DNC Chair Jaime Harrison On Voting Rights Bill, Biden’s Agenda

Democratic National Committee Chair Jaime Harrison joined Stephanie Ruhle to discuss voting rights legislation and other key items on President Biden's agenda. He says that voting rights reform has “broad bipartisan support” but that all Republicans care about in Congress is "amassing power."
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    1. What is this? The United Appeal for the Dead?

      EDIT: This is a joke. If you get it you have great taste in movies.

    2. @Blarg Blarg it’s just good for the economy and health care providers. Free education will be good also. Dead people have a right to higher education also… if they can vote they can go to school.

  1. General Ratko Mladic will remain in prison for life, the international tribunal in The Hague ruled on June 8, 2021.

    1. @16 Accounts Removed there were NOT more votes than registered voters, that has been debunked.

    1. @charles brugger you can vote, so long as it is legal. Pronouns are made up and do not affect ID

    2. @charles brugger was gonna troll. But I see this bridge is taken. I’ll move on.😈👍

    1. @Paul Hare I have no problem with that, but if you read through some of the voting bills that have been passed, you will see that it goes much deeper. Supreme Court Justice and Religious Cult Handmaiden Amy Coney Barrett has vocalized her support for One House (address) One Vote. If some of the provisions in these bills are not modified, we will be back to 19th century voting laws.

    2. @Michelle Bobier-Groves eh…. i.agine if you had 2 addresses. Just ID yourself. How hard can it be to keep track of who voted? They keep track of us with everything else

    1. @charles brugger

      I never had faith in voting. I will forever vote for the person running against a trunp tho

    2. @Melanin Magdalene I am so glad I have no one in my life that hates someone enough to give up freedom just in spite. Good luck to you.

  2. There are provisions in the For the People act that fights against corruption and money in politics. Our politians should work for the people and not be buyable by those with money.

  3. This sad tired crap about voter suppression…if you are too stupid or lazy to get a photo ID you shouldn’t be allowed to vote

  4. This is Brian stelter in black face right? Certainly sounds like him , no urinals for this dude either.

  5. Yeah, who cares about the integrity of our elections. Let’s should be able to vote too by the way. 🤣🤡🤣

    1. Imagine the laptop….just gigabytes of democrats who knew about the covid lab leak and poems with the N word

  6. “I’m afraid we’ve integrated in to a burning house” – Martin Luther King before he died.

    US exceptionalism is dead

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