‘Devastating’: Woodward calls Jan. 6 testimony Trump’s ‘political obituary’

Watergate journalist Bob Woodward tells CNN's Wolf Blitzer that he thinks testimony during the January 6 committee's investigation is enough to end former President Donald Trump's political career.
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  1. Imagine what we don’t know happened during his 4 years… this is all good but what will be done?

  2. How could they possibly not see it? Iā€™m just a ā€œ regular person ā€œ and I saw it before he even ran!

    1. @John Casoni no one says anything like that about Biden. There are truckloads of people who know or worked with Trump who say he is nuts.

    2. @John Casoni the way I see it, we did not have a choice. We all saw what Trump was doing. Some of us voted against Trump not for Biden.

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