Ontario opens access to booster shots amid summer wave of COVID-19 | Full announcement

Ontario's chief medical health officer Dr. Kieran Moore announced that the province would be expanding access to booster shots.

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    1. @Primmakin Sofis One thing they have been able to mitigate is common sense and critical thinking

    2. Mu daughter is suffering hugely, menstrual issues, my other daughter developed autoimmune issues recently. On predisone

  1. Wow what a thumbnail guy’s practically jumping off his seat in anticipation for the next billion dollars he’ll make.

  2. Can someone please answer this question: Why should a healthy person who’s had omicron take any more shots?

    1. @DoucheCam _ This is for those at risk or close to someone at risk._

      Doesn’t seem to work. Public Health Agency of Canada data for Dec. 14, 2020, through June 19, 2020:

      5.49% = hospitalization rate for infected persons with 0 doses
      5.46% = hospitalization rate for infected persons with 4 doses

      1.07% = loss of life rate for infected persons with 0 doses
      1.89% = loss of life rate for infected persons with 4 doses

      That 4th dose isn’t looking too useful, is it?

  3. What a SHAME! SHAME! SHAME!
    You must have a very thick skin to continue with this shameful act.

  4. You no longer have to wait 9 months before you can receive the next booster? Now it’s 5 months? Maybe we’re not dying fast enough…🤔 Oh dear…I’m about 36 months behind…

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