DNC Chair: We’re Going To Fight Back Against Voting Restrictions | Morning Joe | MSNBC


    1. @Al White no they know full well. It’s that old MAGA trick to take a fact and twist it up.

      Compare apples and oranges!

    2. @David Goldman isn’t it ironic, that the isolated cases of vote fraud all happened in Republican states like GA or TX. Caught by a Republican official.

      But the person committing the fraud was also a Republican! 🤔🤔🤔🤔

    3. Please send all of your stimulus 💰💰💰directly to DJT again.
      He’s gonna need every cent for the 40 plus criminal & civil lawsuits he’s facing in federal jurisdictions & 3 states.

    4. @Salsa 4datass Wise words indeed Grasshopper however it does disenfranchise dead voters, illegal immigrant voters, out of state voters, underage voters. You know your base.Thanks for your Concern!

  1. To tell the black community they Cant….. 🤣🤣🤣did they not pay attention to who they just voted out. TRUMP. I believe Kemp might have a problem getting reelected. They flipped georgia fool. Your stupid law and you be next.


    1. @David Goldman Not allowing voting office to be open on Sunday’s. Purging/deleting tens of thousands of voters because they didn’t vote in a previous cycle. Limiting drop off boxes to just one box for an entire county covering a few million people.
      Oh!!!! I’m sorry you said to name one piece of that law……. My bad.
      Thank you Aero FPV. I used parts of your comments to save on some writing.

    2. @Anita Bruton untrue that they’re preventing voters who didn’t vote in previous cycle. Nice try though. I guess you think it’s not good to ask for ID in order to vote?

    3. @Michael Saylor what about taking the attorneys general’s right to certify an election and giving it to the people you place in power? What about that?

    4. @David Goldman hours there that’s one thing. You want another? Lack of adequate locations there two things!

      Like you didn’t already know that!

    1. Anyone not affiliated with a political campaign can give you water and snacks. You can bring your own. There are things called “drinking fountains”.
      It sounds as if you cannot handle that…

    1. @Maharajji NKB I don’t believe you are human. I think you are a rat who stole a smart phone and are in your rat hole trolling away. You see how that works? Just because I believe it doesn’t make it true.

    2. Because that’s what they wanted it to do. Their all working in concert. That’s why the insurrection isn’t a big thing to them. Peace

    3. Take a civics course before you think about voting. You aren’t informed enough to make these descisions.

    4. @HunterBiden’sGun Live a life and you won’t need civics. You would be CIVILIZED. If you’re basing your facts on what they taught you, remember, everything they taught is a lie. When you were in your CIVICS class, you were being programmed not educated, that’s what you should know. Peace

  2. I wonder if the folks defending this realize they are aligning with Russian propaganda that has been weaponized and used by the Republican party to spread disinformation, and tear our Country apart… I wonder…

    1. @Michael Saylor I’m agreeing with the Pentagon and US intelligence, not just the percentage of neofascist insurrectionists who had military and police experience. You’re going by the lies told by the right wing disinformation machine. May you get all you deserve for adhering to the reactionary party line of the Grotesque Quisling Party. Good day, sir.

    2. @Brett Orlob We can’t agree to disagree? Sigh. I guess until we realize we’re not sworn enemies we will remain divided.

    3. I didn’t forgive the genuine convicted quislings in my own family; don’t even ask me to forgive strangers.

    4. @Solstice of Snow and that’s why Twizzlefuck did nothing when Putin put a bounty on us soldiers,

      And when Russia was caught hacking what did, this puppet say? “ Gee it could have been China”

      That’s no way to thank the country, that gave your daughter a patent on voting machines. She planed to sell after Rudy, Sydney, and orange disparaged Dominion.

      Of course Twizzlefuck only cares about himself.
      All part of the evil plan!

    5. @Brett Orlob oh I’m sorry you misunderstand me. I’m not looking for forgiveness for my opinions. Nor would I accept forgiveness for having ANY opinion. Also, if you think forgiveness is required for any opinions of your family members then you’ve got some serious issues.

  3. America, land of the free….unless you give someone in line a bottle of water. The “crime” is not a civil infraction or ticket or misdemeanor; it’s a FELONY. Republicans gone wild.

    1. you cant give someone a bottle of water, can you sell someone in line a bottle of water say for 1 penny a bottle.

    2. It’s against the law for GOPS to be taking money from the donors ! Corporation’s shouldn’t do it neither !

    3. Republicans are being backed up by Putin the Russian leader like in 2020 an 2016 to back up Trump that’s why the GOP doing what there doing I figured them out

  4. Infrastructure and voting rights, please.
    Get rid of gerrymandering and we’ll see a real honest picture of the American electorate.

    1. Get rid of the Electoral College altogether ! Has never made sense to me, especially in modern times. Have each vote count on its own !!!

  5. Can someone please explain to me how giving someone standing in a long line, food or water, contributes to voter fraud? I fail to make the connection…

    1. @Shadow Flame they will,according to the passed law “No one SHALL provide”, it’s gonna create massive lawsuits,personally think it’s unconstitutional,it against to every civil rights….

    2. ​@David Goldman Asking questions while assuming nefarious intent; you must’ve attended the Ben Shapiroi halfwits’ debating camp.

    3. Dem’s are stuck on stupid… Show your ID and VOTE.. What is so difficult about that.?????

    1. So true. We must watch how they vote. It’s a Constant vidualwhich I confess I don’t always do.
      We can’t just vote them in &trust they will do our bidding. Sad

    2. @Shirley Andrews ohh but go to scottymar10 👈🤭 on you tube? Watch all 👈🤭 and know the democrats. Ain’t got long 🤑

    3. @Shirley Andrews You know when the show starts getting good republicans become the news reporters…..
      And the news become the polititions .lol more twists than Joe’s MOUTH 👈🤭

    4. @HunterBiden’sGun if you stood in line six hours in the GA sun, you might appreciate a bottle of water!


