Doctor: If You’re Not Vaccinated, Getting Covid Is Inevitable

As Nevada deals with a rise in Covid cases almost entirely among the unvaccinated, infectious disease expert Dr. Luis Medina-Garcia says for those who have not had the vaccine, it's not a matter of if but when they will contract the virus.
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    1. @Jake August my liveliness maybe meaningless but I co- founded a company that now employs over 4,000 people.

    2. @Brian Hinson Letting people choose without ridicule is not denying anyone anything. Abortion on the other hand is directly ending a life but is acceptable for some reason? Covid has a 1% death rate while abortion has a 99.8% death rate. Nor does the vaccine prevent covid 19, just the severity of the side effects which doesn’t effect the vaccinated (supposedly).

    3. @Jordan Morton Not everyone can be vaccinated… I guess you consider eggs to be chickens (your view on abortion is fantastical at best). Unvaccinated people ruin life for the rest of us, simple fact. Unvaccinated people allow room for the virus to mutate and evolve creating potentially more deadly versions. Unvaccinated people restart epidemics which where done away with until anti-vax nonsense became a thing. Unvaccinated people believe things that are factually and evidently untrue. There isn’t a debate on the efficacy of vaccine’s except by those who are willfully ignorant.

    4. @Earl Hickey thnx bro. Connor here, in L.A. I really dont think it is any more than common sense–kinda like that movie with Luke Wilson Idiocracry where an average a-hole is woken up in the future and is thought to be brilliant cuz everyone else is brain dead. That would be L.A. bro –but it is now, not the future!

      By the way, lots of people agree with us but CNN doesnt ever ‘call on them’ since the teacher’s pet is Fauci and his cult of alarmists. Chick I know here in L.A. told me about 5 yrs ago “hey my gf Cathy is dating this guy who is a billionaire but I wouldnt date him if he had 10 bill! (that was my friend saying that)/ and I go “Really LOL,why’s that,small dck? LOL” . Her response was “when this guy comes over Cathy’s to pick her up, he brings Lysol to wipe all the doorknobs down”.

      LOl–fng freak and that was FIVE years AGO –but that is probably how Fauci is .

    1. @Kyle Johnson Well a good portion of our brainwashed demoralized society will be perfectly fine with relying on booster shots the rest of their lives every few months just to survive instead of relying on their immune system, losing weight, etc.

    2. @M S Don’t blame the doctors, blame the medical schools that leave them working for free durring school, hundreds of thousands in debt, malpractice premiums at a all time high because a lawyer sues for billions because the doctor left a scar that was .5inches longer than they said it would be and other cases that should never see a courtroom or be settled out of court. All they can be at this point is paid spokespeople, it’s the only way they’ll break even now. As for profit over patients, blame your local hospital administrators and board of directors who insist it’s better to keep profits high with quick turnover. Hey, if they get it wrong and the person comes back it’s more billable hours to their insurance carrier.

    1. @Timothy Kohout meanwhile my 50 yr old triathlete friend is a long hauler, constant, lingering symptoms for over a year.

    2. @zappafan11 “Most” people get through COVID without significant complications, but a very significant percentage do not. Around 5-6% of people become so sick they need to be hospitalized and will suffer lifelong complications and likely have their life expectancy reduced significantly. And around 1.7% of people just die. And when COVID infects a huge chunk of the world’s population that means tens of millions dead and hundreds of millions more severely damaged.

      Even though the pandemic didn’t start until March 2020 and the worst months of deaths were January – March 2021, the life expectancy was lowered by nearly 2 years for 2020. And we will probably see a similarly low life expectancy in 2021 and in the next couple years.

    3. One, who is “they”? Two, your proof of this is what? Three, just switching between news channels reporting on COVID, fatality rates were given each time along with rates of infection.
      So you are either not paying attention or you are being deliberately obtuse.
      Your choice.
      And yes, 1.4K likes can be wrong. There is no such thing as a flat earth.

    4. @Queens Rule One problem with you COVID-denying lunatics is that your writing is so incoherent and scatter-brained that it’s hard to even understand what you’re saying.

      The current surge in new infections is getting the most reporting because that is what’s happening right now. The increase in deaths will follow in 1-2 weeks as those that were newly infected begin to die, and that will certainly be reported on. In fact both death and hospitalization rates are both beginning to increase now – which has itself been reported on.

      And obviously there’s no hard statistic on what percentage of articles are currently reporting on the number of deaths happening, but any browsing of the major news sites will show plenty of articles on the current rates of hospitalizations and deaths. This is not information that is being buried or that is at all hard to find. Around 500 people a day are dying from COVID and those numbers will surge upwards in the coming weeks because of the most recent surge in infections.

    1. @Gary A Johnson II I wish they were, most will take it for a cheap freebie gift ie: free breakfast, beer or ice cream cone.

