1. Joy Reid, I and many appreciate you. We see you, we hear you, and we know that you truly care about all of the people of the world. Thank You, Joy Reid.

    1. @warpedjaffas1 She could be a lawyer? A Harvard degree means nothing if u dont have a brain to back it up. Harvard turns out liberally brainwashed idiots every year who still believe america has systematic rascism and that America was always inheritantly rascist. Well, I was in “gifted” classes, have gotten straight a’s every year, I am 2 yrs ahead in math for my age, i am in the international bachaloriette academy which is the 2nd highest high school diploma there is, while also having a 3.9 gpa, and lastly I have an IQ of 132.

  2. “Governor who?” Oh, that murderous guy in Florida killing children! Now I know who you’re talking about.

    1. @Bruh with a username like “Bruh,” you’re not even worth responding to, but I’ll throw a bone. Try using the word bro. It #1) sounds better, and #2) takes one less letter to type. And #3) open up a medical science book

    2. @Bruh True, but, there is evidence that Democrats will LIE and MANIPULATE and SHAME people in order to get their way. Now they are using the kids to force people to get vaccinated. It’s important to be vaccinated to protect the kids who can’t be vaccinated…that is now their new message.

    3. There are many other States that are not doing masks in schools. Ask yourself why the media is only attacking Florida and DeSantis. If you haven’t guessed it’s only because the media dones not want him to get re elected next year.

    4. @Jacob Conor – Wrong, the answer to the question is that DeSantis is a murderer and has the highest Covid-19 deaths per capita in the USA. The answer is that DeSantis is killing people to further his political ambitions. Shall I continue?

    5. Children aren’t dying in Florida lol…they were given the choice to wear a mask, it’s called freedom, I find it both funny and sad that we are so against freedom when over a year now we have seen that completely locked down states have not done better than states that werent completely locked down.

  3. Tennessee lady filmed her last moment on earth 7 month old twins perished same storm. Dad was holding 4 kids. We are fighting so much. And covid and you.United we stand divided you fall. The legacy you leave your poor children.

    1. This is literally an opinion show. None of it needs to be truthful. This network and Fox have both successfully argued that in court. I think you’re just a really angry hateful person who feels better when he tells himself it’s everyone else who is awful.

    2. @Brak <<<1 day old troll account. It apparently didn't hear the part about rejecting Federal funds, that isn't an opinion that is a fact.

  4. Hey “Ronald McDonald”
    The virus has killed 650,000 people in this Country….
    How many people have died from wearing a mask?
    I’ll wait….


    1. Democrat get you what? 😂🤣😂😂😂😂😂. The only difference between a dem politician and a republican is who’s knees hit the floor first when their donors walks in.
      How about that Cali governor?

  6. He should be made to live the exact same way he’s forcing Florida’s suffering people live, if they even can live at all. But no, that’d be too hard for him.

    1. Most of my family lives in Florida and have no complaints.
      Nice try.
      Maybe turn off cable entertainment?

    1. THAT’S NOT TRUE – HOW DARE YOU!! Did you forget he prioritized distribution of vaccines for his wealthy FRIENDS on some Florida island community (don’t recall the name off the top of my head.) So there – clearly he cares…about wealthy donors!

    2. @Russell Ollie y a w n.
      He and uncle Joe have things in common. They care about wealthy donors! What a newsflash. I wonder if Nancy or Mitch know about rich donors?

    3. @Thomas John FALSE EQUIVALENCY – NICE TRY. Neither Biden, Pelosi, or McConnell put wealthy people in front of the line ahead of protocol for potentially life-saving vaccines. This was DeathSantis ALONE.

    4. @Russell Ollie hahahaha. Ok. I have some Oceanside property in Kansas to sell you. You gonna bite?
      Oh, and life saving vaccine? Uh huh.
      Just had a friend pass away (asthma & about 60 lbs overweight), she was fully vaccinated a few months ago, got covid again.
      And like any politician care about people.

    5. @Thomas John Sorry for your friend but the numbers are clear and if they are confusing for you just look at the fact that over 90% of currently hospitalized COVID patients DID NOT GET THE VACCINE.

      Also politicians clearly care about people – the ones who donate and vote of course. But only around campaign season…

    1. And also from Kristy Noam in South Dakota. She is trying hard to be Captain Covid. It’s a shame.

  7. DeSantis: “Mask mandates? Over my dead body!”
    Corona: “Ok!”
    DeSantis: “Who said that?! 😬 ”
    Corona: 😎

    1. He is like Trump. Too busy campaigning and pandering to the defiant mentality Trumpite base to let something like COVID get in his way.

    2. DeSantis has given parents the options to mask their children.
      Florida has millions of open jobs.
      Floridians love Ron DeSantis, when people like Derp Reid criticize people like Ron it’s because he isn’t playing along to the mainstream narrative, Floridians live like Americans down here where other states are still in lock downs or places like NYC where the unvaccinated pop make up like 60% black/hispanic and are being forced to show proof of vaccination to access public and social life. If you morons in this echo chamber can’t realize that America is truly doomed.

    1. @Brak no YOURE the one who’s insane. And if you wanna try, be glad you’re a troll behind a computer screen. If you weren’t, you’d have been on your @$$ once for every person I lost to this

  8. Joy Reid is a beautiful lady! With new hairstyles. She even looks more beautiful! Very nice colour skins. I love her!

  9. Ron doesn’t have time to do his job anymore, as he’s been on Fox over 237 times the past 6 weeks. 🖕

    1. So correct. He’s a pathetic narcissist like his orange idol. He only cares about himself and his delusional presidential dreams.

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