Does Clearing Homeless Camps Just Extend the Crisis?

Many Western cities are grappling with large encampments on the streets as homeless populations grow. In Phoenix, a judge recently ordered one such encampment to be cleared after local residents sued the city for violating public nuisance laws. In today’s episode, we hear from people living in that camp about what comes next and why advocates fear similar legal strategies could soon be used in other cities.

Guest: Gabe Cohen, CNN Correspondent

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  1. “Does Clearing Homeless Camps Just Extend the Crisis?” the question answers itself, to be honest

    1. I don’t think the residents and businesses think that clearing the camp will solve homelessness, just let them walk their neighborhoods safely and comfortably. It’s not up to the locals to solve homelessness, that task belongs to everyone.

  2. I work on the streets day in and day out with homeless people. Most of them are drug addicted or alcoholic. There are free 12-18 month in-house rehabs they could go to and very few take advantage of the programs. These programs help with their addictions, education, counseling, job training and job placement. Unfortunately, the addictions have such a strong hold on them, they are not willing to give it up.

    1. Do they have any quality of life?
      And what role did society play in their downfall?
      And does that mean we all have a responsibility to help them?
      Or should we look away or if they are a danger to us should we keep them separate?

      Is there a solution when billionaires don’t pay taxes and the gulf between rich and poor is vast…

    2. Do the programs really help, or do they merely dupe the public with the appearance of help? My experience is the latter.

    3. ​@Jonny Gertmunger Hello I am from Vietnam and we are Asean we are strong because our allies thailand cambodia Indonesia is the one that funding the I SIS Group which the Western governments doesn’t know it, and we are confident to disclose it here because only less people are seeing this disclosure.

    4. ​@Elden Ringer
      Wealthy people create jobs..
      Stop comparing about wealthy people being rich and thank God you live in a wealthy country and not a 3rd world poor country

  3. I’m sure having a mass of humanity pour in from the southern border will only exacerbate the problem.

  4. How about you ask “Why don’t you want to be in a shelter?”

    Oh because they’re going to say “You can’t drink or do drugs if you stay there”

  5. I was poor and Thanks to inflatio😢 still am. I got an education and pulled myself out. It takes work not pitty.

  6. Homelessness is less of a problem in my area because of the brutal winters but it’s started to become a problem in the larger cities (these would be considered small cities in other states). The cost of housing is a huge problem already and a lot of people want to move here before understanding the housing shortage problem. Our cities and the state are working to address the problem and can do so because the numbers are so small but I worry that the problem could grow quite a bit.

    1. Just imagine how many second chances those homeless had to blow thru….how many people gave them a couch to sleep on only for them to steal from them before they got to the point of homelessness?

      0 sympathy

    2. @N Ly Housing is a public policy problem. Singapore has virtually no homelessness and is ranked 4th for GDP per capita. US is 13th. Most housing in Singapore is built by the government and sold at a discount to market prices to residents. There are requirements to ownership which strongly incentivize singles to get a roommate.

    3. @Random Dud3  are there people who can be rehabilitated and become contributing members of society?…. sure….is it worth it to waste resources on them for that fractional of a decimal? No of course not.

      That’s a child’s idea

  7. “Democrats are getting a sinking feeling when it comes to Trump: They can see him winning again since he is already beating Biden in multiple polls” -Former Obama advisor

  8. Where is the Grand Jury??
    Neely’s actions and words caused him to be perceived as a danger and a threat. But where is the Grand Jury for Penny??

  9. There isn’t an eye rolled big enough for this bs. So let’s get his straight… because Neely is throwing a fit about a situation he is in and being aggressive, threatening people. But a true American hero is now having his freedom taken away because he defended those people.

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    1. People prefer to spend money on liabilities, Rather than investing in assets and be very profitable.

    2. You are so correct! Save, invest and spend for necessities and a few small luxuries relatives to on’s total assets ratio.

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    4. Wow I’m just shocked you mentioned Mrs Brenda Leigh Van, thought I’m the only one trading with her

  11. Also you can’t ask people who can’t be responsible for whatever reason to take more responsibility before they can live in a home like a human.

  12. 6:26 what job is she going to get after months of earning her GED at her age? – plus she might not get that $800 from social security next month either! If you work, they cut your benefits and if you get any other assistance it’s constantly recalculating and you end up in the exact same standard of living… so in the end treating people like that is what feeds the situation.

  13. …. And where do I keep my worldly possessions while I’m at a job interview or shower for it or struggle that much to get to work under those conditions and do a good job – there’s no way to win.

  14. … clearing the homeless does one thing … protects those of us that are not on drugs, that work hard, that survive by conducting business. Move the homeless to open space outside the city .. make the drug dealers travel out there and work for their money .. and if a homeless person wants help they can make a commitment to cleaning themselves up and getting help.

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