain us and keep your mouth shut.

  11. Someone said it right on another site, corporation go where they can make the most money, the demographics say younger spend more and younger are more likely to be an ethnic minority …facts matter..

  12. Musk & Abbott are birds of a feather, until Abbott screws Musk over & doesn’t supply the needed electricity 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  13. With “Citizens United,” corporations have become another branch of government in the American plutocracy.

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