Secret Service provided only one text exchange to IG after request for many records

Secret Service provided only one text exchange to IG after request for many records 1


    1. @Douglas Reagan Considering that Comey gave Trump the election on a silver platter, what do you have against him??

  1. IF WE CANT TRUST ONE OF THE HIGHEST ECHELONS OF FEDERAL LAW ENFORCEMENT THEN WE CANT TRUST LOWER ECHELONS OF LAW ENFORCEMENT! The director of the secret service absolutely has to be transparent and shed light on what seems to be a malicious coverup.

    1. @Paul Boger Still waiting for Hillary’s missing hard drives and Holder’s testimony before congress. We need accountability only if a conservative or Trump supporter may suffer?

  2. Looks to me the secret service is bought and paid for.
    And is definitely criminal.
    The secret service agents that deleted the text messages should be criminally charged.

    1. @M.B. 4ya also  @M.B. 4ya  and there’s a process committees go through when deciding what to disclose to the public also Members of Congress, who are Members of the committee and have signed the Oath for Access to Classified Information, shall have access to all classified papers and other materials received by the committee from any source

    2. @Diego Haro I know my rights and you’re gonna need a warrant for that. Aren’t you sharp as a tack, you some type of lawyer or something, you pass the bar or something?

    1. @WE THE PEOPLE 🙌 I was really mad about official documents torn up, put in burn bags, flushed down the toilet and swallowed. I was so upset about 15 boxes of official documents being stolen

    2. @james zimmerman do you even know what documents you’re referring to or are you just repeating something you saw on tv ?

  3. The Secet Service needs to be deconstructed and if they’re compromised, be prosecuted where relevant. Take them apart, start all over.

    1. @Jay Kline the defund the police movement….exactly what I mean…….no self awareness. No foresight. No 🧠……you proved my point my guy.

  4. All they have to do is subpoena the itemised bills for each phone, it’ll tell them who texted whom. It won’t show what was in the message, but it gives them a point of reference to ask questions about.

  5. Based on the number of Secret Service scandals and unprofessional behavior in the last several years I wouldn’t trust them to protect the President. Time to clean house.

  6. Mr. Heddell says the Secret Service has a good process for maintaining records, in his memory. Relying on the judgment of individual agents doesn’t sound like a process to me.

    1. Had a process. Remember when all those records went to Mar a Lago ? Or the clogged plumbing from flushed documents? How about those tax returns that were supposed to be voluntarily turned over?

    2. If the Secret Service is good to track you down when you threaten the president or have a false bill they should have emails and text messages available

  7. Here’s what get’s me : Text systems require a server to work. So to say these messages were deleted they had to be deleted from the phone, from the server and from the server backups that have to be run daily. I could see fat fingering deleting them from the phone. We all do that once in awhile. The server? Much more difficult but okay some random person comes in and clicks the wrong button. The server backups as well? Nuh uh. I am sure backups are run every day and likely to somewhat permanent media (Think writing to a DVD somewhere). Deleting that needs more work and has to be done consciously.

    1. With today’s distributed cloud storage, this data had to exist in several locations. To purge them all would take a concerted effort, not some piddling error.

    2. @Name We know for a fact texts were sent. They admit that the texts sent were deleted. So it’s kinda difficult to argue they weren’t sent.

    3. @Timothy Collins Yes, continue to ignore the fact that they get factory reset phones consistently. I am done with this conversation since you continuously repeat yourself and refuse to address most of what I say. Stop wasting my time.

    4. @Name Again – the phones aren’t the only point here. Literally there is the server and server backups. And you keep ignoring that.

  8. This certainly appears to be a deliberate act. I guess they wanted our undivided attention. Let’s give it to them!

    1. @John Osborne Are you quite sure you’re qualified to speak for the rest of the country? You certainly don’t speak for me.

  9. This isn’t a “perception” problem, it isn’t an “incompetence” problem, it’s a criminal problem.

    1. With all the ways that technology can be recovered, this explanation of being permanently deleted after the request is deeply disturbing. Seems Benedict Donald’s reach is deeper than one can imagine. Definite rooted corruption here.

  10. I never could have imagined the swamp was this big or this deep. I’m deeply saddened that there isn’t a single institution that the American people can point to and say “those are the good guys”.

    1. It was never a swamp more like a bayou or delta! You think you’re getting close than you hit a wall or a fork and you end up turned around and waist deep in sh!t!

    2. @Mark Did they tear up official documents and throw them on the floor? Eat them and flush them down the toilet? Did they steal 25 boxes of official documents, some of them too secret? OOPS. That was someone else.

  11. Everyone responsible for this needs to be fired, no questions asked. As Mr. Collins posted below, this had to be done consciously. There is no way to make all this information disappear like a fart in the wind. They should all be hung out to dry, someone will come up with the missing texts. Then you fire them anyway for whatever they were trying to get away with. This is absolute nonsense.

    1. Good luck with that, as the secret service is powerful and I’m willing to bet those texts from 1/5,6 will never surface

    2. Why did trump breach this important protocol? For his benefit? One message for 6 January? Sounds more nefarious than anything else. Expert needs to be called in to retrieve this important information? Unbelievable, only under trump would this happen. Biggest question is why? Protect him?

  12. Ironically, Glenn Kirschner, ex-DOJ prosecutor, says that he always went to the secret service to retrieve deleted documents. It’s their specialty!

  13. This is a massive understatement of Ornato’s conflict of interest, when, on 1/6, he was both on Trump’s election team and the secret service. Trump’s election team on 1/6 was trying to delay certification so Ornato had an interest in doing that too. And the insurrection aimed to disrupt certification, which would, of course, delay it.

  14. They should be fired and imprisoned. If they’re still in position, this may be a risk for current and future presidents.

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