Doctors Stage Demonstration To Protest Unvaccinated

In Palm Beach County, dozens of doctors staged a symbolic demonstration to raise awareness and express their frustration with the surge in unvaccinated Covid patients. “It could have been all avoided,” says Dr. Leslie Diaz. 
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    1. @andreas pedersen thats funny 😄 because doesn’t that circle BACK to Fauci? Yes, yes it does. Regardless, Fauci isnt standing in front of a mic touting the studies that ivermectin has gone through and therefore hes responsible along with anyone above him for the needless deaths from Covid19. Which as horrible as ONE death would be the # the CDC has has been sooooooo beefed up with non covid related deaths we will probably never know the truth.

    2. @Steph Ivermectin? when did he do that? As far as i know he never has, but warned of use of this substance since it has caused more harm.

    3. @andreas pedersen also, ppl getting ut from feed stores meant for animals is just really stupid…so stupid I doubt its even true. When tbe human form of it is cheaper and easy to get

  1. This profession cannot be expected to perform at this level 24/7 365. Something has to give. I predict at least another wave due to peoples disconnect. Will this service be available going into 2022? Quality will go down for everyone.

    1. ICU care is very specialized, and so is ventilation.
      Nurses are being rushed into service without time to fully learn.

      Some patients won’t get enough oxygen.
      Stupid forever more.

    2. Its now endemic almost every non-political dr says this so yes, there will b waves every yr for rest of our lives. Its a global issue always gonna b some elusive variant somewhere

    1. @Steph they can make millions charging for it
      What isnthe LD50 of ivermectin
      If it is safe why are people calling poison control especially in rural areas and states

    2. @Steph and the CDC
      You are dense
      Why wouldn’t the CDC want a safe effective and inexpensive drug,

    3. @Steph what is the LD50 and how many doses do you take, what does yoiur infinite knowledge say
      Why are people calling poison control,
      Not one answer, just attacks, you have nothing

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    1. @davidsanders81 Your insurance is current and can afford the co-pays…. you must be doing well. If you impair my health by just walking by…I guess I must be obligated to fight also?

    2. @Hard Rocker If you consider laying on a cot in a Hospital garage….more power to the new Healthcare.

    3. @Karen Wentz Anecdotal evidence… my mom’s neighbors who are in their 70s, are both fully vaxxed yet got covid and had to go to the hospital… Does your brother-in-law have any comorbidity? (obesity, immunosuprressed..)

    4. @kulik03 No. He’s 65 works construction on windmills. I am 70 and retired last year. I’ll keep on doing what I feel is best for the “Greater Good”. Good Luck1

  3. Its the gov fault. Just think how Michigan governor was doing a GREAT JOB ON her mandates. Helped the. Numbers of covid-19 GO WAY DOWN. TRUMP WAS MAD AT HER FOR PROVING HIM. WRONG. BUT HE FAVORS HERD IMMUNITY 😝. 🐮🐮🐮

  4. Am I one of a few that thinks if you don’t want to take precautions don’t ask to get treatment when it happens to you???

    1. Ok. Let’s deny treatment to morbidly obese people, that have high BP. After all, if these people would lose weight, it may help the problem. So…if you refuse to lose weight, you get no treatment for high BP. You still want to deny treatment to people?

    2. Great idea, so when the lazy filth hasn’t been paying rent and receiving loads of gubment money they should be thrown out. Precautions right? Jordan’s and TV are precautions you oxygen THEIF

    1. 1 out of 33 people at my wife’s doctor’s office that tested positive weren’t vaccinated. More than half are hospitalized.

  5. Well I currently doubt and disagree with the anti lock down protesters. If what the school worker said it’s true, then they should be wear mask so there won’t be any unexpected troubles for no reason and yet these bad neighbors are still resisting.

  6. 1 of the greatest things my father taught me is to admit I was wrong. or I made a mistake and I am sorry. Thank You dad

  7. My sister is a RN and I witnessed the grievous toll COVID19 had on her; the long hours of duty, dealing with death constantly, and worrying for her safety as well. Atm, she took a break from it all and I’m glad because her well-being is what’s important to us her family.

  8. So funny how on all the COVID related vids on youtube you’ll see anti-vaxxers in the comments full force, yet here they’re strangely silent lol

  9. I thought doctors took an oath? Why dont they revolt against the ones threatening their license if they prescribe Ivermectin?

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