Rev. Al Sharpton: ‘There Is No Penalty For Bad Policing In This Country’ | Deadline | MSNBC 1

Rev. Al Sharpton: ‘There Is No Penalty For Bad Policing In This Country’ | Deadline | MSNBC


President of the National Action Network Reverend Al Sharpton and Princeton University Professor Eddie Glaude call for reforms in policing as the nation reckons with the death of another Black man shot by police, and point out the pattern of law enforcement viewing black communities as ‘threats’. Aired on 04/13/2021.
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Rev. Al Sharpton: ‘There Is No Penalty For Bad Policing In This Country’ | Deadline | MSNBC


  1. Rev Al is right no penalty for bad policing just means that they reward bad policing without making the necessary changes to see change all together

    1. @Keith Tomlinson How about realizing what weapon you are pulling out of your belt before firing it off?

  2. It’s not just that there is no penalty, they actually get to take a paid leave /vacation for several weeks /months… shoot somebody and get paid leave?? Sounds like “incentive” to me.

    1. How about the fact that more police are killed by criminals than vice versa. That’s permanent leave.

    2. @Red Out Do most jobs involve the legal use of deadly force? No. While I don’t agree entirely with the other posters, you response is lame.

  3. Even cops that get fired still just pick up a job the next County over most of the time. And go right back in to the abuses of power they were doing before

    1. With these policies designed to.hurt the abused we dont stand a chanse. Only the rich with payola do.

    2. This happens often enough, a bad cop just hopping precincts or counties before Internal Affairs can wrap up any investigations, before any consequences can be levied against them, that there’s even a colloquial term for them. Other police call them _gypsy cops._

  4. You don’t necessarily need to change minds. You just need to write and, or change legislation designed to address these injustices.

    1. that was already done in the 60s. More laws can’t change the integrity of a human besides who will enforce those laws – the same proud boy cops? It won’t be Legislators in the senate for sure they’re just as bad. Why is the KKK almost celebrated and not a recognized terrorist organization like ISIS and Al Qaeda in the USA?

    2. The institution of policing won’t change until society makes it painful for police to continue with business as usual. The pain will come from charging, convicting and sentencing offending officers to meaningful prison terms.

    1. I recently watched the PBS show The America Experience where they featured the powerful historical story of The Blinding of Isaac Woodward. Of the many things that stood out to me from all the famous people mentioned who changed history for the better was heroic action. From Thurgood Marshall going to places where he could have been lynched or maimed to President Truman who broke free of his white supremacist upbringing to integrate the miliary and stand against “separate but equal”, to many others in the film, they all took a stand for truth in the face of the lost of life, power or prestige. It took heroes and heroines to change things, and it looks like those are in very short supply today. And we’re left with the likes of Manchin and Sinema.

  5. Honestly confronting who we are is absolutely crucial to solving the tremendous injustices in this country.

    1. @Ral Deform – and some paid the price for it with their lives.
      Nobody is defending what the jan. 6th people did buddy.

  6. And let’s not forget… no penalty for seditious politicians will keep the horrors coming our way as steadily as the ones these police departments are leaving unaccounted for.

  7. When there is no penalty or consequences for doing your job badly, there is no incentive to change.

  8. Start locking these cops uip and hitting police departments hard in the pockets. Something needs to be done or things are about to get very ugly.

  9. These people should be punished many times harsher than the regular citizens. They are entrusted to protect all of us and for them to abuse that trust while they are paid with our taxes makes us wonder what kind of justice system we have. To Congress, no more talks, “act”.


  10. No way we can consider people “2nd. class” when we don’t acknowledge ourselves to start with. Democracy implies an “anchor” condition, not an “OFF” mode. Ere we’ll end up shunning the people we don’t “see” or ignore. With my sincere respect & affinity towards Eddie G., I also doubt people are by choice racists, they just keep enjoying their OFF mode like inert. People today are often astoundingly on OFF… with every & all consequences.

  11. Seems that this killing will be looked at differently if the families of other Nationalities loose love ones on a daily basis especially the corrupt cops and higher authorities who think that they are untouchable. The time is almost up.

  12. My heart goes out to all that have lost their lives way too soon and their families and friends. Prayers for all and prayers that this senseless hate and murder will be stopped and happen no more! As tears form I cannot understand how this can happen and these people have so little human in them.

  13. Thank you Prof Claude for clear explanation of the history of this problem. It needs to be understood by every citizen.

  14. Nicole has always cared about this country and all the people living here. Her show and her voice is a must. Take to the streets citizens until we are safe in these streets in our country. Federal laws and acts . Legislation. Aka make them pay.

  15. What we want we will continue to wish for, but what we desire will work for. I think we know who we are. The real question is, what do we do when we know who others are that refuse to change. I have never come across a behavior that did not give me an understanding of someone’s moral beliefs; or LACK of them!

  16. Super powerful comments by Professor Eddie Glaude. He always superbly connects the dots to the question of “How did we get here?”. Americans know very little history and live with a distorted lense of the past, so his abilty to balance the past, the present and then to point to the possibility of a healthy future is welcome.

  17. Eddie, I had to listen to your great commentary again. So true and relevant today. We must stop excusing and ignoring the true facts of the matter of policing. Screw negotiations because they are not listening away for 402 yrs. Let our voice be know loudly and insist on change now.

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