Doctor: ‘Distortion Of Reality’ About Coronavirus Is ‘Mind-Numbing’ | The Last Word | MSNBC

Dr. Vin Gupta tells Ali Velshi it is "irresponsible" for the White House to downplay the rise of coronavirus cases because it exacerbates the "collective lack of patience" with restrictions and shutdowns. Aired on 6/12/2020.
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Doctor: ‘Distortion Of Reality’ About Coronavirus Is ‘Mind-Numbing’ | The Last Word | MSNBC


    1. @Randy Joe
      Republicans have LONG been the party of the wealthy. Their policies and tax reforms have always benefited the “upper” income levels millionaires and up. This benefits them directly and indirectly. Even the vast majority of tax provision in the corona virus law goes to millionaires. 80% of the tax change goes to those who make 1 million or more.

    2. @house boat My 2 sisters,and a nephew, all work in healthcare. They have all made huge sacrifices to help battle this virus. One works in Mass where they are full in ICU. Another in California ,works in the E.R. , and has had to live separately from her children because she is exposed daily. Perhaps you work where you haven’t had a lot of cases. But if you think your small corner of the world represents the rest, I shudder to think what other narrow sighted views you may hold.

    3. @BleedinGreen Betty Republicans are for working class people not people who want everything for FREE !!!
      I am sure you fit into this category.

    4. I just care about being about to work, pay bills and feed my family… what good is being a live if you have a starving baby at home bc the government wants to keep a 90 year old safe and starve a 1 year old bc his dad is told his job is nonessential. I don’t understand anyone in this room!

  1. So stop doing it! You literally said things were fine when a building was on fire right behind you!

    1. Democrats are such pathetic liers. You idiots hopefully will be a minority of government in November ’20.

    2. @house boat “A minority _of_ government.” Wtf does that even MEAN? “Liers”?? What grade did you get up to in school?

    1. Yeah OK…..All the dancing videos they do must really be dangerous…This cold virus isn’t a pandemic…It’s the cold..

  2. Why didn’t the media and the experts talked about COVID when people were protesting for more than a week? Now that the the protest seem to died down, the media went back to covid again.

    1. Yeah the trauma based mind control 24/7 fear propaganda is back…Nobody cares anymore..It’s a cold virus. Yawn.

    2. @Myla Starseed yes but the question was why couldn’t they talk about both at the SAME TIME- as they are obviously related topics.

    3. @RoweHowe As much as you would like it to be false, this is 100% journalism. Biased and very dramatized journalism, but still journalism.

  3. I feel like the blue people pay msnbc guests. No diversity of thought or intellectual honesty

  4. The MSM has lost most of its credibility over the last few years. Constantly pushing one narrative or another. The number of times they flip flopped over the virus reporting alone is plain for all to see. So now, even if they tell the truth (if it supports their narrative), many will not believe them.

    1. Jeff Emerson It doesn’t matter if the biggest liar in the world screams “wolf”, when all one has to do is look out the window and see a bunch of large dog looking things with fangs bared, blood on their jowls, and dead sheep carcasses littering the field.

    1. @jyin475 “Texas sets a new record…19 hospitalizations in four of the past five days.” Read the headline again…Texas…set a RECORD…with 19 hospitalizations…in FOUR of the past FIVE days. How many hospital beds does Texas have? 19 hospitalizations in four days, and this is their record. Even if that was 19 hospitalizations PER DAY for Texas, it would be 76. Doctors are scrambling to accommodate that “spike”?

    1. @Jaxamillian try jim stone investigative journalism or look up people who have been banned from you tube. these fake news mainstream channels are paid puppets, much like your elected civil servants and “celebrities”.

    2. @Jaxamillian the only news more fake than msnbc is cnn. i knew it would be too much truth for you anyway, i’m not sure why you even asked? keep listening to network news then.

    3. I understand that all network news has bias. I take it with a grain of salt. I much prefer that to the conspiracy spreading hacks that are your “real” news

    4. @Caius Keys You are pretty stupid to think the Media is responsible for this virus. The virus is happening all over the world not just here.

    1. The data shows very low mortality, nothing significant, yet the mass media FAKE NEWS keeps spewing lies — meanwhile they don’t say a god-damned thing about rioters congregating and not using masks.

    2. I saw a few doctors speaking up, but things are removed. I know for a fact comments I leave are being deleted from public view. I can still see them, but they are not visible publicly. Other people’s comments, even ones who previously disagreed with me and spoke against me, are having their comments deleted if they even acknowledge I have any good points. YT is censoring things. I might make a vid with screen capture to prove these things. They selectively delete comments to make you look crazy.

  5. Here in Texas the infection rate just keeps climbing, while Trump and even the surgen general said that we’ve flattened the curve. How can they say that? Don’t we count for anything?

    1. The “infection rate” is rising because they’re testing more people. But the left just doubles down and doubles down. Fewer and fewer people are trusting the left agenda. There will be a red wave the likes of which have never been seen before.

    2. Russell Berwick I Remember what your Governor said how older Americans would willingly “sacrifice “ their lives to keep the economy going. Money valued over lives. Your life matters and it is sickening what this president is doing, with his sycophant enablers!!!!

    1. @aboctok Yeah, I would love to see the evidence of both sides. It seems to me it would have been easier to just post the link. So it makes you wonder if the evidence even exists. Especially after you ask them to present it. I don’t know, I pretty much stay out of the debates. I got better things to worry about and if the world burns I don’t even have to worry about those things anymore. It sounds dark but it actually free’s you. Hard to explain.

    2. @Fester Smith I’m in much the same frame of mind. I don’t want to get wrapped up in it, but of course it’s not irrelevant; I just want straight talk, not spin.

  6. If the Surgeon General is misinforming the public during a pandemic, “First, do no harm,” is right out the window. The risk is that he could cause mass-murderer levels of harm. I would think that whatever state he was licensed to practice medicine in would be taking an interest in pulling that license. That would at least give his actions appropriately bad publicity. Or they might possibly offer an emergency conscience implant, as he seems to have misplaced whatever he used to use for one.

  7. social gatherings over 12 people – not allowed. Protests/riots between 1 to 10 thousand people – doctors say you are good to go!

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