1. “The conservative position isn’t that they want the states to have the right to give you more freedom, they want the states to have the right to take it away.”

    1. @Brupe Boring under federal law the unborn baby is considered a human being From day 91 of pregnancy

    2. @J Etymology. The word fetus (plural fetuses or feti) is related to the Latin fētus (“offspring”, “bringing forth”, “hatching of young”) and the Greek “φυτώ” to plant.

      this is why you should fact check your propaganda before you repeat it blindly..

  2. I hope the Indiana AG is sued personally and he has to pay out of his own pocket when he loses. This clown was so far over the top he deserves to suffer and be seen as an example of abuse of power for his own personal religious views.

    1. ​@Anson Arnold You can try to demonize the other side all you want, give them any kind of label your biased mind can conjure but it still won’t change anything about the fact that it is GOP that’s taking people’s freedoms away, one at a time, including those they’d enjoyed even during RR’s presidency, and tries to assert control over every aspect of people’s lives.

    2. @Anson Arnold “‘school broad meeting” ??
      Perhaps you should have paid a little more attention with your own education…

    3. @Jonathan morrison without the honest to express concern for the little girl,I don’t know why anyone would care what you think.

    1. @Kimberly Cochran Mark is a troll that spends all day going through the you tube feeds, using multiple identities to say ” Squirrel”

    2. @soothsayer Mark is a troll that spends all day going through the you tube feeds, using multiple identities to say ” Squirrel”

  3. I’m getting tired of this law professionals acting like this and when they are caught they take the DJT road and never apologize for their actions. They should be thrown out of their positions, fined extensively so they don’t do it again. Accusing without proof is not the job of an AG, but this is where we are now.

    1. @When Lambo ?? you’re missing the point completely.
      1. He said she committed crimes in the past of not reporting abortions – false
      2. He said she was violating HIPPA federal laws – he has no power to investigate that what so ever. State authorities can’t investigate for the federal government without their permission genius.
      3. He said he would also investigate if she reported this abortion correctly , which is the counties job not the state …. He has no jurisdiction.
      4. He is an attorneys general , he doesn’t get to discuss potential cases if he really does think their is some legit case to be investigated

      Maybe if you got more than your GED you’d understand how the law works

    2. @Loki 1 how do you know it false ? 2 who cares, 3who cares, and 4, sure he can. I think he knows better then you 🙂

  4. Good. I hope that they win their lawsuit. 🙂 She was a ten year old child! When I was ten, I played with barbie dolls. I loved cartoons. I didn’t worry about things like this. That dear sweet child should not have to either. This is a case where the decision was justified. She was not ready physically or mentally for this. God bless her, her family, and her parents for helping her. 🕊

    1. And religion had a hand in this, if it was not for religious zealots this would not be in the news because roe v wade would not have been overturned

    2. With the exception of getting pregnant, I was that child at the age of 12. I went to my mother & begged her to make my dad stop hurting me, cuz I didn’t wanna get pregnant with my own sibling. We were Jehovahs Witnesses & if I had fallen pregnant, I too would have been FORCED to birth the child. Thank God he didn’t impregnate me. That was down to luck of the draw, as it were, cuz that Bastard kept on with the abuse, til I was 17. And now due to the yrs of damage to my reproductive system, I can’t carry a baby. Am 45 now & have not been with anyone in 15 yrs. I was raped by the only Dude I ever dated. I was 31. I NEVER dated anyone again. Male or female. He destroyed my life. Never will trust another man again. There is actually a very nice gentleman who wants to date me. But I won’t allow it. My brother is desperate to hook us up, cuz he seems to be unconvinced when I tell him I do NOT want a relationship with anyone. He refuses to respect my wishes & its causing a strain on our sibling relationship. He doesn’t get it. No one does. People like me are considered less than, in this sick society. I flat out informed my brother that I consider sex absolutely revolting. And am straight. He even went so far as to want to hook me up with a woman. I am not interested in that either. I wish I was gay, but I ain’t. If I was, at least I would be able to enjoy the wonderful benefits of being in a loving relationship, but I am only attracted to men. But I will NEVER trust em. I know not all men are like my dad & my ex. But I just am incapable of trusting them. My brother thinks it’s his job to “protect” me. Nope. That is my job only. Nopne else can do that. This is the price I hafta pay, just for some peace of mind. Believe me, what that poor kid is going thru is no joke. It WILL affect the rest of her life. Am just hopeful that she gets the psychiatric help she needs, like I wasn’t allowed to as a child, so that she won’t end up alone , hurt , terrified & unable to trust a man, when she reaches adult hood! 😔

  5. I congratulate the Doctor who performed the required medical procedure and wonder how people can be upset about helping a 10 year old girl to avoid delivering a child from a rapist. For us people in Europe you have gone nuts. I am sorry that this is the mildest way I can put it. Simply nuts.

