Doctor Urges Vaccinated: ‘Tell Your Story’ To Motivate The Unvaccinated 1

Doctor Urges Vaccinated: ‘Tell Your Story’ To Motivate The Unvaccinated

President Biden told vaccine-hesitant Americans that the ‘moment you’ve been waiting for is here,’ with the FDA’s full approval of the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine. Joy Reid and her panel discuss how to overcome ongoing vaccine hesitancy.
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    1. climate.. That doesn’t mean the vaccine is in the same category. We need people to get vaccine. Until we get people to realize this is a medical health issue, not a political issue.

  1. Some care more about the pristine condition of their neighborhood than about the health of their neighbors.

  2. I crave brains and can run faster than an olympic sprinter. Man becoming a zombie because of vaccines is awesome.
    Although, shoot, we’re entering the holiday pre-season, there’s some chance the right wingers will shoot kids in zombie costumes, or I suppose shoot their own kids in dinosaur costumes. Too soon? Too crazy? Too real? Too much Qoolaid?

  3. My last VACCINE that I received I had 106° fever and almost died? Amalgamation submerged in Dry Ice?

  4. All these people pretending to care about the unvaccinated, but won’t wear masks or provide free healthcare to protect them. You have a bunch of Doctors with access to world class health services, basically throwing their hippocratic oath out the window, and ignoring their duties while victim shaming.
    If only they’d show as much support for universal healthcare and lower prescription drug cost … then I might start to believe these doctors care.

  5. I can barely stand to look at this woman long enough to troll. That said, the best way you can motivate intelligent people to vaccinate is to stop all of the mandates and fearmongering, provide us the information and let us choose for ourselves. Still, that choice is no.

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