Support For Black Lives Matter Reaches All-Time High | The Last Word | MSNBC

A majority of Americans now support the Black Lives Matter movement. "It's encouraging to see more white people out there on the streets protesting because Black folks, we have been protesting from the very beginning,” says Alencia Johnson. "I think as you're seeing this collective movement, you'll see more policy changes." Aired on 6/12/2020.
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Support For Black Lives Matter Reaches All-Time High | The Last Word | MSNBC


    1. @Taye Battle That doesn’t make any sense, especially since they built COLONIES. It’s okay, this is why women shouldn’t discuss politics.

    2. @Joe Blow LOL, men who cannot keep their centuries straight probably shouldn’t discuss politics, either.

    1. Gopher Baroque popular vote doesn’t count becuase New York and California would decide every election

    2. Turkish Gypsy Reading comprehension fails you like most. An you seem to not understand how the electoral college works like most. Good day to you troll, and good luck in life. It seems it has been tough for you so far

    3. fly goat An I just told you why that was so. An why it will not happen again. Simply people are going to the polls. Case in point Wisconsin past election 2 months ago. Trump carried Wisconsin last election. The GOP tried voter suppression, having only three polling stations open for the whole state, along with 4 hour waiting lines. Even still in a GOP stronghold Democrats won with over 60% of the vote. Michigan, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania all Trump states in 2016. Recent polls show Trump is behind big time. But besides that Democrats will when because this election they’re showing up. That is the bottom line. It’s more good Americans then hateful wicked Trump supporters. If they’d went to the polls in 2016 no Trump. It’s just basic, and yes idiots still want get it.

    4. @fly goat A week before the election he announced that Hillary was under investigation when she wasn’t…

    1. MSNBC LAND where everyone is F.O.S….. Vote dem right down the line if you support terrorists!!lmao TRUMP2020

    2. Gopher Baroque
      what issue is that? haven’t you guys gotten your new shoes and flatscreen TVs already? 4 cops did a bad thing but the rest of country is racist?

    3. @hans haslang Ya man didn’t you know if one cop does something bad all cops are bad but you know if protestors turn into rioters/looters then well you can’t say all protestors are bad.

  1. Stop seeing and thinking black and white. We’re all human with red blood and we’ve all the same. With regard to our skin color, we should be color blind. stop this differentiation

    1. @Redskins Pride WGIL did roof resist when they came for him? Everything is muh racism

    2. @Debbie Bassett and you hate the first amendment. Sounds like you’re listening to what white rich people are telling you PR. You’re worth more than your boss tells you you’re worth.

    3. @Redskins Pride WGIL Yeh take your own advice, look up the videos of the police bashing of Kelly Thomas or the shooting of unarmed white man Daniel Shaver, your hatred of white people is called racism, you get that right?

    1. @Patrick McLean LOL, if you were any good at your job, you wouldn’t have to fear some minimum wage poll taker sitting in a boiler room making random phone calls for an opinion survey.

    2. @Constituent A WTF is your comment? I don’t think you understand if someone with enough power wants you gone, you’re gone.

    3. @Patrick McLean What’s so funny is that you think the pollster is that person with all this unmitigated power. Actually, there’s another part that’s funny, too, and that is that you think your job is so important that someone thinks its worth it to go after you.

    4. @Constituent A It wouldn’t be the first time someone went after me. If you have things other people want, then you’re a target. You know how many men are accused of raping women that didn’t?


    1. @Constituent A
      The funny thing is, they’re probably going to continue after Biden, win or lose. And the response will probably be “Yeah, Biden’s terrible, so what? Trump is an abomination.”
      Which is very different from the hilariously ironic defenses of Trump from Trump supporters. I mean considering everything they/Trump accused Obama of, Trump has not just actually done himself, but turned it up to 11.
      I don’t think Trump supporters get it. In electing such an obviously incompetent buffoon, at this point there’s no criticism Trump supporters can lob at Democrats and expect it to stick. They’ve lost their ability to criticize Democrats without looking like blatant hypocrites. The “Hillary Card” is just a desperate extension of that.

    2. @Mrrogersbestneighbo Trump’s gonna lose this election, for sure. the more people vote, the less likely republicans win

    3. @Nathan Vance MSNBC doesn’t do polls, they just report them! So why don’t you look up party alignment in this country, and see what they say! By the way, Republicans provide that info!

    4. @Jake MacHine He is killing people!!! His response to covid-19 has caused thousands of unnecessary deaths! Taxes, Healthcare, our economy is tanked! Name one thing he’s done, that wasn’t self-serving, or bigoted!

    5. @Ken Quarles what should his response have been ? You tell me.
      Healthcare has not tanked.
      The economy will improve very quickly based on the market.
      What unnecessary deaths did Trump cause and how ?
      You have allegations without any sort of evidence.
      Simple left-wing nothing.

    1. All the rich neighborhoods in my city have black lives matter signs so they won’t get attacked. Reminds me of passover when people didn’t want their children to die.

    2. @michael carlock Maybe if a guy doesn’t want to be a daddy he should just keep it in his pants.

    3. Constituent A You must be a woman. You women need to quit trying to turn players and “bad boys” into the father type that is not them. Instead get with someone who has their head on their shoulders who has potential. And not after you’ve had 3 kids by 3 different fathers either.
      Just because a man will sleep with you does not mean you are entitled to a kid from him.

    4. @michael carlock I marvel at your stunning powers of perception! Yes, I am a woman. A mother and a grandmother as well. My late husband was both my best friend and my true love. There will be no other, for none could hold a candle to his love and affection, warmth and compassion. Can’t relate at all to the rest of what you write. It comes off as someone trying to create an imaginary nemesis to explain away why he can’t get laid. You make a really good case for safe, legal abortion, though.

  3. Very bad I heard that a lot of Amazon customer’s cancelled their services because they stand against black lives matter, yes all lives matter everyone know that, and we all see the difference in this big world, besides majority of their employees are black and they are the ones making sure those customer’s are getting their packages, I heard they work very hard in making sure of that

    1. Denise King the owner of Amazon is almost a Trillionaire, He could care less that a small population is boycotting his company. He knows they will be back soon. Amazon delivers almost instance gratification on most of their services. Cancel away people 😊

    1. That’s one way to look at it, the other is that trump is the catalyst, destabilzing europe, nato, and the heartlaand of the USA *FOR* vladimir putin

  4. I would not believe ANYTHING is station prints or announces it is all fake news from the desk of bill gates.

  5. Police have doing this for decades. You have see on a iPhone for white folks to believe it.

  6. I noticed the trends in the comments section these days. Someone is paying a lot of money to post these negative comments but I guess a job is a job. Don’t matter tho .Trump is OTD..

    1. @zuke 1 Not true. You can read the comments and tell that majority of the comments posted are FAKE!

    2. Mostly, it is Maddow and O’Donnell’s videos that attract the trolls and negative commentary. If these people are getting paid, I would think that would be extraordinary and who would be paying them? The FBI might want to look into that. I always follow them back to their youtube channel and look for this message “this channel has no content.” 90% of the time, that is the tell tale sign that these people are in it for the trolling. I also don’t believe that these people are russian bots. They’re just a**holes.

  7. Whomever owns this channel should close the comments section. The fake posters have ruined it for legitimate comments.

  8. To the 21 black tourists arrested on Hawai’i for violating quarantine Hawaiian lives matter too shame on you!

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