1. @Matt 
      Biden has definitely earned himself an impeachment. T-Rump belongs in prison, preferably the ELECTRIC CHAIR!

    1. @G H
      Not a stretch at all with the mountain of strong circumstantial evidence they already have against him. People have been convicted with far less.

    2. @Lauren Daryani that’s a lot for some one who could have just ignored what I commented. I think someone likes me 😊
      🎵 We come together ’cause opposites attract
      And you know it ain’t fiction, just a natural fact
      We come together ’cause opposites attract 🎵

  1. I don’t know when they are going to recognize that if you have blood that is part of the body 🤷🏼‍♀️. Just because a killer is able to destroy the physical body the blood on tools is the same as if they hadn’t destroyed the body evidence.

    1. Say there are multiple video angles of an identifiable killer. That murderer could get off on a technical glitch. Reality no longer matters if it conflicts with the rules of the game.
      Plus $$$

    2. Exactly. Especially when there’s enough blood evidence to determine that whoever lost that blood could not have survived.

    3. Yeh you don’t need the body- obviously someone will try to hide or bury so it makes sense that that is not needed. If the evidence is true, it’s pretty damning…I mean geessh…

  2. “She can walk through that door at any moment…”
    – closing argument for every murderer who disposed of a woman’s body

  3. Search engine results: how to dismember a body.
    1. Don’t do it. Hey! I’m talking to you! just get a divorce,man. geez.
    2. Hey, dummy. You’re on a list now.
    3. How to get rid of your wife’s body in 3 easy steps.

  4. When someone searches how to dismember a body or how to get rid of 115 pound body do they actually get step by step instructions?
    I don’t know which is more disturbing, someone actually searching or the fact that it is something that can be researched

    1. I almost want to look it up because it is horrifying that the information is out there but I don’t think I can stand to look.

  5. Yeah he did it, but it’s not enough, sadly you need more. It’s sad but that has to be the way.

    Edit: I still hope he has what is coming if he did it (problem is I say if, that’s a problem).

    1. He looked a bit different in the beginning. They dated and were separated for two years, before he called her again.

  6. I hope going to prison will wipe that smirk off his face. He may think that his ties to organized crime, just guessing, will protect him. It hasn’t in the past and it certainly won’t now.

  7. Murdering anyone is beyond my ability to understand but he may have killed his own spouse. The mother of his children. How can that happen?

  8. Poor children. My heart goes out to them. He did not even care about the children. And why is he smiling?

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