'Disorganized': GOP senator rips Trump's defense team 1

‘Disorganized’: GOP senator rips Trump’s defense team


Sen. Bill Cassidy (R-LA) was the only GOP senator to change his vote on the constitutionality of former President Donald Trump's impeachment. He previously voted in favor of GOP Sen. Rand Paul's recent motion that impeachment after Trump left office is unconstitutional and explains how the presentation by House impeachment managers earned his vote.

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    1. Frump is guilty, no January exception, Senators uphold your oath and convict him, or stay home the day of the vote. Please contact your Senators and let them know, clownish defense lawyers are a distraction you saw through . https://www.senate.gov/senators/contact Those that are, or know influencers please feel free to copy, paste, share.

    2. For what? If that’s the case every single president that ever served needs to be arrested. For lying to go to wars and creating wars like bush & Obama, sexual assaults like Bill Clinton, bribery, racism, discrimination and inappropriately sniffing and grabbing teenage girls like Biden and having doctors lie about his health condition like trump.

    1. @Lanuiiohu Sukikiya yet you’re under their comment section.

      Unlike you TrumpPets, we’re not obsessed with a damn president.

  1. Happy to hear that sir! The House Managers made a compelling case and the Trump team didn’t! Thank you!!

    1. It won’t matter. Even if they show videos of Trump with a bloody machete in one hand, a smoking gun in the other, stepping over a heap of corpses, the Republicans are going to aquit him. They have already told you all how they are going to vote, before the trial began. Their messaqge to the american peo+ple: “Shove your evidence, Trump is clean as the driven snow, no matter how murderers he is, period”

    2. They just need cover to hide behind. “no person shall be convicted without the Concurrence of two-thirds of the Members present”. Seems easy enough, republican Senators vote to convict, or do not show up. Gives them cover, gets the job done. https://www.senate.gov/senators/contact Ask your Senator to either make a just vote, or stay home. Feel free to copy, paste, share this.

    3. @Watch Ya,self I know. God I hate that so much! Wouldn’t it be great if the second he gets told he’s not going to be impeached, that the feds are at his door delivering a warrant for treason!!!!!!!!! I can only dream…

    1. I don’t know why they’re so afraid of trump’s base…they should be more afraid of the 81 million people that voted trump out!!!

    2. @Kevin Offutt Exactly.

      If they CONVICT Trump that will also send a signal to his terroists supporters base that what happened at the Capital Building will not be tolerated.

      That his supporters who break the law will be brought to justice.

      We have to get these Senators out office one by one in 2022 and thereafter.

      My fellow Americans we must hold our legislators and government accountable for their actions and not following the Constitution of the United States of America.

      They didn’t want to give the American people a check to help them out and yet they get paid and haven’t missed a check.

      Did they get a raise?

      I’m all in the law books now and the Constitution and researching these Senators and their ideologies and background.

      Ron Johnson must go without question.

      Josh Hawley is a clone of Trump and he must go.

      Ted Cruz a dictator wanna be.

      So many more.

      These Senators are not for the American people at all and so we must their terms in our government.

      Out with the old and in with the new.

  2. Yet all of the rest of the Republican Senators still voted against it. It didn’t matter what is said in this trial to these people.

    1. @Vanessa Flynn Some may want to run for president, but most are just afraid to be primaried out of the seat they hold. Trump has driven true conservatives out of the GOP, and what is left is cares not about the law or the Constitution.

    2. @Deborah Freedman Donald Trump is going to Blame. The Republican Party for losing the Election and. The Republican Party is saying that it’s the Voter’s fault they lost the two Senate Seats and. It is easier to Blame some one else for your own Short Coming. Instead of Blaming Yourself and. I am scared that the Republicans r going to try to cheat to Win and. It looks like the Republicans r Power Hungry and. I am wondering do the Republicans care about Democracy.

    3. These Senators are corrupt and we need to terminate their terms in 2022 and whenever they are up for re-election.

      Vote these Senators out of office.

    1. @Ignoranceisbliss
      That’d be hilarious. Donald would open his mouth,12 tons of stupid would fall out,and everyone would roll their eyes at Donald’s version of events then stuff him into a secure facility where he and his family can pretend to be the Kings of their cellblock.

    2. @MzARavenLunatic Nope. Republicans would really lick his boots then out of fear. Trump is going to bring the weight of his nation wide Terrorists organization with him. They will surely kiss the ring. The very reason they are acting as spineless and gutless as they are now.

    3. When that fool – Schoen? — tried to read poetry to complete his pathetic case, and couldn’t even stumble through a few lines? What a nincompoop. I suppose Castor and Schoen are famed in republican literati circles as the best rhyming couplet available.

    1. @Stephen J. Smith Hey dilbert it’s called sedition and he is guilty of it and so are the sheeple that fell for his lie and stormed the Capitol.

    2. @Stephen J. Smith
      > I can objectively see how hypocritical the left and the right are towards each other
      > The left are just as bad as the right!
      See, you believe you’re smart because you see two sides and you’ve chosen to say they’re equivalent because you think wisdom just means splitting the difference between whatever options are presented.

      Except the obvious problem with that is, if the options presented are unequal, treating them equally is stupid. The political right in the U.S. is obstructionist. They regularly shut down the government. They refuse to hear bills passed in the house. They court violent extremists and lie constantly about things that are scientific fact. Hell, they lie about things that aren’t just empirically demonstrable; they lie about things that are obvious to anyone with eyes.

