DHS, FBI Send Warning That Groups ‘Discussed Plans’ For Another Capitol Attack Soon | Craig Melvin

The Department of Homeland Security and the FBI sent a joint intelligence bulletin that there is the possibility of another Capitol attack happening as early as March 4. NBC News' Julia Ainsley reports that certain groups could be planning to storm the Capitol again as part of an unfounded conspiracy that former President Donald Trump will be inaugurated on March 4. Aired on 3/03/2021.
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DHS, FBI Send Warning That Groups 'Discussed Plans' For Another Capitol Attack Soon | Craig Melvin


  1. This time if they come through any of their scheduled time, law enforcement should make sure any insurrectionist don’t go back alive. That’s the kind of message that resonates with this kind of people.

    1. God, people calling for violence here really disturb me. Not as much as these terrorists, but… we should never have the *goal* of *slaughter.*
      I agree law enforcement was *way* too reluctant to employ lethal force on the 6th. I’d be willing to give them the benefit of the doubt on judgment calls that it would’ve led to untenable escalation when so outnumbered, if not for… plenty of reason to distrust law enforcement.
      But still, force should be used *as necessary.* If these people come, and they surrender, accept. Imprison and try them. Police are not Judge Dredd. Not the Punisher.
      Also, these people are brainwashed. They’ve been misled by a cult. They’re victims, in their own way. I feel pity for them. I mean, anger and outrage too. But pity. They’re humans. They could be saved; helped; fixed.
      If someone has to die, it’s a failure, somewhere. A tragedy. It’s less than ideal.
      That said, if they don’t surrender, yeah, shoot.

    2. Anyone else torn between “Their humans to, we can’t just murder them.” and “We out the stupid and dangerous.”

  2. I wonder if the GOP congress will hide or hang out this time since they were ok with the last one

    1. One’s sense of scruples doesn’t develop overnight.
      We can safely wager they will neglect their oath of office.

    2. I want the GOPers to stand by their word. They want guns to “defend America”, right? Yeah, this is a good time to use them to do exactly that. Besides, these aren’t really Trump supporters according to them, these are Antifa. So they should have no problem firing their guns into a crowd of insurrectionists. Instead of opening the door and letting them in.

    3. @Deepak D’Souza That is actually a good point. If antifa was at the capital, why weren’t they dealt with more forcefully?? According to them, antifa is the greatest domestic terror threat we face right?? That theory is utterly ridiculous and they know it but the Trump zombies will believe anything he says smh

    1. That’s how they operate, then they send out a new save the date. Coups don’t work without military assistance. I still can’t believe the unwashed masses, hairy guys with beer bellies and post menopausal women trying to that down the 🇺🇸

    1. @Alex Hamilton no, you were correct in the beginning, it was far-rightwing elements that caused trouble at the otherwise, peaceful protests…

    2. @Alex Hamilton where is your ” Q ” at right now ? March 4th is tomorrow and where are them punks at ? That’s what I thought !! a gang thugs and idiots.

    3. @Alex Hamilton a laughing emoticon. You find people bring murdered funny? . PS thanks for saying that the party of law and order failed to maintain it in their states. Even better reason to vote them out.

  3. Why does the RepubliCON party need lies, conspiracies, and fear to get people to vote for them?

    1. They know they have completely botched any chance of winning legitimately next time with all the bs that is going on, and still going on, within their party and because of Mango Mussolini (whom many of them still endorse). So their only plan of attack now is to cheat the voters and cheat the system to win. Ironic, that they still cry “fraud” for the last election, while doing everything they can to steal the next one.

    2. @Matt Lessley don’t know. I don’t follow them. Not sure how that would make trump doing nothing for his voters any better though.

  4. I actually hope they try, so that more of these domestic terrorists can be rounded up. These dead enders will eventually follow the same path as their hero TMcVeigh.

    1. @Progressive Humanist the only way to stop far right fascism is to crush them with overwhelming military force

    2. No, they’ll wait til the 5th when no one is paying attention. Of course they won’t attack tomorrow! Why would they? They’re being watched.

    3. @Shawn Corbin don’t watch the news much do you. They tried the same on Jan 6th. Oh can we forget the ” liberate” tweets from Captain Orange and the subsequent reaction? You should know. The Boogalloo boys came into prominence there .

    1. So in Trumpland Antifa and BLM are going to attack the government. In the real world Trump supporters.

    1. White supremacists and right-wing militia sympathizers have been said to have infiltrated law enforcement nationwide, along with the military. It’s a spreading, fascist cancer.

    2. Americans must be relentless in observing Trump Supporters and ‘Trump like Figures’. After the 1923 attempted Putsch Coup in Munich, Hitler was charged with High Treason, sentenced to 5 years and in incarcerated in Landsberg Prison. After Hitler’s release, he continued his Right Winged, White Supremacists Political insanity (as popularised in his book ‘Mein Kampf’). And in eight years; utilizing a mere Political Base of 38% to 40% of the Population, Hitler took over Germany. Hitler’s control ultimately resulted in Europe being Bombed into rubble, sticks and bricks and the Death of 75 Million Human Beings Worldwide (this was the outcome of Hitler’s control of Germany, the resulting Second World War, Famine and deliberate starvation and Death Camps). Be relentless in Voting and observing the conduct of All Elected Officials.

  5. Follow the money. Investigate donation venues and follow them back to sources of revenue, and then block access to revenue channels. Hate groups can’t survive without financial sponsorship. Find the people who are responsible for giving themx money and you will find the real criminals behind the insurrection.

  6. So when Republicans, MAGAS and QS don’t like the results of an election they will take OUR Votes away by FORCE!!!???

    1. yes and don’t think for one moment a few Republicans aren’t hoping to take over the government. I’m no alarmist but I really feel there are government people who will stop at nothing to get things the way they want them no matter what they have to do.

    2. That’s when you fight back and ensure everyone is on the list to vote and get those a$$holes out and get rid of the filibuster.

  7. Seriously the FBI and DHS need to check the money trail as to who is funding these terrorist organisation.

    1. They need to define these groups as terrorist and make it against the law to fund, support or assist any terrorist or terrorist activity…

  8. They’re all going to look pretty dumb when march 5th rolls up and Joe Biden is still president…

    1. Doubtful, they will just move the date again. I have already heard something about March 21st or 22nd

    2. lol they will keep pushing the date over. Watch. Next it will be when Biden is to address congress.

  9. This time, they’ll all be wearing horns and furs. One can only hope that the prisons are well stocked on organic food.

  10. I wonder if they’re bringing their mommies again this time. The family that insurrects together …

  11. Before they overran the Capitol, nobody saw the guys standing around in tactical gear when Trump was speaking? That didn’t raise concerns?

    1. There were multiple people in tactical gear there. They are saying they had passes from trump’s secret service to move around freely.

  12. The “Capitol Police” need an upgrade to “US Capitol Guard” with powers to shoot all insurrectionist invaders. Foreign and Domestic.

    1. Shot them like you would foreign invaders… terrorist are terrorists no matter where they’re from

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