1. He looked directly at the child that was reaching for a hug and said no. Nothing more. Nothing less. A moving character with a parade float behind them can not stop to hug a child.

    1. @Eddie Andrews the character looked at the kids and waved them away. I agree about not stopping and hugging. But could’ve gave the kids a hi five and kept pushing instead of waving them away.

  2. What, are they supposed to interact with every single kid they see? That’d just be impossible. Maybe the dude in the suit was having a bad day, who knows.. either way the idea of taking this situation and immediately jumping to racism is the epitome of why this November is going to be awful for you Democrats lol.

  3. The character looks down at the kids and keeps going, the character saw the kids because why look down? They saw the other kids, perfectly fine, because they gave the other kids a high five.

    1. Exactly high fives those kids were asking for hugs and I heard they aren’t allowed to do that

    2. They had there hands out and wanted to be picked up / hugged witch wasnt allowed duhhh rosita already discussed this plus they get busy you guys really making a situation be bigger than what it is its really not all this serious

  4. Seems like a heartbreaking dis, but I have been in suits like that long ago at schools promoting water safety. It’s hot and visibility is terrible. Had to have a second person to guide the person in the costume because vis was so bad. And nobody in the suit for more than 10 minutes in summer. I got mobbed once and accidentally knocked a kid over. So a lawsuit? Really. It should be dismissed, hopefully before the cast member is put through the meat grinder that is the discovery process. There is no tort here. No negligent action leading to any actual/remunerable harm. These things are a sad distraction from the much more harmful racial injustices and makes those bigger concerns seem frivolous because it’s on the same TV news.

    1. That’s what I wondered — how hot those suits are. And they’re walking past alot of kids so how many others were overlooked??…. I just see that little girl on the left with both arms reaching out and was that why the mascot said no? That’s my guess. Too bad for the child but it’s not racism.

    2. @Luca Jacobson I see racist people 👀. For you to see them, you should look in the mirror🪞. Statement coming from a white person, so don’t get upset for stating you are.

    1. I agree, who would fought people would get their panties and a twist over a mascot. We don’t even know the race and the sex of the individual inside this Costume. People are throwing around racism show loosely today that it doesn’t have the impact that used to.

  5. More feigned outrage over something that looked totally innocent to me. Sesame Place should stand their ground and fight the lawsuit

  6. You know I have done paid costume character walk around in theme parks in my youth. In addition to be incredibly hot and smelly in those outfits the visibility just plain sucks. There is every reason to believe that the kids were just missed. It happens. There is nothing malicious or racist or hateful about it. Smells to me like these people just want to try and back up the dump truck for a payout opportunity. This is what’s wrong with America well among other things.

    1. Ivanka’s funeral TODAY, What a different between TRUMP Siblings to Bidens. 🤔🤔. 🤫🤐

    2. This woman is desperate for a hand out and she knows CNN will improve her chances because it fits with their agenda. I hope it is treated as a frivolous law suit and she is left with a huge bill.

    3. Hillary Miseroy, not only that but also that she’s BLACK and her PRIVILEGES through the WOKE’s. As a LATINO, this is considered “SHAMELESS” an lack for SELF-RESPECT.

    4. receipts coming in that this has been done multiple times to other black families ….hard to argue with receipts

    5. @GoldenMars yea and it happened to white kids to who cares , always people bringing up race with everything

  7. Always playing the victim for some of that free money, if he had high five them, she be screaming that he hit & attacked her kids.

    1. @R B or they just don’t have a weird race centric view… isn’t that the ideal way you’re meant to be thinking? not seeing color… so I don’t get what you’re on about.. what you see here is apparently “white privilege” what I see is someone creating drama for no reason… a bad worker? maybe… race involved? no. that’s it, should’ve been a complaint at the most but instead they make a story to create this exact argument… shouldn’t have been one in the first place cause there’s no reason to be.

    2. @BerryFunChannel when there is a long rambling nonsensical explanation your point has been made…time to mute and move on…

    3. @R B You literally did the same thing… if you can type so can I, which I did. as far as “muting” and “moving on” goes, I cant do that once you call me back to the table.

  8. “Don’t tell me how to get to Sesame Street. I wouldn’t even go there if I know the way”- Dave Chappell

  9. I wish I was black so I could call everything ‘racist’ and get a big payout. Talk about privilege!

  10. Why is this even a story? Shouldn’t the park have handled it? Like I’m less concerned after reading and hearing this. About all parties involved.

  11. I get ignored by strippers all the time, must be cause I’m Hispanic. (I also tip quarters instead of bills)

  12. Saying the character is blinded by the costume is arguing that she could see the white kids to high five but couldn’t see the black kids. The character was color blinded by the costume?

    1. Lol the character was saying no towards a question and missed the kids so what move on and have a ice cream.

  13. What do you expect it’s Philadelphia??? if they don’t feel welcome there why do they go there???So in other words the parents are going to sue the park and it’s characters into liking their kids more ??? So how would that go???if you don’t like me and my kids better we’ll sue your pants off??? I don’t know???

  14. No, even back in my day that was a thing…
    You just had to expect it to keep your expectations in check.
    For a child seeing their favorite character it can be crushing.
    The performer tilted the head and sees them and waved “no.”
    Reason I don’t go ga-ga over celebs.

  15. I must have passed by 100 people when I ran errands yesterday, and ignored all of them. But the black one I ignored? That was because of racism.

    That’s your logic.

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