    2. Plus they keep saying it’s more infectious they aren’t saying delta is
      more dangerous. So this seems like fear mongering

    1. @Ghost 23 No, it is not rude. Most of the time, improving other people’s grammar, syntax, & orthography is a nice thing to do, because it helps them to improve those things, which helps them in lots of other ways.

    2. @Sal L amazing how people like you think someone with a degree automatically knows what they’re talking about. Guess that’s why you turned to bill gates for medical advice.

  1. Yes fear can be a powerful tool until it meets its match with somebody who just doesn’t care whether they get it or not or what happens as a result of getting it then fear is just obsolete

    1. or met by someone used to hearing a government that’s full of crap and goes back and forth on their “science”

  2. Interesting that they’ve been tracking and reporting CASES and not DEATHS ..
    one can only wonder .. 🤔🤔🤔

    1. @Jonathan Blanton major media has literally changed their language from deaths to cases for at least the last 2 months .. there’s no way you’re this stubborn ..
      Since the vaccines have been rolling out the language has changed on how they report Covid .. you can easily look up major local news coverage on YouTube

    2. ​@Splish Splash it’s not strange. there are many diseases that are specific to humans and not animals…. stop spreading misinformation

  3. Pointing a person towards “reputable sources of information” doesn’t change the fact that there has been little to no testing prior to it’s deployment, and we have no understanding of the long-term affects, especially with this new type of vaccination.

  4. Oh well guess I’ll just get the COLD like every other year :/. I mean I have a 99.997% chance to survive lmao.

  5. Eat healthy, workout consistently, and manages stress. You’d be amazed how long you could live.

    1. @Brandon Banks But embarrassment can be overcome. That’s kind of difficult to do with death.
      Zombies don’t count.

    2. The use of “could” creates ambiguity.
      One has personally known three people who faithfully followed the routine you outline.
      They are all dead.
      So your routine is not an absolute and guarantees nothing.

    3. That is a deadly seduction, and there are so many examples of people who died (Russian fitness influencer) of COVID or got hugely sick (another bad COVID story where a guy didn’t vaccinate because he thought he was “too fit and healthy” to get COVID) who did all those. We also had all those things 150 years ago (veggie diet, lots of exercise, simple life, etc), when average life expectancy was 49 and it was pretty common to have half your kids die before adulthood (my great grad-dad was the only one of his 4 siblings who didn’t die of an infectious disease – I have pics of the graves). What stopped that…..vaccines.

  6. They keep talking about this trash vaccine but I know people who got the vaccine got covid for the second time already

  7. I’d like to see data from trials of unvaccinated patients with antibodies and vaccinated patients vs Delta Variant

    1. They are out there. Children who earned immunity from covid in dec 19 retained antibodies in june 20 and still in june 21. Stay away from children w jabs.

    2. Get a graduate level science degree and go work for the CDC, they don’t accept “internet scientist” degrees sadly

  8. Yup you will get it and you will live. I’ve had it twice in over a year. Just a crappy cold if you are healthy. Not even close so severe enough to get an experimental drug over 🤷🏼‍♂️

  9. I am vaccinated, but the way this woman says “Fear can be a powerful tool” is not the way to get people to become vaccinated.

    1. I 110% agree. I am also vaccinated, have been for months. All this does, along with forcing any group to get vaccinated, is strengthen the resolve of unvaccinated people and kind of prove one of their points. They say the government will use the vaccine as a weapon to take away rights and it sure seems it’s heading that way as horrifying as that is. This is troubling to me.

    2. I agree.. that is not a very good way to convince the unvaxed to get it done.

      Unfortunately sometimes people have to have the really of the seriousness of a particular situation to happen to a loved one 1st before they see that this is not a game. — But on the other hand, no one knows yet if there won’t be any future, long-term negative health issues that can happen some time down the road after getting vaccinated, sooo it is just a very scary decision to make either way.

      I saw a lady on the news who was leaving the hospital for the second time after getting Covid twice. — She said that she still can’t say that she will get the vaccination. 🤷🏼‍♀️

    3. You are part if the millions that got the mark lol…how the heck they get a cure for this in a year but ain’t got a cure for everything else lol…

    4. @UsoShitOn 1 I think you’re mistaking a cure and a vaccine. They create a new vaccine for the flu every year. Creating a vaccine for covid was not that difficult once they sequenced it.

    1. Vaccination is one of the most Deceptive Inventions Promoted By Science, said Tetyana Obukhanych, PhD. To better understand the Truth about Vaccination Programs read the Historic, This Is A Bio-Attack Alert, by Dr Robert B Strecker.

    2. @John Burns science is bad, says scientist. cant trust scientists. read this book by another scientiest

    3. @ClayKeeton I think we are already there…tyranny that is and it’s not going away anytime soon.

  10. Haven’t seen any doctor mention herbs or to strengthen your immunity system or to eat healthy 😂😂 mannnnnnn 🤦‍♂️

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