    1. @J just don’t! You sound like a fool. This is a 10 year old child. A child should NEVER be pregnant. And yea anything could kill anyone, so please maybe don’t look the next time you cross the street and see what your odds are.

    1. @David Eby I didn’t read your reply at all, I simply wanted it so I can stop notifications from you. You’re too off the beam to deal with.

  6. That doctor did the right thing helping that 10-year-old girl, and the fact that news networks and people in government would actually attack that girl and call her a liar is sickening!

  7. Dr. Caitlin Bernard is a national hero for helping that 10 year old receive her abortion. Hope she wins her lawsuit 🙏

    1. @Heather S he is referring to the fact that the 10 year old girl got pregnant in 6 week 3 days before June 30. And if her parents took her into the doctors before roe vs Wade was overturned. She could have still gotten the abortion in Ohio. My question to you is; why did her mother wait till after roe vs Wade was overturned to get the abortion 🤔?

    2. @Anson Arnold I agree with the AG’s this one. Everyone keeps saying 6 weeks, when in all actuality it’s the heartbeat bill. A heartbeat can be detected at 6 weeks but that’s not concrete. So 6 weeks 3 days holds no relevance. My second point is a 10 year old was brought into an office pregnant. Why was CPS not called immediately at the very least that’s statutory rape, neglect or child endangerment. Lastly this doctor spoke with the press. That’s violation of HIPPA laws, even if she didn’t mention her personally. You can’t speak to reporters about private procedures performed in your office and the age, plus origin of the patient. The AG called her on that BS, and I hope she loses the cases. This is the same as leaking information from SCOTUS because you don’t agree with it.

  8. I’ve never seen anything like the AG of a state putting outright damaging lies on national media. This is most certainly the reason slander laws were created. It’s why powerful legal people in Indiana are saying he should lose his law license.

    1. @Rick Ton WOW. It gets even worse. At the time of this post it says 16 replies and only 5 show up……

  9. He lied on national television, so she has a pretty good case. And the great thing is, that unlike cops, he’ll have to pay, not the taxpayers.

  10. If they had a petition to support her lawsuit, i would sign it immediately. The lies they have told about the doctor is truly despicable. They even saying that the 10 year old little child didn’t exist. This is a living, feeling little girl that those Republican liars are using as a pawn to prolong her agony. This little girl has to live with this the rest of her life and they have made her a part of history now. Not all Republicans are bad, but have ANY of them spoken up AGAINST the lies?

    1. @Nadia Telounts Really? You have no comments about this poor little girl? All you can do is change the subject? It seems that you are as cold as those politicians.

    2. In that case don’t mention Republicans . How do you know if this news is true ? But I am glad you care about people . At the same time you don’t know me and my feelings.

    3. @Nadia Telounts you’re still not taking about the subject at hand. You’re talking about everything but what i was commenting on. Why are you avoiding the topic? Please state what you think about what the little child is going through? And why do you think that after she was raped, she should have to, at 10 years of age, give birth to her rapist’s baby? You completely ignore the poor child and defend ADULT Republicans who can defend themselves.

  11. The AG also said (with no evidence) that the doctor had a history of failing to report. His behavior is outrageous+ needs to be rebuked strongly, esp. in light of his defiance and continued smears of the doctor.

    1. @sal ortiz The new logic is, just win elections, and then the law is whatever you want it to be.

    1. @Jay Gray it may be that Biden actually feels constrained by the countries laws and regulations.

    2. @Jay Goren Started to laugh at first, but I do know what you mean. That’s the way it’s suppose to work, just that the far right only sees things one way. My only point was do what they do, which makes as much sense as the abortion ruling but it might be something they’d at least understand.

  12. Sue the hell out of them!

    She WILL win!

    When you start to literally make them “PAY” for their lies, they will change!

  13. It is about time people start getting sued for lying and attacking people who have done nothing wrong.

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