Doctor reacts to Ontario’s booster shot announcement | COVID-19 in Canada

Dr. Nili Kaplan-Myrth reacts to the announcement from Ontario's chief medical health officer Dr. Kieran Moore.

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  1. True, where are these indoor spaces Dr. Moore is finding, there are no masks in my neighbourhood.

    1. @Deriz Nobot Go read the Bible, unless you’re one of those cowards who dismisses it before knowing anything about it.

      Go ahead, it talks about Pharmakeia in there.

    2. how is this profitable? Health Canada provides it free to provinces, who provide it free to patients via public health units

    1. Yeah, how about letting the immune system do it’s job.

      I am sure there can be exceptions with the very young and very old or those with compromised immune system, but that’s probably a small fraction.

    2. @M Gil I would hope a hospital that had two patients present for a last available ventilator would triage in the one who took recommended preventive measures over the one who refused to vax, mask and socially distance. There should be consequences for unhealthy behaviours

    1. Absolutely.
      Such a seemingly intelligent person. I mean honestly a doctor. Yet she has no common sense.
      Educated well beyond her intelligence level.

    2. @Mark’s 2 Cents I wouldn’t exactly say “educated”. More like credentialised beyond their intelligence. Plus, she has a financial incentive to say whatever they tell her to.

  2. How many real medical treatments, and basic diagnosis will be put off so the flu shots can be distributed? And what is the harm in clogging already backed up a already backed up medical system by doing so? Would that number of deaths do to lack of treatments be higher than the .06% death rate from covid flu?

    1. Where I live vaccinations are administered by public health, pharmacies, and general practitioners/community health centres. This does not involve hospital staff, to my knowledge

  3. Her voice cracked when she said everyone should have at least 3 doses… she must love being on TV… finally getting the attention she’s craved since her dad stopped caring about hwr.

    1. Kindly state one thing the doctor mentioned that is contrary to the science. If you can’t, you are dismissing arbitrarily.

    1. @john15008 neither do any of the “experts”…. If our health officials and politicians were paid $2k per month the way CERB recipients were, the curve would have been flattened in 2 weeks, and we’d be told to get on with it

    2. @LMLM LMLM I guess you don’t what it means either. “Flatten the curve” has nothing to do with politics. It means blunt the upward trajectory of an epidemiological curve. And yes, it has flattened several times during the pandemic.

    1. @Richard Roe
      Trust Lord Jesus, and your house will be saved
      Come to me, all you who are weary burdened, and l will give you rest
      Jesus loves you

  4. Better spend that payoff quickly before you are arrested and tried under Nuremberg. I pity your patients for trusting you.

  5. Hey “doctor”. Can you use empirical science to explain yourself, instead of fearmongering via hyper-emotional, unsubstantiated declarations?

  6. This women is one step away from being a crazy lady on the street proclaiming, ” I can save them all!”

  7. I would argue that entire Canadian population is “high risk”, with doctors like this one, working in the healthcare system…

  8. “ Take more of what didn’t work before “

    recommending a product that is multiple generations out of date?

    recommending masks when published, peer reviewed articles in the Lancet point out that this virus also enters through the tear ducts of our eyes?

    This doctor needs to spend more time researching, and far less time giving out of date recommendations.

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