1. @Biden has Dementia you’d still didn’t answer z where is this that all middle class blue collar jobs were destroyed & replaced by imported illegals?

    2. @LD Freitas I’m sorry, you have me @ a disadvantage.
      “That’s not what I heard”..to which of my comments are you referring to?

    3. @perryandy2
      Hey sweetheart
      Pull the f’ing log out of UR eye before u try & pull the splinter out of mine😘
      Ohhh & by the way it’s only been 3 months 😉
      7 months ago we had
      NO cases!
      U seem to be making a lot of FALSE comments here bozo😏

    4. @Biden has Dementia Tell me who employs these cheap illegals? couldn’t possibly be profit hungry USA employers could it?

      Wake up to yourself, this is capitalism running free, no restrictions, only importance is the bottom line, penalise the employers who hire any illegals, then you may have a chance.

  1. I’ve been saying for years that we are allowing the least common denominator to define us. It’s absurd.

    1. To Divine. That crowd is uneducated and low IQ. Trump said he likes the uneducated so this crowd listens to Trump no matter what. Stupid people

    2. @BlaQ Bay17 Trump surrendered!
      He had 4 years to get us out! He let out 5,000 prisoners including the head of the Taliban!
      No my friend they are thanking Trump!

    3. That’s because the Least Common Denominator has been infiltrating the lower legislatures in all of the states, and redistricting the maps so only Republicans can win.
      Republicans have been spreading like a Cancer across the US, just look at the US political Map, it’s mostly Red now, when it used to be about 50/50.
      This is what decades of Republicans rotting America from the inside out looks like, taking over lower legislature and making it so only Republicans can win.
      This si why they’re doing it openly now, because they believe they have their “Great White Hope” in Trump and will now stop at nothing to seize power and turn us into a one party system.
      They’ve almost legislated the Democrats completely out of our Government already.
      It’s always the Most Incompetent, and the Dumbest People who crave power, and that’s why the Republicans are so Anti-Democracy

    1. @Wargutz 40k Yeah that’s what’s important right now. Your country is a shambles and laughing stock.

    1. I believe the point is to use covid as a tool to, “thin the herd” or just insidiously capitalize off of it.

      Why else would Ivy League/ prep school bred law makers not see how their decisions are killing people.

    2. I feel many of them have killed people who were dumb enough to believe their bullsh!t but even the relatives of the dead don’t have the balls to do anything.

    1. If you give up your rights for a little safety you deserve neither
      Thomas Jefferson
      Drink the Jim Jones Kool-Aid
      The 🤡 Trump

    1. 1 side added mail in voting w new laws which causes the other side to make laws to keep up. It’s the news which pits us vs us. When they cover for rich vs poor. If all the people here went to the people in powers home, change would happen overnight. They know this. That’s why we have news coverage to do that work for them.

    2. @prodigiii712 Aren’t you supposed to be commenting on a Republican conspiracy site? They’re the proven cheats.

    1. @Abram Carroll Actually, in the State of Michigan, lottery proceeds are also funneled into education (supposedly).

    2. Its because schools and school districts are like corporations now so most of the money goes to the Administration /Board of Directors.

    3. They’ve been appeased. trump gave them a platform and the encouragement to show the world how stupid and racist we really are.

  2. I’m an American living overseas and I’m honestly both livid and embarrassed. This is the culmination of years of sapping funds from education.

    1. @sam boggs Multiple tax cuts since his time with every POTUS with an R after his name. And it always led to recession!

    2. This is years of Fox “News” conditioning their viewers, and indoctrinating them and radicalizing them, to commit terrorist acts against their own country and people, while cheering the downfall of America and it’s Democracy.
      Republicans, QAnon, and the MAGA crowd, are the true example of “Useful Idiots”, and Koch, and Fox News knows that.
      They will bring about the destruction of America and be proud of it, until they realize that living under an Authoritarian Oligarchy will affect them too

    1. The two most watched movies in Florida the past year have been Invasion USA and The Delta Force, both starring Chuck Norris.

  3. Love how you broke down this seemingly innocuous moment. A man with no principles is easily guided by those who shout loudest.

    1. @TamLouKy oh you poor crybaby! Thanks for the laugh!
      Please be sure to tell all your republican friends the vaccine is bad!!!!

  4. I can see why trump tells them “Take the vaccine “ if they all get sick and die from Covid, who will vote for him next time around

    1. Hahaha the way things are going, only 7 months into biden being president, im pretty sure you’re gonna vote trump too 😂

    2. @Alex Alex alex I doubt it. I mean after all Texas and Florida governors are some of the ones messing up. This video also shows voting for Trump would be the most stupid thing to do in the world.

    3. @escutus and why do you think that? 🤔 you realize every known Independent admits to “biting the bullet” when it comes to voting for biden lol. There isn’t even 155 million people that can vote….. it’s tough 😪 being a white liberal huh? Or being on the side of the white liberal

  5. Just like there’s nothing that makes you want something more, than seeing a ”sold” sign on it; tell these covidiots they CAN’T have the vaccine. Tell them there’s a shortage, even better, tell them the unused surplus vaccine is being sent to Afghanistan or Mexico. Then they’ll be up in arms to get it!

    1. Excellent suggestion. Always a good idea to use reverse psychology on children who refuse to listen to reason.

    2. No! The Delta Variant is like the perfect solution for reducing the stupid population. Let it play out! Then afterwards I’ll work on my lack of sympathy.

  6. “If they would rather die,” said Scrooge, “they had better do it, and decrease the surplus population.”

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