‘Disgusted’: Duckworth On Unanswered Questions About D.C. Protest Chain Of Command | All In | MSNBC


    1. As a German it somehow rings a way too familiar bell…. it is truly scary to see what is going on in the US.

  1. Of course Bunker Boy wants to fire Esper and Milley. Children throw tantrums when they don’t get their way 🙂

    1. @Quittin’ Quarantino Does the phrase “lock her up” or “Build that wall” ring a bell? The Trump cult are nothing if not trained seals clapping and barking on cue.

    2. @Proper I like more of their MAGA song YMCA that Donny the Bunker baby supporters sing in MAGA rallies , their other song is Macho Man … they could not have picket any gayer songs if they tried .

    3. And appoint 100 more judges for lifetime appointments…..replacing darth vader ginsburg and sotomayor will be especially fun ! Enjoy arnold!

  2. Running the Reverend & the Seminarian off of Holy Church grounds with the military using rubber bullets, flashbang grenades, tear gas and smashing the Australian Cameraman in the stomach and beating the lady newscaster on the back with a police night stick while on church property all so Trump can stand in front of a church he doesn’t attend and hold a Bible he doesn’t read for a re-election photo op. This will never go away. We may be in the middle of a Pandemic but that no reason to use the Constitution as toilet paper.

    1. @Quittin’ Quarantino Debunked by who ?
      And no Hannity or Rush or even Pirro do NOT count.
      But I imagine all the footage some even from foreign reporters, they are all “FAKE”, correct ?


    2. @Quittin’ Quarantino So where are the links ?
      So many people, must be a recording that you are sourcing.
      Links please, otherwise it is just YOUR unsubstantiated opinion.

    1. Richard, That is dumb, it should be on the forehead of every democrat baby killing supporter!

  3. Apart from anything else, displaying the Red-Cross on a helicopter engaged in aggressive action appears to be in breach of Article 44 of the 1949 Geneva Convention. The US Army field manual also incorporates the Article, and specifically prohibits displaying the Red-Cross symbol when engaging in non-medical activities, especially hostile non-medical activities.

  4. The thing is he believes he is under attack. It’s a paranoid delusion. And getting worse. Severly impaired judgement

    1. @Pat Braden
      Except that he doesn’t know how to play. If he tried to declare martial law the military would not follow him.

    2. @Pat Braden He is staring at the chess board, and eating the pieces. If, IF any follow him with such a move, they should share the same cell with him? He can’t play checkers.

    3. @Jock Young jock we have no certainty of that he is the commander of the military as chris hayes states he will do anything to hang onto power. I just think for 3+ years people have under estimated how far he will go. i am just basing this on the continued way he manages to maneuver himself out of situations that it does not seem possible he can get out of.

  5. No one is going to answer that question. If anyone has some guts to answer, he or she will be blasted by tweeting Trumpo. Man up, guys whoever you are or woman up, gals whoever you are! AG Barr will put a spin on this one!

  6. Trump told Barr to tell Esper and Esper told the ranking officer who told the officer in charge to tell the pilots..who will be the ones punished for following orders.

  7. You will all find out who gave that order, just like you found out who bought all those Tiki Torches back in 2017? Remember that one?

  8. Completely agree we need to find out who gave the order to fly the hospital helicopter? Medivac helicopter.

  9. Are we at the point yet where the civil uprising is enough to overthrow and remove Trump ahead of the election? I say yes. The Senate isn’t taking action so democracy has already failed. The act that Trump is allowed to destroy everything America has tried to build in terms of a stable economy, world leading expertise, a global leader and security organisation, a country of opportunity, a country where great human values are something to strive for, all destroyed and eradicated. It can’t go on. Democracy hasn’t worked because it allows Trump.

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