Disinformation Is ‘Biggest Election Security Issue That We Face’ 1

Disinformation Is ‘Biggest Election Security Issue That We Face’


Amber McReynolds, a member of the USPS Board of Governors who helped election officials expand mail-in voting during the pandemic, joins Lawrence O’Donnell to discuss efforts by Democrats to expand voting access even as Republicans use disinformation to restrict voting “in a very partisan and direct attack” and adds she’s “excited and optimistic” about future innovations to make voting easier and “put voters first.”
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  1. I would like to know how many of these people volunteered to work at the polls, or looked up the process.

    1. @The White Liberal So you are unable to answer my simple question about AZ? I’m not interested in “links.” Links = other people doing your critical thinking for you. If you can’t explain to me yourself how this alleged fraud occurred, you are simply placing your faith in what others say. There is no need for “patience.” The election is over and Biden is President — end of story.

    2. @Keith E There’s also no end of story. This is just the beginning. So many audits! So little time!

  2. Just don’t report on what the ex-blogger says! H’es a citizen now.. He needs mental health. Not air time.

    1. @MIKAEL S1 Probably because despite over 4 years of accusations and even a trial Trump hasn’t been found guilty once. It’s honestly starting to sound a bit like Qanon where any day now Trump and all his cronies will get rounded up and arrested due to the findings from a secret investigation. It’s all a joke.

  3. I love at home voting and have used it for years. Don’t know a candidate or issue? World is at your finger tips go look.

    An uninformed vote is worse than none at all.

  4. A big part of this problem is religious fanaticism. The same voters buying into this are the same who protest for the right to life but think its ok to blow up abortion clinics or murder Doctors who perform abortions. Then they will scream about religious freedom but do not understand that religious freedom means they do not have the right to try to force everyone to follow their beliefs.

  5. Has Trump ever voted by mail? If so, how can he deny the people an opinion he chooses for himself.

  6. Nevada is great when it comes to voting. I live in Nevada and I never voted until Bush 2. I was so amazed at how easy they made it. They had voting booths in all neighborhoods in grocery stores, libraries, schools. You could rarely drive a mile without passing a voting station. In ALL neighborhoods. NO discrimination. I’m very proud of Nevada as far as voting goes and I will never understand why anybody would do it any differently. It’s a no brainer and should NOT be optional!

  7. In Washington State we have voted by mail exclusivly for years, and years, and years, why is this never mentioned?

    1. @Janet Licastro honestly we have been pretty fortunate with out Governors from both parties, Jay’s not so bad…I don’t agree with him on everything (I’m a progressive leaning independent from a long line of Democrats from both sides of my family), but for the most part I think he’s better than someone like DeSantis in Florida, or Abbot in Texas

  8. The fringes of Society are always feeling OSTRACIZED, from stepping away from the Norm, the Norm of voting, that truth telling matters, that We Hold These Truth to be Self Evident: that All are Created Equal.

  9. The thing I love about mail in voting is that I can actually do a little research on the people I’m voting for. The down-ballot names that is.

  10. It’s everyone owns responsibility to vote. Not voting is okay, but their should be a thing to sign verifying that you decided not to vote.

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