1. @Yukon Striker Forgive me. Kindly explain how your CTS come into play when challenging the physician’s responses.

    2. @ARK CON I am boosted, and everyone I collaborate with is boosted as well. So you are WRONG again in your assertion.

    1. @Danarchist well I’ve been considerably more correct then any of the so called experts so I suppose that makes me an expert

    1. Also @Charles Chamberlain on your YT channel it states, and I’m quoting here Charles; “Sailing on a budget is about restoring a free sailboat and getting her prepped for excursions on the Great Lakes.” I’m finding your claim that you are an Infectious Disease expert highly dubious.

    2. @Danarchist
      I’m slightly confused with your accusations and assumptions that both Charles and I are not experts on the matter merely because we have hobbies.

    3. @Danarchist consensus is not a scientific term junior. Consensus is a political term and means nothing in the realm of science

    4. No @Hackjob Entertainment I’m saying you are not an Infectious Disease expert due to the fact that you are not an Infectious Disease expert. You may or may not be an MD I don’t know that, but being an MD doesn’t make you an Epidemiologist or Infectious Disease expert. Also, if you are a Chiropractor, you are NOT an anything.

    5. @Danarchist
      A little harsh towards chiropractors aren’t we?

      Which diploma would you like to see before you’ll understand my level of expertise on the matter

  1. How does it protect others in the community when you can still catch it and spread it! This doctor is clearly on the payroll! Don’t do it!

  2. 8 weeks apart? Lol guess the science wasn’t settled…. no mention of any possible heart issues? Interesting ….🙄🤦‍♂️

  3. Carefully Edited Doctor clips says it all…. zero data as usual 1 in 800,000 kids affected by c ‘d could be classified as “some”. This is ridiculous and shameful reporting. She answered nothing.

  4. If you REALLY hate being human, and hate life and want every thought and action heard, want to be tracked everywhere you go, and never to ever be alone again in your usually greatly shortened life, then go ahead and do this. There may be some sadists out there who WANT to be treated like a cardboard box, because even animals don’t deserve this. Those who created it and pushed it should have to use it ALL.

  5. Seems to be the rational thing to do to vaccinate your children. Even if the illness immediately following an infection doesn’t concern parents, minimizing chances of pasc, mis-c and other potential complications that arise from infection should be the goal of any parent.

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