We May Have To “Call Taliban’s Bluff,’ Stay Past Withdrawal Deadline Says Murphy

“Of course it would be better to get all of this done by the 31st. But it may be that we have to call the Taliban’s bluff here,” says Sen. Chris Murphy. 
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    1. @Antonio cartas you are wrong actually the US were occupying and still are lands in the middle east also proping the Saudi government and setting up military bases around holy sites before 9/11 .. but hey im not going to go down the stupid road of justified occupation and its results Antonio

    2. @Antonio cartas This comment is so ignorant and stupid, how do you even breath. Try understanding the region, and the politics of the region, and the actual history, before commenting BuT tHe TaLiBaN sHoUlDn’T hAvE hArBoReD OsAmA”

      Like fo you think the FBI knows where XYZ criminal is right now? No, they don’t. Does that make us liable for not knowing where XYZ criminal is? Especially when they’re in the wilderness tundra of Alaska? Jesus christ you neo-cons are brain melting stupid. No wonder we got sucked into an unwinnable 20-year war, because of gullible morons like yourself.

    1. Easy to say when you don’t have to deal with the consequences. All the evil the Taliban has done to get where they are, and we want to call their bluff? BBC did an interview with them and they said they would allow Afghans with Visas to leave after Aug. 31st, I don’t even see why this segment is necessary.

  1. Because our intelligence community knows Afghanistan Government was Corruption inside because taliban talk local leaders to switch side that’s way alot military we train them went other side because some of them didn’t get paid there salaries that’s why it’s soo fast taliban take over all the Afghanistan government members freeze there aset and fine out what went wrong who knew all the military we trained them how they Switch side so fast I wasn’t surprised let’s help those who help us and our military and intelligence officers it’s heartbreaking to see this image

  2. Reminds me of battle field 4…when one team wins and we are waiting for the next round to begin

  3. Sad that what happens at the VERY end RE- characterizes the WHOLE 20 YEARS. It’s like living in a family and you drink the last 3 ounces of milk out of the GALLON jug and then another family member opens the fridge and says, ” Who drank ALL the milk?” Biden was left holding the HOT potato and showed the courage NOT to bobble it for 3 and a half more years but to SPIKE IT INSTEAD.

    1. @Zdme Funny how Rethugs have such short memories. W dragged us into two, twenty year wars, based on LIES. No WMDs and Iraq had NOTHING to do with 9-11. They caught Bin Laden in Tora Bora, 90 f*cking days after 9-11, and let him go, and here we are 20 years later, trying to extricate from Afghanistan. So…. Take your BS grievances up with him. Don’t forget about Trump’s crap deal with the Taliban that he left behind for President Biden, either. Trump had the leader of the Taliban released from Afghan custody. Seriously.. You need to pull your head outta your derriere

    2. Agreed. In a years time no one will talk or care about this pullout but we’ll still be glad we’re gone. Three Presidents in a row campaigned on ending the war and Biden was the first to do it.

    1. @rRobert Smith and how we are going to do that. We are defeated now we have to pay 2 trillion as reprisal money.

    1. The military lost nothing. This was a collapse of political support. If the Afghans were never going to defend the,selves there was no point. Militaries shouldn’t be involved in nation building at such a scale in a place where the values are so different. Things went different in West Germany, South Korea and Japan because the people there wanted a Western lifestyle, not because the military was any more effective at conducting war.

  4. The problem with the deadline is: Just staying at the airport does not help, because the Taliban control the access to the airport.

  5. Biden has to come down hard if the Taliban fights the US up to and after Aug 31st. He originally said Sept 11th as the deadline.

  6. Really just like that huh, just playing with people’s lives , making America look soft and beaten is not enough now they want to put people’s lives in danger. Smfh.

  7. The taliban really don’t want anymore problems with us. I think they’re bluffing, we can be there a whole year and they still won’t do anything, yea they took over Afghanistan in 2 weeks but we can take it back in 3 days

  8. Amnesty is gonna go into effect August 31st. The Taliban know what we will do to them again, if they act up..

  9. Give Taliban deadline that if by 31st August, all Americans are not brought to Airport safely, they will face consequences 😜

  10. You and the rest of the MSM outlets that covered for Joe’s inability, dementia, senility…you have just as much blood on your hands as Joe! To watch you try and do a 180 is the saddest “journalism” ever witnessed.

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