      When giving out water is a criminal act. Your living in a despotic tyranny!

    5. @Chad Simmons Gotcha 3 weeks early voting, no excuse absentee ballots and you are crying because you have to have ID to vote? Grow up snowflakes!

  6. …”Forgive your enemies, but never forget their names”… John F. Kennedy…register then Vote in 2022

    1. @Nancy Ross If Nazi’s were bad why did so many get on the US government payroll?
      I know a retired cop that named his daughter after Hitler’s girlfriend.
      His dad was welcomed into the US. Even after being in a military unit working for the SS

    2. Yes. But please don’t vote if you believe that black people cant get id’s. Please don’t vote if you think that it’s imperative that campaigners give voters gifts at the polls.

    3. We will never forgive them and we will remember their names. You forgive the devils and see what happens. He’ll be back because forgiveness represents weakness to them, congress. All their fangs are showing. Don’t forgive, get RID of filth. Peace

  7. He left out the fact that Fulton County is the most populous county in GA and over whelming black.

    1. People in Fulton County are going to have to vote if they want to save democracy, they better vote anyway they have to do it, because the GOP clowns will win if u don’t Fulton County people.

    2. …and we all know that us blacks are incapable of getting id’s.
      All you ignorant racists should gfys.

  8. I’m for pictured State ID but shutting down and removing many DMV locations to acquire this State ID, not allowing voting office to be open on Sunday’s to prevent the black Baptist Southern church member to vote, purging/deleting tens of thousands of voters because they didn’t vote in a previous cycle, limiting drop off boxes to just one box for an entire county covering a few million people, IE: Austin Texas, closing voting offices at 5pm just before people get off of work unable to cast there vote, oh and not providing WATER to a thirsty American citizen waiting on a long line to vote because they could not legally cast an absentee ballot vote, is what, as an American, I’m against and if that’s not voter suppression then the Webster’s dictionary should correct it’s definition.

    1. You prove your Identity when you register. I’m all for all voting to be vote by mail and for the registration process to include showing ID then when you vote the ballots are manually recounted automatically rather than waiting for a request. That way nobody has to bother with the non sense of questioning it. Recounts can be automatic to match the machine counts. Our current system works and if people want more efficiency, fine.

    2. Thomas Chisholm – Regardless of what side you’re on, here’s a little friendly advice. A little all-caps is ok, too much all-caps makes you look desperate and a bit crazy.

    3. @Richard Cogbill so you get your mail from a neighborhood mailbox that is being phased out? Where do your bills come to? Is it somewhere that you can’t also mail something?

  9. Arrest someone for giving water & knocking on a door is insane. What type people we have in government. We have to vote these kinds of people out.

    1. ​@Troy Patterson Your list is accurate but may want to put the one about the state legislature removing local election officials at the top as its the most egregious and unconstitutional.

    2. @HS Here goes: I found this quote on the web: “Racism always finds a way.

      President Donald Trump endorsed Kemp in the Republican primary for governor.

      Kemp, as Secretary of State, effectively disenfranchised tens of thousands of Black voters. As CNN reported last December, in October 2018 “then-Secretary of State Brian Kemp — then the Republican nominee for Georgia governor — enforced a policy of “exact match.” Under the policy, the most minor discrepancy, like a typo or missing letter, between a voter’s registration and their drivers license, Social Security or state ID cards was flagged, leading to more than 53,000 voter applications being put on hold. The majority, seven out of 10, belonged to African-Amercans.”

    3. Stats show that Georgia Republicans voters do not care, they still want their cheating Good Ol’ (racist) Party.

  10. For the 2nd time in our history, the far right wing has declared war on America. It’s time to denounce that party as American and to treat it as an ENEMY of America.

    1. Actually they have declared war on any democracy world wide, here in Europe Bannon and his guys are trying to build a NAZI like Kader school (fortunately denied the idea by an italian court), supported Governments like the Victor Orban like, Poland, Uk with the Brexit etc etc etc . It is a coordinated interruption of democratic processes around the world. So sorry for normal thinking US citizen as this must be mindblowing (it is definetly from far away , (germany)). Human Races have to stand together to administer together the goods we have on this ONE SINGLE Planet. Where do they want to go when only Zombies like them are alive ? reminds me like those Zombie movies……..Stay strong everyone !!!!!!!!

    1. The lines are not that long. There have been record numbers of votes the last two elections.
      But if you don’t respect the right to vote, you should stay in your basement.

  11. It’s the obligation of each generation to take things one step further…knowledge is power!!!😉👍🇺🇸

    1. And we should call out the liars.
      The law is about campaign workers giving snacks and drinks to voters.
      Anyone not affiliated with a campaign can give you whatever.
      Also, black people can get id’s.

    2. Well, unfortunately America went 10 steps backward. How long did they think these lies would last. TIMES UP. Peace

    3. Lies like blacks can’t get id’s or that you can’t have water at polling stations?

  12. The fact that an overwhelmingly unpopular law like this can even be passed just demonstrates how broken state politics is.

  13. The Republicans have become fascists, and the term “Red State” has taken on a whole new meaning. If they can’t win an election legitimately, they’ll try to steal it using fascist methods. They’ll claim Biden stole an election while passing laws intended to steal one. They’re such amazing hypocrites and traitors to democracy.

    1. @ApocalypseOfSpoons No worries dude ; Republican will never win again.. No matter how long the line is ; people will vote out of urgency.

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