      What we have in the U.S. is a center-right political party, and a party that is fascist. I don’t mean that as a pejorative. I’m not calling them fascist because I dislike them. I dislike them *because* they meet all the diagnostic criteria for fascism.


      Do I think the Democratic party, as it currently exists, is the best one for America? No, I don’t. Both parties value corporations over people. Both parties participate in more photo ops and lunches with lobbyists than substantive policymaking.

      However, one of the parties is also willing to fund programs that actually *help* people, like education, healthcare, humane immigration policies. And the other? Isn’t.

      If the purpose of a government is to promote the welfare of its citizenry, and to account for market externalities, I think it’s not only an abdication of moral responsibility but a fundamental missing of the collective point to intentionally whittle the set of citizens you care about down to the ones who are already doing just fine within the society. If a government only confers to itself the non-job of helping only those who don’t need it, then by definition that government is not needed. And of course that government will leave a bunch of problems unsolved- keeping the air and water clean, keeping toxins out of food and cooking utensils, preventing crime, ensuring everyone who might benefit from it receives a quality education and stable, high-nutrient-quality diet from a young age, taking care of the old who can no longer look after themselves.

    3. @Stephen J. Smith what do you mean, can “WE” (impeach kamala)??? You just said you were a whinging pom and were an independent. You’re not a citizen so shut ya faces! and yes I meant faces!

  3. Senator Cassidy explained well and pointed out that he followed his oath. As a Democrat regardless of what the outcome. He did right for his constituents. Well Done sir.

    1. @Ayden Xavier exactly this! He’ll vote that the trial is constitutional, but then he’ll vote against conviction because of some weak excuse that he’ll come up with…

    2. @grandma k. but based on his complicity with all this crap for the last 4 years, it’s not likely he’ll vote to convict despite voting that the trial is constitutional either. Just a way to score points for being “moderate” or showing “bipartisanship” or whatever garbage he’ll say down the road… Instead of 100% voting in favor of Trump, he’s now at like 99%

    3. @Lanuiiohu Sukikiya Please provide actually evidence that Biden cheated! Just because Trump, Leaky Ruby, Fox, Newsmax.. say there was doesn’t make it true. Amazing how his legal team never presented evidence in any of the 60 court cases they lost. Not to mention even Trump appointed judges threw out the cases, and his DOJ said there was no significant voter fraud that would affect the outcome. Oh, did you hear about the Rep who registered and voted for his dead mother… not being prosecuted on three counts.

    1. They will get paid with Trump steaks that have been in deep freeze for ten years.
      He does not like wasting money…..

    1. @Preditora
      An Ad Hominem fallacy isn’t an argument… it’s just a way for stupid people to deflect from their ignorance.

    2. @Preditora
      You apparently don’t understand what an Ad Hominem fallacy is… because you’re the only one who made one.

  4. As a Louisianan, Cassidy is a joke but even jokes can make good decisions sometimes. Good job, now vote to convict him.

    1. After listening to Cassidy’s previous interviews I have to wonder how long this momentary good reasoning will last

  5. As some one from Louisiana,this is the first smart thing this man has ever said.Props to you Mr Cassidy thanks for speaking the truth in a world of spineless republicans

    1. Other Repablican senators should come and impeach former president Donald T( Q Part chief). still not understand why the other Repablican senators are fearing on Q mania. He is just one term president without any political experience before

    2. Yes, for some reason I think these republicans are acting like spineless cowards because Trump clearly has something on ALL OF THEM!! He has a bag full that he’s ready to drop once they turn on him lol I want to know all the tea too. Especially Lady G (Lindsey Graham) teas . The tea is brewing

    1. @Mockthenerd 5 Uh… about that “get paid” part? Not so much. Trump doesn’t pay his bills, which is why he is having so much trouble attracting any decent talent. He’s down to the “D” List and even those guys are balking. Even when he had the dubious cachet of being “President” he had problems. Now? I don’t know who he’s going to get to defend him when NY AG and SDNY file against him.

    2. @Tom Porsgaard Uh… whut? Try making paragraphs. That’s just a mess. I actually felt like I was going to run out of breath trying to read through it.

    3. @Lanuiiohu Sukikiya still claiming things that never happened because you cant accept reality and you’re a traitor?

  6. Well, Sen. Cassidy took his job seriously. I been a juror and that is the fact. You make a judgement based on the facts presented.

  7. C’mon we need more Republican senators to get on board, if he does reverse his vote and then proceeds to vote on convicting Trump I’ll be immensely grateful

    1. if Republican’s don’t Convict Trump they won’t ever win the House, Senate or Presidency again. Their Career will be over …

    2. @Alexandru Andercou And what’s mind blowing is that if this were a regular citizen he/she would have been barred and jailed period!

  8. “Why didn’t other GOP Senators change their vote?” …Because it’s obvious that the evidence is overwhelming for conviction!

    1. Russiabots, this comment is not for you. “no person shall be convicted without the Concurrence of two-thirds of the Members present”. Seems easy enough, republican Senators vote to convict, or do not show up. Gives them cover, gets the job done. https://www.senate.gov/senators/contact Ask your Senator to either make a just vote, or stay home. Feel free to copy, paste, share this.

    2. @Bryan Machin No… not if you’re a p.o.s. politician searching for a pretext to reject any & all evidence presented during trial.

  9. There was nothing else Trump’s team could do
    He lost
    He lied
    He should be held accountable for all of his crimes

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