Doctor Supports Vaccinate Mandate Among Medical Workers | MSNBC

Dr. Ezekiel Emanuel joins Morning Joe to discuss why he's in favor of mandatory vaccinations in the private sector, particularly in medical facilities first.

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Doctor Supports Vaccinate Mandate Among Medical Workers | MSNBC


    1. @Ghost
      You need to stop slamming your personal religion in people’s faces, rights within the United States of America are based on the United States Constitution, not one of hundreds of different religions.

    1. The “me” attitude is the reason there’s so many unvaccinated right now. Try something else.

    2. @shadows221 entitled, spoiled rotten brats, who think civil liberties only apply to them are the problem.

  1. This is why people are concerned about going to the hospital during the pandemic. I definitely don’t want to catch covid-19 from an unvaccinated healthcare worker…

    1. I don’t go to hospitals…..I don’t have money for them…..Im not afraid of dying if while I live I am Free……those who fear death don’t live life to its fullest.

    2. @nature lover this is why hospitals should test for covid-19 in Healthcare workers routinely. Even the vaccinated ones…

    3. @Paul Wilson If the question is directed at me, yes I got vaccinated. No side effects. I still wear my mask in public. I do not attend weddings, funerals, or any group gatherings. I shop every 3 weeks, but limit my time in the store to 20 minutes. I no longer eat at restaurants. I don’t need the government to tell me when to wear a mask. As long as the pandemic is killing people, I will side with caution…

  2. Blind deplorable trolls gonna troll at the expense of someone’s life.
    Real Americans respect fellow Americans and get vax’d.

    1. @Louis Tully I’m firmly ensconced in the U. S. of A. watching all these law-and-order back-the-blue types claiming they have the freedom to cherry pick the laws they get to follow. It’s funnier than watching a hillbilly hoedown Trump rally.

    2. @Luis Boqcas the majority of Americans do not trust or respect the current temporary government here…..we are at War with eachother…..I hope you are happy and safe where you are.

    3. @Ghost There is no reason for Americans to be at war with each other… the partisan divide created is, to a large extent, artificial, people just need to listen to each other without feeling attacked just because others have different opinions. I live in the third safest country in the world according to some rankings, we have our issues but safety is not one of them. Keep safe.

  3. United States Supreme Court

    Jacobson v Massachusetts 1905
    They AGREED with a lower Courts decision that STATES have the authority to make a vaccine mandatory, it was in regards to a Small Pox vaccine.

    “The Court’s decision articulated the view that Individual liberty is NOT absolute and is subject to the police power of the State”

    Zucht v King 1922
    Schools HAVE the authority to deny a Student if they have not gotten the mandatory vaccinations.

    The latest B$ Red States are pulling denying Schools the right to know was thrown out by the United States Supreme Court NINETY NINE YEARS AGO!!!
    If they have the authority to deny them if they haven’t, they OBVIOUSLY have the right to know if they have.

    1. @mike briganti The same FDA still hopelessly riddled with industry insiders after 4 years of the Trump administration?

      Yeah, forgive me for not finding that particularly bothersome.

    2. @TruthSeeker08 It’s not experimental at all – that’s what the trials were for last year.

      Every significant vaccine for COVID yet used in the western world has had more testing and human trial data across different age, gender and ethnicity groups than literally any vaccine in history owing to the unprecendented level of multi national cooperation across trial programs.

      If that still classes as experimental to you then I suggest that you never ever take a drug again.

      Or visit the doctor, or go to a hospital.

      Use logic – there is no ‘try’.

      You seem to be the one getting emotional with multiple caps locked words trying to evoke a response.

      The closest thing to an ‘experimental’ treatment are the BioNTech and Moderna mRNA vaccines which are only unique in their method of delivery.

      The mRNA molecule itself has been non experimental for more than half a billion years on this planet as it is a fundamental molecule in most terrestrial life used in the process to transcribe DNA into proteins with a cell – without which most of the life on Earth would cease to function.

  4. The same recycled queen vladz troll clowns are chirping for that extra ration of turnip soup and day old blini as usual
    Lmaoooooo 😂🤡😂

  5. I just got notified that I’m due to have my tetanus booster shot. I don’t think twice about following through. Would an anti-vaxxer?

    1. Your choice….get it if you want…..Ive been the victim of forced vaccinations…..nearly all of us have at some point in our lives……I have been made aware of how I was lied to and I’ve managed to escape the lie that I once fought for…….Im not part of your filthy society today…….I found Freedom in an Unfree World. You can’t get me to go back.

    2. @Ghost I never looked at vaccines like you and probably never will. This time is different. I hope efficacy is quite good, but it is a nasty set of vaccines

    3. @Sam Harris If you want it…..get it…..your choice…..let each decide for themself… force.

    4. @mike briganti ” @Demetria Karnavas OK KAREN. LOL. ”

      This sounds a lot worse for you with caps lock on.

      You sound like those random guys holding up signs about the apocalypse.

  6. Proof that you can abandon the oath you took when becoming a medical worker and still remain employed because all of a sudden you are the most important in the medical profession and not patients.

    1. Only doctors take the oath to first do no harm. It should be mandatory for every healthcare worker but it’s not.

    2. Patients have never been important in the US medical profession.

      Or rather more accurately put – the US medical industry.

      Because industry is what it truly is in the US.

      The healthcare is just a service to be sold, and this attitude colors everything about it from the ground up.

      In the US the Hippocratic Oath is just a thin veil to mask unvarnished capitalism – and only the lesser paid cogs in the system ever see real consequences for abusing that oath.

    3. @Daisy Mae What, you mean the nurses and everyone else who work longer hours for less pay?

      The Hippocratic Oath didn’t stop all those doctors pushing opiates that caused so many to become hopelessly addicted – that crisis wouldn’t have been possible without the support of many doctors.

    4. @Kenny Hill there wouldn’t be many doctors left if we fired them for “practicing medicine” which is what they’re hired to do, unless they’re in a specialty or they’re a surgeon.

  7. I was a nurse and the thought of unvaccinated hospital workers is completely intolerable!

    1. The thought if being forced to get a vaccine approved for emergency only use by the FDA is intolerable…..Im not in an emergency situation.

    2. @Ghost The thought of people allowing a pandemic to spread, because of willful stupidity, is intolerable.

    1. @Paul Wilson In 1905, the Supreme Court decided that you don’t have the right to refuse a mandated vaccine.

    2. Real smart it was the essential workers that got us through the first part of this and now Bidens failures and handling of the pandemic brought it back. Maybe they should put a know harm guarantee for the vaccine and payouts for anybody that may be harmed from the vaccine.

  8. Per of the CDC covid-19 weekly review,

    Covid-19 cases are up 46% this week compared to last week. Covid-19 deaths are up 9.7% this week compared to last week.

    Covid deaths follow covid cases by an average of 3 weeks. We can expect the covid cases in three weeks will be up 40% from covid cases in 2 weeks.

    Currently the number of people dying from covid is more than if two Florida condominiums collapsed everyday.

    1. The question part is can this nation be freedom first. I hope the vaccine efficacy is great, but I consider the vaccine nasty

    2. every day in the U.S. about 8000 people die of various causes, thats almost 3 million per year

    1. No that’s not true…..they lied about the lockdown and most other things too…..we don’t trust this temporary government.

    1. And when you do it may be too late. Have a colleague in same shoes as you. His parent got it and they didn’t die, but they have major medical issue…long term. The family quickly got tested and vaccinated.

  9. When they say “Delta”, what they really mean is;

    We need more fear to get people to take the experimental 💉

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