Pelosi: Ignore Trump On Police Reform, Racial Justice Because It’s Not ‘Reality’ | MSNBC

Speaker Nancy Pelosi joined MSNBC’s Stephanie Ruhle to discuss the Congressional response to the killing of George Floyd including Democrats’ newly unveiled bill on policing. Pelosi responds to the ongoing protests, arguing “the massive number of people walking in support of ending violence in terms of the police department is something that we have to recognize.” Pelosi discusses why she hopes for an “improvement in justice in policing” and see an “end to racial profiling, chokeholds” and to see the “prosecution of wrongdoing in the police department.” Pelosi addresses President Trump arguing he “is ignoring what we're seeing right before our very eyes.” (This interview is from MSNBC’s “The Beat with Ari Melber, a news show covering politics, law and culture airing nightly at 6pm ET on MSNBC. ). Aired on 6/9/2020.
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Pelosi: Ignore Trump On Police Reform, Racial Justice Because It's Not 'Reality' | MSNBC


    1. Sma 556, Yessss. It’s so insane that there are morons that are going to vote for senile Joe🤦‍♂️😂🤦‍♂️😂👈🏻

    2. Okay first take off your photo. It’s not very flattering. Second I love how the younger generation are such expirence in the world of history, knowledge, character, morals, ethics and empathy for their fellow human beings. Your generation really can’t think for themselves, have a good work ethic, always being told what to do instead of doing it before being asked. Thinking for yourself instead of TMZ or the media, Hollywood or the internet telling you what you should believe in or how to logically think.

    1. @Tommy Truth right and trump said he could do it all himself…how’s that working out for the USA… just look at the shape your country is in now…the whole world is shaking their heads and laughing at you!!! Easy to criticize someone when you yourself have no clue how to to run a country…while the guy you voted for has ruined the once great USA…

    2. @Sask Sun seekers They are laughing at the Democrats. Even now they fail their cities and blame Trump like you.

    1. Stephen Jablonski A typical reply from a liberal. No job, no kids, no life, and I sense a motivation problem on your part as well.I’m a machinist and have been working the whole time, and have two successful kids as well, Trump is a billionaire so I think he knows a little bit about money, all of this is not his fault,,he just followed the advice of Fauchi as anyone would have,,peace out Numb nuts!!!

    2. @WTF BBQ It does matter if you have a job or not we are in a crisis million America lost there job BC of this crisis more then half America are living from pay check to paycheck it still not enoug…Yes we do need another stimulus check for the next 6 months until this pandemic is over…Don’t never talk down on nobody BC God Sitting high looking low

    3. The country has opened back up…get a job . Or you can join the rioters and looters and get free stuff when they strike again……

    1. Disarm the police !disarm the police !disarm The police! Change the police to peace man! Change the police to a peace man!

    2. @Deeps It’s funny how you cop-hating Democrats ignore the hypocritical politicians who hate cops yet have police protection outside their homes. Democrats like you also hate cops yet beg for police to protect your terror mosques and anti-cop rallies.

    3. @Rocco Lore It’s really telling that you used the phrase “terror mosque”. I don’t know anyone that would support a terror-mosque, but I would hope the police would protect people practicing their first amendment rights in ANY place of worship.

      That said, your assumption that I or all democrats hate cops is just short-sighted at best. I’d argue it out with you, but it doesn’t look like you’re interested in a civil discussion. Have fun trolling 🙂

    1. @Sma 556 No, but that’s what Democrats want. Democrats want to ban all kinds of law enforcement.

    2. Rocco Lore
      It takes a thug to know a thug. Twitter Troll tRump should tat “thug life” on his stomach. Politicians White men in suits are the most dangerous thugs in our country.

  1. What happened to Trumps taxes at the Supreme Court. Is it still going or did I miss something?

    1. They should have their decision by August but this is an election year. I would not be surprised if they held off on it until after November. I sure hope they don’t. He is a criminal that is destroying civilization.

  2. Nancy taking a knee and remaining down on one knee for over 8 minutes at her age would not have been easy. 👏👏👏

    1. @Keith Withey A. 👍
      B. You are brain washed… sad, to see this.
      Just wait and see! …a few weeks more to come.

      Really, Dems to defund the Police now?
      BLM – create the 3rd political party!!!
      Instead of obeying the Democrats for each move in the last 40 years …it was just
      spitting in your own bowl! 🤥

    2. Look what’s happening to Drew Brees and the NFL. Searching out old tweets and statements even if they are remotely racial in tone and condemning tons of people. The “take a knee” narrative allows them to not target black players because they have already taken a knee. Racism goes both ways. It’s a witch hunt much like McCarthyism.

  3. NO MORE GIVING BILLIONS TO PD’S! Ex.#1 – LAPD doesn’t need $1.5B a YR! LAPD doesn’t get praise for announcing they’re going to “share” a few mill of their $1.5BILLION, with the community that THEY SERVE! PD’s DON’T NEED MILITARY WEAPONS & TANKS! If they think they do, they don’t know how to do their job! So F’n ridiculous that’s got to be said! These cops want to use military grade weapons?? Solution: JOIN THE MILITARY!!!

  4. Yeah just waiting until last min to help ppl that need that money now, how about all senators take a pay cut, u guys have gotten too comfortable.

  5. Captain David Dorn! I am white, and you are my black Hero! Unfortunately Nancy Pelosi, Sharpton and Jackson will not attend your funeral! You were a good Man! Rest In Peace!

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